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Hell In Her Soul - Elijah Mikaelson - by Nanuri
Hell In Her Soul - Elijah Mikaelso...by Nanuri
A thousand years ago the story of a family that would become legendary began. But also the story of a girl named after the goddess of death - Hela. Being abandoned by he...
As It Was (Hela x Fem!reader) by Bleecker_St_Magician
As It Was (Hela x Fem!reader)by Keys
Hela x fem!reader She just wished for things to go back to how they were. Thousands of years ago, she felt everything, now she does not. He took love from her. She was g...
ɬɧɛ ῳąཞཞıơཞ ąŋɖ ɬɧɛ ℘ཞıŋƈɛ ✏️ by Megan_Danvers
ɬɧɛ ῳąཞཞıơཞ ąŋɖ ɬɧɛ ℘ཞıŋƈɛ ✏️by 💕
"Do you know why everyone adores the sun? Because It's so bright and outshines everything. They like to be under it's light" he said with a grin. "But i l...
Marvel women one shots by blandruby
Marvel women one shotsby blandruby
Just another one shot book to meet your unfulfilled childhood needs. They will include marvel women like Wanda, Natasha, Hela, Maria, the actors and maybe some of their...
Amor Vincit ▷ Thor Odinson by spiderlad
Amor Vincit ▷ Thor Odinsonby — tisha
AMOR VINCIT | ❝Love conquers all.❞ THOR: RAGNAROK | THOR ODINSON A HERO OF HEROES BOOK Cover by: voidkhaleesi
WHAT IF... Hela Won The Fight by CissyMB
WHAT IF... Hela Won The Fightby CissyMB
I've been thinking a lot about how would the MCU look like if Odin just... Didn't exist. So, yeah. This is it - Odin is somewhere very far away from all of his children.
An undying love by MarcRios6
An undying loveby primelll
Spider man brought back to life to fight the monster and earn the love of the goddess
Percy Jackson : The god of heroes and other things by ahmadnazem
Percy Jackson : The god of heroes...by Am0104
I wanted to make a fanfic about percy already being a god in dc universe, he will be very powerful.
Lil Cate Stories by liliths_cigarette
Lil Cate Storiesby Lou
Oneshots with Cate, her different characters and with you or other shippings tell me your wishes. Maybe I let your wishes come true in a Oneshot
The royals of Asgard by Mayarrismail
The royals of Asgardby
What if Thor and Frigga jumped into the void to save Loki?
Loki's Daughter by UnderworldsGoddess
Loki's Daughterby Hel
"Her name is Hela," he replied, watching the infant lose interest in the shield and move onto something else. Hela looked up at the mention of her name and the...
strongest red dragon emperor by ThahamsdThaks
strongest red dragon emperorby Thahamsd Thaks
While fighting vali issei finds the truth about his reincarnation as a devil what will issei do? How much issei will change? Let's see
The North Star (B. Barnes & S. Rogers) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
The North Star (B. Barnes & S. Rog...by Lone-wolf-fanfics
Loki wasn't the only baby taken from Jotunheim, he wasn't the only child of Laufey taken to Asgard and raised next to Thor. Eirlys Odinsdottir. Loki's twin sister. Odin'...
The sun will shine on us again by Mayarrismail
The sun will shine on us againby
Loki escaped Thanos after being tortured by him , but he found himself in the same place he attacked before. Midgard.
Odinsdottir by Vanne-Hiddles
Odinsdottirby Vanne
You grew up in Asgard with your brother, Thor and your adopted brother Loki. This is how your life went and how your relationships with your brothers and family grew ove...
avengers chatfic by GoAwayLoserPls
avengers chatficby not a loser
what the title says except theyre in highschool and peter parker is hilarious. ships: ironstrange, parley, natasha x pepper, bruce x thor, stucky, + more it gets better...
Loki's Child by HarrietSwan98
Loki's Childby Harriet_Swan
What if Loki had a daughter, who was just like him in almost every way? Loki's daughter Hela was born on Asgard but Loki pulled a Prank that angered the All Father so as...
Forge (Avengers x Male Blacksmith Reader)  by DMasCre
Forge (Avengers x Male Blacksmith...by DMC
ever since you were young, you've always had an interest in Metal. it didn't help that you had an ability which made you understand more about them. the question is, wh...
The Other Sister (An Avenger's Reader) by Nerdfanatic247
The Other Sister (An Avenger's Rea...by Nerdfanatic247
This is a reader insert story. That means you are my main character. You fill the spotlight and I hope you all enjoy it. Don't forget to vote for each chapter as you rea...
The Jotun's Daughter by Here_Be_Dragons
The Jotun's Daughterby Here_Be_Dragons
My name is Kayla. My mother stole things neither Hydra nor SHEILD even knew existed. Up until now, I did not care about my origin. But mum's dead, SHEILD knows of my p...