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Sa Chanson (His Song) by felixfgdv
Sa Chanson (His Song)by felix !!
💗my au 💗 marinettes in detention for standing up for a friend. when the teacher leaves, marinette hears beautiful violin music accompanied by a sweet piano (in this au...
Not You Again by aryll13
Not You Againby aryll13
She was a dancer. She loved helping her parents bake during her free time when she wasn't studying, dancing, or hanging out with her best gal pal Melodie. He was known a...
Felix and Adrien oneshots  by Artsygirl37
Felix and Adrien oneshots by AuricLunar
They're mostly going to be about Felix being an overprotective and worried older brother everytime Adrien is Cat Noir or he doesn't care about his health I just fell in...
My Crush's Evil Cousin (A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic) by SalandraWolfe
My Crush's Evil Cousin (A Miraculo...by Salandra Wolfe
When Felix comes to Françoise Dupont High School, Marinette is forced to partner with him for their classes. At first, she hates it, but when he offers to help her win o...
Jelousy by Lady_blog
Jelousyby Ladyblog
*FOR ALL THE FANS WHO HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS : ADRIEN WILL FINALLY BE JELOUS!* Everyone knows about Adrien Agreste, but not all people know about his twin brother, F...
Trying to Move On (Felix x Bridgette) by nonymoas
Trying to Move On (Felix x Bridget...by Unknown
"I've had enough, I finally learned he wants to be alone". Bridgette loved Felix, but as time went by she began to realize his obvious ways. And she finally ha...
I'm Yours by Yootipx
I'm Yoursby Julie
(Felinette/Marichat/Adrienette..?) Because of business the Graham De Vanilys move to paris. There Felix meets Marinette, a girl head over heals for his cousin, Adrien Ag...
Midnight Kisses by EverAfterWrites
Midnight Kissesby Keyci
Adrienette/Marichat AU Marinette Dupain-Cheng doesn't believe in true love anymore or any other form of it. She believes that love is a distraction in life, ever since...
|| Discontinued || New and Forgotten | Miraculous Ladybug PV by Kyuyua
|| Discontinued || New and Forgott...by ItzCrystalieh
Bridgette Dupain-Chang decides to officially confess her feelings to Felix Agreste. He coldly rejects her, telling her how annoying she was to him and how he hates how s...
The Cheetah Twins A Miraculous X Reader by QueenIcyPride
The Cheetah Twins A Miraculous X R...by QueenIcyPride
Everyone thought there was seven miraculoses..But they thought wrong there are nine. The legdary twin cheetah miraculos. Only given to twin sister worthy of the twin che...
The Last Chance | Felinette | Miraculous Ladybug Alternate Universe   by Crowxtian
The Last Chance | Felinette | Mira...by ɞ 𝙲𝚛𝚘𝚠𝚡 ʚ
!! THIS BOOK IS DISCONTINUED !! - Marinette begins her first steps to accomplishing her dream job, working in the fashion industry. She is extended to an employment opp...
Miraculous Short Stories by youngmoonlight
Miraculous Short Storiesby Flowers
Welcome to the book of Miraculous Ladybug short stories. A good portion of these short stories are going to be ship stories. I hope you enjoy them. *Now posted on Ao3
• Felinette • by Sarah_is_Comfy
• Felinette •by Sarah_is_Comfy
• Read Introductory Page • • Start Date • February 21st, 2022
Marinettes Dream Job. by PlaggsCamemberrtt
Marinettes Dream Job.by Plagg
Having been rejected by working at Agreste INC, her dream company, marinette redirects her focus onto her Fashion Blog. In the weeks leading up to an old friend's weddin...
Felix Month 2020 by halcyyonn_
Felix Month 2020by Halcyon
This is my set of fics for the Felix Month happening on Tumblr! All of them will be Felix-focused, but some might be Felinette or other ships. Enjoy! Disclaimer: I don't...
Hot Chocolate - Felix & Bridgette (Miraculous PV) by lackadaisical_nerd
Hot Chocolate - Felix & Bridgette...by anna
Romantic fanfiction between Felix Agreste and Bridgette Dupain-Cheng from the Miraculous PV (leaked concept characters).
SWITCH UP!  ☆  felix f. by yu_suu
SWITCH UP! ☆ felix f.by yu_suu
★felix fathom x fem! oc ↳in which Felix switches places with Adrien for 3 days and a certain twintailed girl can't seem to leave him alone !!
Two Halves by clokinz
Two Halvesby Clo
Welcome to a miraculous spinoff which features Bridgette and Felix from Miraculous PV instead of Adrien and Marinette! This book is written by the lovely @ur_fave_ship a...
Just get some sleep ok?  (Miraculous x Reader?) by Sloth_Madness
Just get some sleep ok? (Miraculo...by Sloth Madness
As Master Fu's Grand-Daughter you've been taught from a young age that you will be the next guardian, even if it means having to move to Paris. Though this may make you...
Automatic by madrigalkarou
Automaticby Dulce quimera
Si no hay amor real en ti, ¿Por qué no puedo dejar de amarte? Eres tan frío, tan diferente el chico que me enamoró ¿Acaso algo a cambiado para que seas así?