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A Shattered Life (LOTR/Legolas Fanfic) by ElvenArcher0106
A Shattered Life (LOTR/Legolas Fan...by Soph
It's been 60 years since Amara Silverhood traveled with the Company of Thorin Oakenshield, but the pain in her heart remains as ever present as the day that her love Kil...
Sauron's Daughter by Roozle
Sauron's Daughterby Roozle
Raised in Mordor, Ebony is cold and manipulative. Wanting to please her father, she spends her life trying to get the ring with her friend Khamul, the Witch-King of Angm...
The Lady of The Flame by wonderfulimaginings
The Lady of The Flameby ♡
*COMPLETE* HarryPotterxLOTR crossover FemHarryxGlorfindel ^ Because there are not nearly enough of those. ⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆ Azalea Potter was tired. Cur...
The Tenth Walker - Aragorn Fanfiction by ieatalotofbooks
The Tenth Walker - Aragorn Fanfict...by Stephanie
Sara is just a ordinary girl. She has heard of the Lord of the Ring books but never read one. But what happens if she falls into the greatest stories ever told. What hap...
Travelling Middle Earth her entire life Y/n thinks she found a place to rest for a short while. That is until a letter from Rivendall calls her presence to attend a secr...
Far Horizons ❦ Boromir by Sierra_Laufeyson
Far Horizons ❦ Boromirby Sierra_Laufeyson
The past is already written. The ink is dry. But the future remains unset and the Valar have begun to sing a song anew. Gondor is a kingless state falling...
Her Foresight | Aragorn Fanfiction by jesseknows
Her Foresight | Aragorn Fanfictionby jess
They haunted her dreams. Wizards. Warriors. Kings. Dark Lords. Beings of ethereal beauty. Flying cars. Protective trees. Adara's dreams were always so vivid. She blamed...
LotR Legolas x Reader Collection by elvish-sky
LotR Legolas x Reader Collectionby elvish-sky
A collection of Legolas x Reader stories and oneshots. Updates regularly. Enjoy! Thank you so much for 6k reads!!!
Lord of the Rings and The Silver Eye Warrior by soulfox1305
Lord of the Rings and The Silver E...by Dom
A group of five got sent to another world to help destroy the One Ring
Fayn (A LOTR novella) by LionheartedGirl_
Fayn (A LOTR novella)by El
Frodo failed. Sauron lives, and is prepared to wreak his havoc upon Middle Earth once again. Their only hope is Fayn, a creature that disappeared from sight long before...
Lothlorien Elf and the Return of the King (Lord of the Rings Fan Fic) by TaliaSpirit
Lothlorien Elf and the Return of t...by TaliaSpirit
"The battle for Helm's Deep is over. The battle for Middle Earth is about to begin." -Gandalf The fight at Helm's Deep has been won. Rohan celebrate their vi...
Wild | Aragorn | On Hiatus by NeverStealMyCoffin
Wild | Aragorn | On Hiatusby Happy Puffer
ON HIATUS (I have been struck down by the dreaded writer's block and am currently publishing my chapter bank. Please add Wild to your library to be notified of updates...
Princess of Mirkwood Book Two (Legolas x Reader) by silivretowlen
Princess of Mirkwood Book Two (Leg...by Sil
A continuation of Princess of Mirkwood. This story somewhat follows the line of Fellowship of Ring. Will this quest bring (Y/N) and Legolas closer or will she rekindl...
In the Shadows I Stay by Rimuwalker
In the Shadows I Stayby Rimuwalker
It has been over a thousand years since Elbereth was banished for some thing she didn't do, alone in the wilderness for that amount of time she managed to enter the comp...
Legolas Oneshots by RandomnessIsArt
Legolas Oneshotsby Randomness Is Art
Legolas Oneshots! Yeah! Most will be times readers, but some will be made up characters. I'm just going say language warning now because at some point I'm sure there wil...
The Fellowship Of The Ring by xXthornyXx
The Fellowship Of The Ringby Thorne Johnson
Adriel is a young half elf from Lothlorien. She embarks on yet another journey across Middle-Earth to aid Frodo Baggins in destroying the ring of power. Along the way ne...
An Unexpected Elf {Book 1} by KaiElainaBlack
An Unexpected Elf {Book 1}by Kai
For 60 years, Tauriel was presumed dead by Legolas, who searched YEARS for her. After TBOFA (The Battle of the Five Armies), she left to find a new home, leaving Legolas...
FALLING ↳ GLORFINDEL by aerithmorgenstern
REINCARNATION AU! ❝ AIRERAUMONIS FOUND THAT SHE LOVED IT WHEN GLORFINDEL SMILED. ❞ In which two elves once of Gondolin and now of Rivendell find themselves a part of a F...
The Art of War by FlameOfDante
The Art of Warby Flame of Dante
Banyak rahasia yang perlu diungkap Harry begitu ia menjejakkan kaki ke Bumi Tengah. Ini bukan lagi tentang dirinya sebagai seorang pahlawan, atau martir yang disuguhkan...
The King's Daughter: [Legolas Fanfiction](on hold until June) by believeinelves
The King's Daughter: [Legolas Fanf...by because it was real
Her name is Elarinya, she is the daughter of Aragorn and Arwen. She was raised with her two sisters and brother. She was different then them, she was the only child that...