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Capture by just_being_me_today
Captureby Bekah
STAR WARS REBELS ALTERNATE This is the alternate ending for the SWR episode Rise of the Old Masters. In it, instead of the Ghost crew making it, one if them doesn't get...
Trust No One by Stevie1192
Trust No Oneby Stevie1192
Ezra is a young street rat from the planet Lothal. One day, he steals crates from a crew trying to take them from the Empire. He ends up on the crew's ship, the Ghost...
Taking In An Orphan by maestro030403
Taking In An Orphanby maestro_mb
When Kanan finds a young child alone on the streets, he and the Ghost crew take him in as one of their own. Young Ezra is full of scars, physically and mentally, that th...
The Mandalorian way by ibirdnow
The Mandalorian wayby Ian the Birdman
When Thrawn attacked chopper base he was relentless, so few survived the attack there was no one left for the kyrkna. Out of the few who made it to their ships even fewe...
of secrets and sadness by -galaxi
of secrets and sadnessby -stardust-
a mission goes wrong, and ezra is blamed. cross posted on ao3
Star Wars Rebels Short Stories. by KatieEdom
Star Wars Rebels Short Stories.by Katie Edom
I know there are so many of these out there but I wanted to try my hand at one-shots. Mostly will be Kanan and Ezra, father and son, fluff. *I own nothing.*
Trust by EzraBridger17
Trustby EzraBridger17
Ezra Bridger has many secrets that he doesn't want people to find out.But does Ezra trust his crew,his familiy enough to tell them.Will he have the courage to let them k...
Happy Birthday Ezra by secret_jedi
Happy Birthday Ezraby The Secret Jedi
The Ghost crew gets Ezra a laptop for his birthday! He tries to sell Zeb on EBay. He plays Undertale and minecraft. He creates his own commercial. He goes to mcdonalds...
Into the Unknown: A Star Wars Rebels Fanfiction by sanfrxnsokyo09
Into the Unknown: A Star Wars Rebe...by Sanfxnsokyo
Sparks Hertla was a normal girl from the Haldeen sector. She has trained for a long time for the Galactic Empire to be accepted to the Cadet Academy. When she arrives, s...
Descendant of Revan by arow800
Descendant of Revanby CX-P Wren
Ezra Bridger, the last descendant of the Prodigal Knight, Revan. With a Mandalorian mother and a Jedi father Ezra has ties to the two most powerful warrior societies in...
Ezra X Girl Reader by Hope_Love_
Ezra X Girl Readerby Crystal Heart
Info: Obviously (y/n) your name. (E/C) eye color. (h/c) hair color. (h/l) hair length. You are gonna be shorter than Ezra. Just to be easier. Disruption: The ghost cre...
The Path of a Grey Jedi by EzraBridger17
The Path of a Grey Jediby EzraBridger17
After Kanan and Ezra returned from Malachor everything was different, especially Ezra. As the days pass Ezra Bridger is getting more and more closer to the Dark side. Ka...
Crazy Little Thing Called Love by prince__luke
Crazy Little Thing Called Loveby prince__luke
Ezra Bridger's fallen head over heels for this brown eyed girl. Jayce might have deep secrets, but between her parents, her friends, and her new love, she could get into...
Get some meat on your bones  by kitsu-kami
Get some meat on your bones by kitsu-kami
The ghost crew help Ezra get back on his feet after 8 years alone on the streets (Cover by me)
Their Bond : Kanan and Ezra by HailStormRebel
Their Bond : Kanan and Ezraby HailStormRebel
This a collection of mostly one-shot stories about Kanan and Ezra, which include father and son and Master and Padowan bonding. I hope you enjoy!
Blindness (SWR fanfic) by Midnight_Rebel1
Blindness (SWR fanfic)by GERONIMO
This a two shot of about the story behind Ezra's eyes. (Takes place a little after "Idiots array" but before "Vision of hope") Sorry if characters se...
Empyreal Adventures (Ezra X Reader) by SilentWhispOfHope
Empyreal Adventures (Ezra X Reader)by SilentWhispOfHope
You don't remember how you got here. One minute you were in your house, next you are stranded in an open field of grass surrounded by mutant cats and wolves. You soon di...