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Half-Blood, What's that? Can I eat it? by Chimera_Regarion
Half-Blood, What's that? Can I eat...by Chimera_Regarion
They call me a trickster... They call me insane... They call me a catastrophe as well... Well what can I say about my true nature? That's just me! Plus I would never cha...
Talking to the moon (S.B) by Maraudersbabe16
Talking to the moon (S.B)by Maraudersbabe16
The untold story of the Metamorphmagus Avyanna Lupin the twin sister of Remus Lupin. Follow her story of her life and her time at Hogwarts. Learn about her friendship, l...
Curse Of Blood: Gods & Monsters by JeanineCroft
Curse Of Blood: Gods & Monstersby Jeanine 🇿🇦 Croft
It never bodes well when a prince of Asgard takes an interest in a mortal. Not for Aila. Not when that god is Loki, the infamous father of monsters. To love such a god i...
Collected (Avengers Fanfiction) by Winchester_Huntress
Collected (Avengers Fanfiction)by Solstice
Loki has had enough. He's had enough of his children being taken and tormented for being his. He's had it and he plans on fixing it, and that's where Clint Barton comes...
Imprisoned By The Tyrannical Demon Lord by TheMischievousHer
Imprisoned By The Tyrannical Demon...by TheMischievousHer
Swept by a giant bird and separated from her friends, Ruby fell into the most dangerous place in the whole breadth of the Land of Dawn and ended up confronting their pri...
Changed Fate by _star_shine_2004_
Changed Fateby _star_shine_2004_
A scheming clan, a divorce, and a mortal trial. Bai Feng Jiu returns to Qing Qiu 3000 years after her disappearance, now as a High Goddess, with her trial kept as a secr...
Broken *Harry Potter Crossover* by Alpha-Marrii
Broken *Harry Potter Crossover*by Alpha marrii
This is the story of a child who would fight to save everyone she's ever loved. This is the story of Celestial Lokisdottir.
Among Gods & Devils by Bickmite
Among Gods & Devilsby Insert popculture refernce
When atreus is having strange dreams of his mother and montrorus being he,kratos , and mimr must set out on yet another adventure. Together they will face the gods of as...
Shatter: A Jonah Clemence x MC Romance (Ikemen Revolution) by acuphoria
Shatter: A Jonah Clemence x MC Rom...by acuphoria
Having fallen into Cradle merely two months ago from my hometown in London, I decide to continue living my life within the confines of the Black Army Castle - a luxury I...
The Inheritance  by Artemis_Rose
The Inheritance by Artemis_Rose
Harry comes home after 3rd year to be welcomed by his uncle. But we all know what happened. Because of that he goes through a creature inheritance and finds out the trut...
The Tale Of Half Gods by LeighGM
The Tale Of Half Godsby Leigh.G.M
A marvel and norse crossover, thorki, male pregnancy.
SON OF FENRIR  by Noble_octopus
SON OF FENRIR by Noble_octopus
this is the story of the half-blood Son of the Mighty Wolf Fenrir
Ragnarok by Risko77100
Ragnarokby Risko77100
L'histoire de l'homme qui a été nommer Ragnarök Stark un grand guerrier, un grand stratège et surtout un grand roi (C'est une histoire que j'avais sur un autre compte qu...
The Noble: A Fenrir Godspeed X MC Romance by acuphoria
The Noble: A Fenrir Godspeed X MC...by acuphoria
In the blink of an eye, I was thrust into this Magical land called Cradle; a Wonderland full of new people, new places, and new problems. My life in London was suddenly...
Sincerely, A Friend by JessiMurray8
Sincerely, A Friendby FanficFanatic997
Voldemort receives a mysteriously letter from "A Friend". How will the war be affected when a seer picks a side? This story contains elements of child abuse. I...
I Demanded God to Have Me Reincarnated into a World I'm Unfamiliar With by RedBladedWarrior
I Demanded God to Have Me Reincarn...by Ryota Ikehara
Have you ever heard of reincarnation? If you have, then you learn something very interesting. In a world, there was a really special boy who had been living through the...
My Another World - A Parallel Universe with a Cheat like Ability by Nado_Naka
My Another World - A Parallel Univ...by Hikari Morinozuka
AU: While fighting a villain, Izuku Midoriya met his tragic demise. Regretting the thought of not achieving his objective of being the number one hero, he came to life i...
Two God Like Mortals (Trial) [Hiatus] by Phantomous_Author
Two God Like Mortals (Trial) [Hiat...by Daiki Nakimura
Ashton is a normal Grade 9 student at least until the Incident happened and he is reincarnated as powerful as Fenrir and starts going to school also being engaged to a c...
Isekai Driver Girl by Leon_Sanjaya
Isekai Driver Girlby Abdul Leon Sanjaya
"Hey look at that horse carriage, no horse to pull it" "Is it a magic item? It also makes a strange sound, the wheels are different too" A Toyota K...
Fun, The Son of Mischief and Thunder by Moonaline
Fun, The Son of Mischief and Thund...by Moonaline
The tale of the Guardian of Fun, who is the son of the God of Mischief and the God of Thunder. An accident that led to life of heartbreak, separation, death, rebirth, is...