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Beyond Midnight by softsloth
Beyond Midnightby softie
"I've been taught that girls have no value, and he's the only one who assures me that I do." Soleil is a girl. A young woman. A female. She couldn't hate it m...
Astrophilia 💫 Huang Renjun by JisungsAsteroidss
Astrophilia 💫 Huang Renjunby JisungsAsteroidss
💫 Soulmate/ Au 💫 Sci-Fi 💫 "You're like nothing of this world." Astrophilia (n.) rare love of and/ or obsession with planets, stars, and outer space
Treasure Planet x Female Reader by Laylachan22
Treasure Planet x Female Readerby Laylachan22
(Y/n) (L/n) is a young 15 year old girl who is a cabin girl aboard the RLS Legacy. She has a role to play as the daughter of John Silver. Her and John Silver had gone wa...
Galactic Droid ✧・゚Taegyu by Taegyaza
Galactic Droid ✧・゚Taegyuby ✧
✭ A careless intergalactic traveler named Beomgyu, literally crashed his space capsule on Earth. This unworldly person finds himself stranded on this planet not knowing...
Transformers Age of Extinction: Bluebeam by LuNavas2103
Transformers Age of Extinction: Bl...by LunaTheWolfDragon2103
Ashley Cruz is an honorary member of the Autobots, group of aliens who landed on Earth some years ago. She fought for and with them whenever they needed her. Due to her...
The Eternity Order by DreamSliceRulez
The Eternity Orderby Seraphim
The Eternity Order, group of five teenagers with the powers of different heroes tasked with protecting and observing the Multiverse. From Gods to demons and monsters, th...
Race To Witch Mountain-The Winter Flower by Cinnymoon
Race To Witch Mountain-The Winter...by Cinnymoon
Seth x OC Note: I don't own anything except my own characters :)
Our Treasure (Jim Hawkins x Female Reader) [COMPLETED] by h0llywrites
Our Treasure (Jim Hawkins x Female...by h0llywrites
Working as a cabin girl on the RLS Legacy with her friend and mentor John Silver, (Y/N) wants nothing more than to reach Treasure Planet. That is, until she meets Jim Ha...
Moonlit Chronicles  by Shaayra47
Moonlit Chronicles by
. "Moonlit Chronicles" unveils the saga of Alex, a junior college student whose life takes an unexpected turn when he discovers dormant werewolf abilities. As...
Extraterrestrial {Tom Holland} by starsholland
Extraterrestrial {Tom Holland}by starsholland
[COMPLETED] You had been waiting for something exhilarating to happen in your life for as long as you could remember. It was easy to get bored when you live in a small t...
Incipient | Book #2 [Completed]  by krystall_xoxo
Incipient | Book #2 [Completed] by krystall_xoxo
Book #2 in the EMERGENT series Other books in the series includes; Book #1 :- IMMORTAL (Completed) Book #3 :- IMPELLENT (Ongoing) Book #4 :- INCEPTION (Unwritten) Bo...
Light by Thiabronwen
Lightby piya rain
in a universe where humans have reached the peak in the technological advancements and after realizing that they are the first ones in the galaxy, have gone to sleep onl...
Interstellar Isekai (haitus) by Freebrams
Interstellar Isekai (haitus)by Freebrams
Humanity has advanced to the 32nd Century, accomplishing a vast amount of technological break thoughts and expansion across was is later named as the Terran Quadrant of...
The Gravity  - in english by rahul_bakoliya
The Gravity - in englishby rahul bakoliya
The most intresting story of the year Please read it once and try it. The Gravity action fantasy science fiction NOTE : Sorry friends, I have changed the poster of my...
The Earth Boy [Ned Leeds x Male!Reader] by allalalalaa
The Earth Boy [Ned Leeds x Male!Re...by allalalalaa
"Wow! Did you really just come from space?" "Yeah, no shit! What was your first guess, Earth-Boy?" In which a beast-like extraterrestrial human goe...
Gaea by Bentu12
Gaeaby Bentu12
A short novel about interstellar colonization, the dangers of scientific discovery, and the end of the world. Image credit goes to Space Engine.
Thunder (G/T P!Septiplier) by PlatonicSeptiplier
Thunder (G/T P!Septiplier)by A Host of Stories
Mark's life has been constructed around harmony and knowing your place. To be a warrior of the Pänthera tribe is an honor, as is serving his people. But the tranquility...
Shimmer (boyxboy/alien) by OnlyoneJoJo
Shimmer (boyxboy/alien)by JoJo
SCIENCE-FANTASY/ ROMANCE The new kid was different from anyone else Joe had ever known. Someone who seemed to be trying to fit in by standing out. What is it about this...
Back To The Moon And Stars by withbeautifulwings
Back To The Moon And Starsby Vaishnavi Narsule
Even in the moment of Calmness, there has to be Chaos. "The moon is beautiful, isn't it...? But then, why your feelings aren't...?" He and me sitting under the...