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❛ 100% FRANK IERO ❜ by -gaymikeyway
❛ 100% FRANK IERO ❜by ✧ faith ✧
>completed< hello, frankophiles. welcome to 100% frank iero. read with caution: side effects include burns from how hot frank is, toothaches from how sweet frank i...
Frerard fanfics you must read by guilt-trippin
Frerard fanfics you must readby holy smokes
Hey you. Do you ship frerard? Do you wanna read an amazing frerard fanfic? Then read this book, cause I'll tell you about the funniest, gayest, life-destroying frerard f...
murderer - frerard by orjustfriends
murderer - frerardby it's for lovers
Gerard wasn't normal. Frank was. Or at least, he was normal until he found out.
Stomachaches (Frerard Fanfiction) by perksofbeingapunk
Stomachaches (Frerard Fanfiction)by frankie
When Frank Iero was a child, he used to have these unexplainable and excruciating stomach pains that always lead him to the hospital. His stomach problems came out of th...
Forced by TeaForWatson
Forcedby •~WATSON~•
Frank Iero x reader WARNING: Triggering content and sexual content
Vampires Will Never Hurt You (Frerard) by NotKobraKidding
Vampires Will Never Hurt You ( fukc
Gerard was part of the Way family. That meant he had to have a perfect posture, perfect handwriting, perfect manners, perfect everything. Now the problem with that was t...
Joyriding || Frank Iero by diablosdemons
Joyriding || Frank Ieroby 👾
In which the infamous cousin of Gerard and Mikey Way, Alison May, begins to torture and tweet comebacks to non other then Frank iero himself for fun, until they began be...
Frerard Oneshots  by im_gerardfrank_trash
Frerard Oneshots by This is problematic
Just some fluffy , cute frerard oneshots
Lovers That Went Wrong  by prettyxruins
Lovers That Went Wrong by Frankie
A short story showing behind the scenes of an abusive relationship. Trigger warning kids
You're So Dark (Frerard) by actualghost
You're So Dark (Frerard)by lizard queen
If he didn't know better, he'd say the guy is hardly even twenty-one. His face is just really soft in general, with a nose on the smaller side, eyes round and almost gre...
frnkiero andthe cellabration Lyric Book by claireaitkens
frnkiero andthe cellabration claireaitkens
Songs organized in alphabetical order. Let me know if any songs are missing.
Weighted Sematary by FIATComics
Weighted Semataryby FIATComics
A band by the name of FrnkIero AndThe Cellabration read upon an old cemetery that was once the scene of a mysterious crime. Only to find the truth about the haunted plac...
Skeletons by TragicChemicals
Skeletonsby L
*Current Gerard and Frank* Uncased in layers of guilt and loneliness, we're all forced into our own self destruction. (this is an old fic, not ongoing, only one chapter)
Alright Sucker by scaryfrankie
Alright Suckerby scaryfrank
Gerard is a vampire mortician who needs a lodger Frank is Frank
The Backrooms (frank iero x reader) by likeatickingtimebomb
The Backrooms (frank iero x reader)by avril stan
When you get lost in an alternate reality, what will you do when you realize you're not as alone as you thought... (I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS STORY EXCEPT FOR Y/N A...
*Cancer  by ashleypurdy666
*Cancer by Rayne Purdy
Sometimes things happen to you. They may seem horrible, painful and unfair at first, but you find that without overcoming these obstacles, you would have never realized...
So who's the bitch now? by Hijiwan
So who's the bitch now?by GeesdePylos
Hi. My name is Frank Iero, and I am no one. I just found my smile for the first time in my life, as long as I can remember. Now, there is blood everywhere and I'm not e...
Mr.Iero by millie_way
Mr.Ieroby Iero.hero
Teacher/student. Boy/girl. May contain triggers.