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Anything Four You - Four X Reader by ExoticBup32
Anything Four You - Four X Readerby Exotics
This is an old book that I might not update. I've passed on from writing for a little bit so..
The breaking point//BFB AU by Imgonenowlol
The breaking point//BFB AUby Dead acc
((COVER BY ME!)) ||H U M A N I Z E D|| "You're such a fucking liar...." "And i bet you're happier without me, right?" "Most definitely." Wh...
Endless Halls || Bracelety x Ice Cube || BFB Fanfic by LemonT_TheWolf
Endless Halls || Bracelety x Ice C...by LemonT_TheWolf
BFB EXITors in The Backrooms. Ongoing. Bracelety and others fall into the Backrooms. They hear a noise either than the buzzing... it sure heard them. Warning: -4x (only...
Exit by TheArtofMusic23
Exitby Turner Faughn
Several kids get trapped in a church building with four possessed mystery killers on the loose. They have to find all four and eliminate them, and they have to escape by...
Exit|mengola~ by BlueBaryonyx81
Exit|mengola~by BlueBaryonyx81
Düzenli bölüm gelmez Mengola, Saniyeflix ve fhoyex shipleri var Kendi hayal gücüm Yazım hataları var Smut var
Never exit the E.X.I.T (BFB E.X.I.T AU) by aquamarinegem69420
Never exit the E.X.I.T (BFB E.X.I...by Aquamarine
In BFB 11 Leafy rejoin the battle for BFDI. But in this universe, Leafy never rejoined. In fact, no one rejoined, there was never a rejoin. In BFB 16, Spongy was elimina...
Serendipity ↬ COMPLETE by sebasstrash
Serendipity ↬ COMPLETEby ⋄⸰°⟡ white wolf
She was mystery wrapped in beauty, with a hint of chaos in her smile. she had many things to hide, and no one to unravel those secrets. He was talent wrapped in laughte...
My Lucky Day ( A Before You Exit / Toby Mcdonough Fanfiction ) by CharlotteandKristine
My Lucky Day ( A Before You Exit...by Charlotte and Kristine
After 15 year old Kahlil's mom dies she's torn apart. Not only does she lose her mother but soon she loses everything she'd worked her whole life for. When her father ge...
Step Up by Bagel-Brain
Step Upby Match
STORY CONTAINS DEPICTIONS OF GORE AND DEATH Four EXITors are tasked with destroying the energy core that powers Two and their urge to keep the contestants But there's a...
Bossy! - The EXIT by C0TTXN1_
Bossy! - The EXITby Go0f (Moved)
[Read my story: Bossy! For context] Golf Ball is eliminated, which means she gets to go to the EXIT. She likes it more there since the eliminated contestants are all fri...
-EXIT- by Sky_hommon
-EXIT-by Little_Sundrop
-12 people.Most people from different worlds all together in this cave,with tunnels that leds to dead ends or to another tunnel.The walls of the cave can't be broken at...
My Ultimate Crush [One Shot] by yougotmegood
My Ultimate Crush [One Shot]by dee ✨
A girl who has a secret crush on someone and couldn't really know what to do. He's known, she's not. He's amazing, she's simple. What could life might have for her? Coul...
First Time by StoriesFromTheHeart
First Timeby StoriesFromTheHeart
I know there's a Dylan O'Brien movie out called 'The First Time' and I guess this is where I got the idea from. Uhm, I'm not leaving a description of the story. Just rea...