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 Doll (Montgomery Gator x Reader) by -_-Kodi-_-
Doll (Montgomery Gator x Reader)by Kodi
Y/n and there two friends, Matt and Viv, have a terrible past at Freddy's, but when the "new" Freddy Fazbears Mega Pizza-Plex opens Matthew and Vivian insist o...
Glitch me (Glitchtrap x GN reader) by mushroomzy
Glitch me (Glitchtrap x GN reader)by ♡ キノコ類 ♡
✷ You're a famous streamer, your fans had been begging you to play the new FNAF Help Wanted so you ended up buying it. On your first live stream playing it everything s...
Willry book by MangledCarlton
Willry bookby MangledCarlton
Here's some stories on Willry 18+ content Cover art by me
Compliments (FNAF x reader) by greenwrappingpaper
Compliments (FNAF x reader)by Charlie۵
This is an FNAF x reader, after the main storyline there will be specific parts of each chapter for you to read deciding on who you want your love interest to be, it end...
A Criminal's Gaze | William x Reader *DISCONTINUED* by 8685rj
A Criminal's Gaze | William x Read...by 2891r
Decisions (Fnaf SB X GN Reader) by mushroomzy
Decisions (Fnaf SB X GN Reader)by ♡ キノコ類 ♡
[Completed] ↓ ♡ After tears and screams, Rosie, your ten years old sister finally convinced you to take her to spend a day in the brand new Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzapl...
Lost...? Sunrise/MoondropxChild!Reader by The_OWLERY_1230
Lost...? Sunrise/MoondropxChild!Re...by Spare Rib ~('^')~
When your neglectful mother makes your older brother drop you off at Freddy Faz bear's Mega Pizza- plex, things start going awfully wrong. You're a child, so don't expec...
Fnaf X Reader Lemons (REwrite) 2020 by Cuddlyrose2
Fnaf X Reader Lemons (REwrite) 2020by Tiffany
as of popular demand I am rewriting my most poplar book as of today (which at this point in time has over 80k reads) I decided to rewrite it as I was not happy with th...
Bonnie x Toy Chica: A First Fanfic by FluffyNinja301
Bonnie x Toy Chica: A First Fanficby FluffyNinja301
Within the beginning of a new pizza chain, Bonnie and his friends (while withered) are transferred from one pizzeria to another (on which all contain the toy animatronic...
The Mask (Phone Guy/MatPat x Reader) by IHazFandoms
The Mask (Phone Guy/MatPat x Reade...by Peter Dechart
Based on FNAF the Musical. After your best friend, and almost boyfriend, Scott Cawthon disappears, you get moved from the day shift to the night shift with someone named...
My Withered Friend - Withered Bonnie x Reader by that_one_writer_268
My Withered Friend - Withered Bonn...by that_one_writer
Y/n takes a job at the New and Improved Freddy Fazbears Pizza, and is excited to be working at one of her favorite childhood restaurants, but when she realizes that her...
FNAF Security Guards (One-Shots) by ___Mystic___
FNAF Security Guards (One-Shots)by | M y s t i c |
Critics Say: "Loved it!!" - @thenamesbella01 "ITS GREAT!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! I really like the kid ones" - @Emmie11_thefragmetn "SO CUTE 😍...
our life ☆ michael afton x reader by heartbeatzhzh
our life ☆ michael afton x readerby zero
!this au is different from the canon fnaf lore! you and michael have been friends since 8th grade. after he almost accidentally killed his brother, you and him grew clos...
An Eventful Existence | Aftons + Emily's | Book 1 by Astral_Dino
An Eventful Existence | Aftons + E...by Dino <3
Through out the life of the Aftons lots of bazzar and rather unfortunate events have taken place. These events lead to disspare and even ... Murder. ⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⊰⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅⋅•⋅...
Dear Star Child (Sun/MoonxChild!Reader) by The_OWLERY_1230
Dear Star Child (Sun/MoonxChild!Re...by Spare Rib ~('^')~
(Y/N), an eight-year-old girl who is always curious about the world around her, finds herself in the Pizzaplex after running from a rabid dog. Then, she was found by a c...
Fnaf X Reader Oneshots by Alphabloom152
Fnaf X Reader Oneshotsby Alphabloom152
All your favorite five nights at Freddy's characters including the night guards. Also Disclaimer: I don't own any of the art that appears in this book they all belong to...
⊱ { Random Scenarios From The Darkest Parts of my head - 2 } ⊰ by _ILikeSadRomance_
⊱ { Random Scenarios From The Dark...by ♡ Hardship before ease . . . ♡
◤━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━◥ ( Book 2 of my short-stories book ) Requests are open, though I don't really have a good reputation when it comes to finishing them, so ... Idrk h...
Him <3 (a willry book) by Vjjossii
Him <3 (a willry book)by Jossie
Hello people, welcome to a new story this book contains homophobia homophobic slurs/acts. smut lgbtq+ swearing helliam/willry (mainly this ship) mikol x Mark(bonnie mas...
FNAF Security Breach x Reader [ ONESHOTS ] by boo_meanie
FNAF Security Breach x Reader [ ON...by Liddol Sis
requests are open, feel free to submit some. Edit: btw this isn't a first come, first serve thing. I'll be doing whichever request when I feel comfortable doing it, so d...