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Second Chances for a ferret (Draco/Hermione Fan Fiction) by WeaselB3e
Second Chances for a ferret ( WeaselBee
Draco Malfoy has become head boy and the head girl is none other than Hermione Granger...Draco decides that after months of being in close quarters with her that he want...
Amaranthine by LDCrichton
Amaranthineby LDCrichton
Sixteen year-old Ireland Brady is sure she's losing her mind. After a horrific car accident leaves her barely clinging to life, she wakes from a coma with a renewed sens...
Unborn (Sequel to Loving Being Different) by InfinitelyBeau
Unborn (Sequel to Loving Being InfinitelyBeau
Being 18 and a vampire isn't all fun and games. Especially if you're Loralie Gilbert, Elena Gilbert's twin. After being changed into a vampire, cursed by a witch, fallin...
The Boy Who Sleeps On My Bedroom Floor by beckybloomwood
The Boy Who Sleeps On My Bedroom beckybloomwood
As far back as they can remember, Emi and Luke have been best friends. However, things start to go down hill after a month of separation and a shock confession from Luke...
Caged In Demon Arms by SilverLove
Caged In Demon Armsby Kalee
Kara Fang, A girl of sixteen is forced to marry a man who sees her as nothing. Her once long time wish to escape from her family comes true, but not liked she hoped it w...
Yashin & Jiyu's Ultimate Adventure! by NeoNeoNii2
Yashin & Jiyu's Ultimate Adventure!by Neo Soranji
Two young ladies go on an adventure to stop the evil antagonist from destroying the world into complete deserts while meeting friends, enemies, new obstacles and learnin...
You Are My Sunshine~ (Marble Hornets x Reader) by AlienConspirator
You Are My Sunshine~ (Marble Alien
Just x reader oneshots from the Youtube creepypasta Marble Hornets. I might make lemons. Idk
My Step Brother by Kpoplover007
My Step Brotherby Maria
At a young age, seven, both of their parents were separated. Michelle's dad marries Alex's mom in the future. A 15 year old, Michelle falls in love. Her step brother, A...
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In Love with my Best Friend's Sister. by NeoNeoNii2
In Love with my Best Friend's Neo Soranji
Neopolitan Soranji, a normal high school girl and her childhood best friend, Kenneth Hinyan-Jao live out their life in Sakura Highschool. As Kenny is busy being the flir...
Therian Cacoethes -FICTIONAL Story by PresentMicsHusband
Therian Cacoethes -FICTIONAL Storyby Foxin Around🦊
This story will be about therians but with a twist. This takes place in a fictional setting, any characters in this story are not related to real life people. What woul...
Summerlyn {A Tale of Faerie} by SilverLove
Summerlyn {A Tale of Faerie}by Kalee
Its summer, just a few days before school as Brea explores her new home. Just behind her new house resides an a group of old oaks where the trees have intertwine in an i...
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An afterife story by theactualdumbo
An afterife storyby theactualdumbo
hi quick thing I just wanted to say that I got my inspirations of stephaniebooty on tiktok you should definitely go check her famous series which is what this book is ab...
Purple Parasite by En_crypt
Purple Parasiteby Kenny
Vanessa Adams is a curious, tech-savvy girl who works as a beta tester for Silver Parasol Games. Recently, a new VR game from Fazbear Entertainment has been sent to Silv...
The Dragons Kiss by NonExistantGaming
The Dragons Kissby Leo
This is one of my favorite cliche NaLu fanfics, Dragon mating season!! Join Lucy as she embarks on a journey of love and passion. She explores her relationship with Nats...
Falling Hard series [EXCLUSIVELY ON DREAME] by RaziaSultana
Falling Hard series [EXCLUSIVELY Razia Sultana
FallingHard #1 Ashleigh Leia Fisher was trying to start over a new beginning - it was time for her to stop letting people treat her like a doormat. Her parents. Her frie...
On Tour With One Direction by FireInHerHeart_
On Tour With One Directionby FireInHerHeart_
There is one thing which you should know. Well, technically, there are a few things you must know. My name is Raven Croft. I'm a writer. Well, I would consider myself...
Deception 4 by __AnonymousWriter
Deception 4by __AnonymousWriter
I'm done crying. If life taught me anything, it would be to not give a flying fuck. Crying didn't get me anywhere. Writing helped a little. But it's over. My life is so...
Forever (Justin Bieber Love Story/Jaitlin) (Discontinued) by TeamBieberMahone
Forever (Justin Bieber Love Belieber ♡
Justin Bieber attends a night party and who knows? Maybe he'll finally find the right girl. He accidentally bumps into a girl casuing her to spill her drink. She furious...
The Way We Were by wewillsomedaybedead
The Way We Wereby e !
Freedom. Spontaneity. It's all Aahana James has ever wanted. When her parents agree to let Aahana spend her summer in Hudson with her cousin, everything changes. After...