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❝ Jungkook has always been afraid of falling in love. But what happens when he is forced to marry a girl who's already heartbroken? ❞ ©JEONLUVV
Darkest Dawn, Darkest Dusk by brulno21
Darkest Dawn, Darkest Duskby Kendall
The darkest dawn awoke, the morning of mourning becoming too real for the ones bound to lose their lively lives so young. The darkest dusk pursued that dawn, many never...
Left For Revenge... by saayaz
Left For Saayaz
it's not about abhigya ...and not even about someone else's just about pragya .... sometimes whom you love the most they betrayed you the most which breaks you de...
Always & Forever [Completed] by salonithewriter
Always & Forever [Completed]by Saloni Hasija
Book one in Forever' Series #FIRST IN ROMANCE #FIRST IN BEST MOM #FIRST IN TWISTS #FIRST IN TURNS Ariana & Ryan, the best friends forever. Their friendship set examples...
Ruined  by meghashapui2000
Ruined by ✨ Nikhar ✨
Two individuals journey in the path of destruction. One who destroyed everything in anger, in revenge, and another who was destroyed in his revenge.
wild game of survival (mha) by Catisloney346
wild game of survival (mha)by Catherine Reeves
the war happened in japan in the world of mha. the world is corrupted, ruined, destroyed. the people of japan must fight to survive, heros, civilians, and villains alike...
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Glimpse of Us by MatthewPerillo
Glimpse of Usby Kozume
after 3 years nagkita ulit kayo. Hindi inaasahan nasakto lang na napaadaan sila ng kapatid n'ya don kung san napagtripan mo lang na tumugtog ng piano.
Bully prince (buford x baljeet) by Dunk3n
Bully prince (buford x baljeet)by Dunk3n
Phineas and Ferb FANFIC TIME!!!!!!!
     BEHIND OUR MASKS ( Finding us) by 5goldeny
BEHIND OUR MASKS ( Finding us)by Aimuamwosa iroghama
Ten extreme different teen crosses paths in an highschool,but with circumstance of life they are forced to grow up into adults and experience a whole new level of life f...
This is a story of issei having a student and passing the gear to him in his last moments while promising to love the others like he did or even more while an unknown be...
 Little Munchkin: Joker's Daughter by Tylie-Tay
Little Munchkin: Joker's Daughterby Taylor
Star is the daughter of Joker and Lilla, she's very loved and a cutie pie... but one day a family trip rips the family apart. People down, kidnaping, and even killing! H...
HATRED! (JenLisa/CHaeSoo FF......) (COMPLETED)  by shemmy14
HATRED! (JenLisa/CHaeSoo FF......) Shemmy
HATRED! No one can describe how mad I am! I want to take revenge! I want to take down their lives! I want to see them suffering like they did to me and to my family! bu...
Break the Broken boy by grumpystakki
Break the Broken boyby grumpystakki
"You ruined my fucking life!" I yelled as I swung the bat, hitting him on the back. "You hurt me!!" I hit him yet again, letting out my rage. &qu...
𝕭𝖑𝖆𝖈𝖐 𝕾𝖊𝖗𝖛𝖆𝖓𝖙 ✔️  by kpop_anime_kid
𝕭𝖑𝖆𝖈𝖐 𝕾𝖊𝖗𝖛𝖆𝖓𝖙 ✔️ by kpop_anime_kid
A Girl Accidentally Stumbled Onto The Property Of The Phantomhive Manner She Was Different From Everyone Else In Town But She Wasn't So Different From Everyone In The Ph...
You're ruined but so am I {Eclipse × Reader} by Writer2224
You're ruined but so am I { ‹Y/n's twin› •2224•
in this book you're going to be Cassies older sibling and only sibling, but you were just playing the new security breach ruined game how did you end up here, and why di...
What's Done is Done by cupcakesouls00
What's Done is Doneby cupcakesouls00
Allison Barry and Daniel Walker has been boyfriend-and-girlfriend for a year and a half. They decide to take the next step in their relationship; having sex. They then b...
The Siracusan case by Drift_Kai
The Siracusan caseby Subject 05
"Hmm? You're asking me what makes a hero? *Laughs* A hero... well that difficult to explain. Are you willing to sacrifice everything to save a person you don't even...
Ruined by WritingxNicole
Ruinedby Nicole
He finally let her in only to let her down. He should have known better. He should have stayed away, but he couldn't. He ruined everything, like he always does. (For @...
What have I done? - Percy Jackson fanfic by Riordan_leogreyson
What have I done? - Percy Leo Greyson
After the Giant War, the Seven started to settle down. Leo came back with Calypso and they both went to the Waystation to work there. Frank and Hazel went back to Camp J...