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Freddy x bonnie by Jizelle5
Freddy x bonnieby Jayflower
This is a story of a Robotic animatronic who fall in love Freddy:Bisexual,top,little bit of a pervert,Overprotective, Bonnie:bottom,soft,gay,shy,The most adorable...
"̴͚̝̤͂̀̅͑S̸̹̺͒̑͌t̴̼͔͖̣̏a̶̡̘͗r̸̫͎̰̬͗́̅̀̏ś̷͕h̷̨͍͉̯͌̉͝ǐ̵̜̉̏́n̶̖̣̖̄͌͂͜e̸̛͕͉͑̀́̄-̸? by Odd_G0ul
"̴͚̝̤͂̀̅͑S̸̹̺͒̑͌t̴̼͔͖̣̏a̶̡̘͗r̸͗́̅̀ Goul
Bonnie is an animatronic who's mind and story is shrowded in mystery and theory. What did happen to him? ***all art by me, characters and game belong to Scott Cawthon***
Boyfriend Material - Fronnie Fanfic by thestrangeststorys
Boyfriend Material - Fronnie Fanficby inactive
I'm Now catching feelings, you make me feel better. Every night when I close my eyes, I can see you, my perfect type. I never really thought my dreams would come true un...
Moon High -Freddy x Bonnie- by iwannafly7
Moon High -Freddy x Bonnie-by iwannafly💗✨
Freddy Fazbear is a new student at Moon High, everyone loves him when he arrives. Apparently Fazbear was the 'perfect guy'. The bear only had his eyes on one person in t...
{A Demon And A Bunny} Shadow Fronnie by agaywriterr
{A Demon And A Bunny} Shadow Writer
After some years 2 childhood friends we're able to meet again. With that one side got all of their feels back for them when they saw them. They soon catch up with each o...
Five Nights at Highschool by cringecultureisalive
Five Nights at Highschoolby cringecultureisalive
**HUMAN AU** If you think highschool is hard, imagine working at a kids pizza place at the same time!! Coworkers, and best friends, Freddy, Foxy, Bonnie, and Chica not o...
Fronnie One Shots by BareWoodGirl
Fronnie One Shotsby AMELIA
A collection of cute Fronnie scenes! Taking requests! ( I don't own the cover picture! All rights go to their respective owners)
Strong and the Weak (A Fronnie And Goldtrap Story) by FronnieIsBae
Strong and the Weak (A Fronnie FronnieIsBae
(This is a prequel to True Love A Fronnie Story) (This description is only for the first half of the book I'll update it when it's fully finished) "This Is Only Jus...
Fronnie - A Secret Love  by Rj_The_Crazy_Creator
Fronnie - A Secret Love by RJ
Now featuring lemon. The love between two people who don't know they love eachother but as time goes on they give in to there urges... FNAF 1 location with a few modific...
Bonnie X freddy by GALAXI_WOLF
Bonnie X freddyby PaigeHubert
Freddy likes Bonnie. Bonnie doesn't know. Read more to find out
Fronnie One Shots by MikeWolfster_YT
Fronnie One Shotsby Mike Wolfster
Fronnie one shots!! A gay fnaf fanfic!
Fronnie Forever by SuicidalRainbow27
Fronnie Foreverby SuicidalRainbow27
The two boys get a weird feeling when they're around each other and they don't know why but, little Chica thinks she knows what's going on...
To Tame a Monster; A Fronnie Story by SugarBear2703
To Tame a Monster; A Fronnie Storyby Autumn Wright
Freddy has always been a heartless and cruel leader and person until one day a new member, Bonnie Bunny, became part of the band. While Chica and Foxy believe Freddy wil...
pics of random ships by Crazy_wolf_life
pics of random shipsby Luka the wolf
these photos are not mine there just random ships that i found
Second Chance by Odd_G0ul
Second Chanceby Goul
The animatronics of the Pizza Plex carried heavy baggage, despite being on better terms with each other now. Gregory, a young unfortunate soul with wits and survival in...
High On The Thought Of You by H3yYo0p
High On The Thought Of Youby <3
BOOK #3 After the passing of Bonnie, Freddy becomes overwhelmed with sadness. But little does he know, he will one day get what he was wishing for. ⚠️𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚⚠️𝗧�...
my fronnie drawings by autumnwright03
my fronnie drawingsby Sugar Bear
these are some of my fronnie drawings that i have been working on they may take some time to publish but i do may best and they are all boy×boy your welcome.some of them...
Ask the Fazbear Crew! by SugarBear2703
Ask the Fazbear Crew!by Autumn Wright
Hello guys, Sugar Bear here. I wanted to make an ask and dare series with fnaf characters from 1 to 3. Instead of them being just text responses we'll get picture respon...