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Dracon (1st book of the Draconon Series) by RissaleWriter
Dracon (1st book of the Draconon Rissa, Rissy, Riss
Family was something that Clover thought was a foreign concept and could possibly never happen to her. The eighteen-year-old, different female couldn't fathom as to why...
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐫 𝐂𝐚𝐦𝐩 | 𝐭𝐚𝐞𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤 | ✓ by fleur_kjs
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐫 𝐂𝐚𝐦𝐩 | 𝐭𝐚𝐞𝐤𝐨 fleur_kjs
A teenager boy desperately wants to spend her summer in the music camp where his Kpok idol was announced will be judged in the music camp, However, the only way that she...
Reincarnation Of Draupadi (Completed) by Nakshatra001
Reincarnation Of Draupadi ( Nakshatra001
Reincarnation of Draupadi and Karna in 21st century to find their unrequited love for each other in previous birth. Obviously, we can't forget friendship between Duryod...
The Mystery of the Lakeshore Ltd - An Eleanor and Lydia Mystery by eacomiskey
The Mystery of the Lakeshore EA Comiskey
Eleanor and Lydia, Book 2 When Eleanor's great-granddaughter, Lydia, shows up seeking her help, the "retired" detective knows she has no choice but to spring i...
all you have is your fire and the place you need to reach by LemonYellowLogic
all you have is your fire and lemonyellowlogic
when zuko decides to calm down and not immediately shoot fire at aang, listening to him instead, he manages to find out the truth about his own past. (diverges from cano...
Rise Of Poseidon  by CeeJay-Is-Me
Rise Of Poseidon by
Dawn Marshall, a recent high school graduate, works as a barista with her best friend Annie Jewel. Dawn is the youngest granddaughter and sole heir to the town's second...
Tsitp- a trauma story by maggiemads
Tsitp- a trauma storyby maggiemads
19 year old maddy visits cousins every summer with her family to stay with her best friends but the last two summers switch her life up What will happen when she visits...
Amazon Rainforest Jungle  by Syeda_Minahil_Shah
Amazon Rainforest Jungle by Minahil Shah
A girl who is lost in an Amazon Rainforest Jungle needs to find her way home while finding about her past life,the cause of her being lost here and her biological mother...
Ghostly by psycho6satisfaction
Ghostlyby psycho6satisfaction
Clementine Rivers has lived in this house for twenty years now. She doesn't know her real name, she doesn't know how old she is, or how she got here, or why she lives in...
where are you? by Krishna2847
where are you?by Krishna 2847
This is a love story of a cupid, who spent his entire life making others meet their love. But when his love story was about to begin, fate did not approve of it And fate...
The Shadows We Leave Behind by S0ftShyBabie
The Shadows We Leave Behindby Alex Spencer
An assassin is on a mission to kill, but it doesn't go as planned. She finds secrets and unlocks the truth within herself.
The Calling Forest by River_side_stories
The Calling Forestby River Dickerson
Zuccia Golds was seven, his father is missing, his brother and mother hate him, and worst of all, his grandfather's funeral was today. One night, when Zuccia couldn't sl...
The Missing Sano by YuiSuzukiWrites
The Missing Sanoby Yui Suzuki
A day after Mrs. Sano died, Mikey's younger brother, Takemichi Sano went missing. His thirst for violence grew worse when his older brother, Shinichiro Sano died. Until...
Wormwood Academy by iam_angiela
Wormwood Academyby Unnoticed
Given a mission to find a stolen forbidden book, Yuri will meet her very opposite being, Gio. What would be their life along the journey?
(Completed)Runaway submissive alphas mates  by mafiabikerchick
(Completed)Runaway submissive drea
one alpha who runs to be free and find true love Nick just wants love to submit and not to be alpha and forced to mate a woman who only wants money and sex he runs what...
Stick With Trigger, And You'll Make It by GALM-1-Cipher
Stick With Trigger, And You'll GALM-1-Cipher
A new pilot joins the International Union Peacekeeping Force(IUN-PKF) Mage squadron on the cusp of war, but then a mission goes awry and she is framed for the murder of...
Date an android  by Balt72
Date an android by Balt72
Once a kid that knew nothing of war, now must fight and protect people he believes are doing what is right for humanity. Work and art are not my so support the original...
Remembrance - An Undertale Story-DISCONTNUED by MEJ2235
Remembrance - An Undertale MEJ2235
Long ago, two races ruled over the Earth. Humans and monsters. At least, that's the story we all know. There was another race. Technically, they were monsters. Skeleton...
The World I Knew Isn't The Same Anymore by auroarus
The World I Knew Isn't The Same xo.
Living in an asylum for the past 5 years isn't easy. You can't get mad, forced to take pills, forget your emotions and only focus on "getting better." Bree was...
Finding Jesus - Kirby's Story by KirbyStarhopeShadow
Finding Jesus - Kirby's Storyby KirbyStarhopeShadow
This is a story on how Kirby found Jesus in all of my AU's! I haven't even gotten close to being finished Super Smash Bros Ultimate... I actually am still at the very st...