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Diaphanous | Hua Cheng X Reader X Xie Lian by _Snow_Pixie_
Diaphanous | Hua Cheng X Reader X...by _Snow_Pixie_
(Hua Cheng X Reader X Xie Lian) Han (Y/N) was a young god caring for the forests, who one day crossed paths with Xie Lian. After handling the case of the ghost bridegro...
Once Again: hua cheng x fem reader by bibi-ii
Once Again: hua cheng x fem readerby Bibi
•Hua Cheng x FEM reader •Some is based off of donghua and some is based off of me- WILL NOT COMPLETELY BE LIKE THE ORIGINAL PLOT •I have not read the novel yet so please...
When The Blossoms Falls by PlayGameYuna
When The Blossoms Fallsby S.I.E 666
TGCF FF. Fengqing FF. The first time when Nan Feng saw Fu Yao was 500 Years ago. Everyone know's that both like their generals. When they met, it was always ending with...
The most loyal believer (hualian) by yumechoo
The most loyal believer (hualian)by yumechoo
✨I just got inspired on this story I didn't really have a plan but I hope you like it and vote have a nice time reading ! thank you ✨Credits to the art! its not mine, it...
Silver Prince  by xycohool
Silver Prince by alcohool__
Born under the brightest moonlight and the darkest sky, the heir to the throne and only descendant of the king, the silver prince was given a heavy responsible at an ear...
pov ; you're on your knees by nakajima_akahana
pov ; you're on your kneesby 😩✨中島赤花
literally povs (xreader) that I come up with while listening the anime playlists on YouTube HAHAHA ITS MATURE SO BEWARE‼️ PEOPLE FROM YOUTUBE REQUEST THINGS NOW PLS IM D...
Songbird of Dreams | Heaven Official's Blessing by sageneedsspace
Songbird of Dreams | Heaven Offici...by 𝑆𝐴𝐺𝐸
"Pain doesn't make people, it's love that makes people. The pain is inconsequential. It's love that saves them." IN WHICH ... Xie Lian's new personal guard is...
Heaven Official's Blessing Fanfic by HaiRyuuKi
Heaven Official's Blessing Fanficby HaiRyuuKi
Compilation of my HOB fics 😊😊😊😊😊 Credits to the artist for this book cover 😁😁😁😁😁
Fengqing | reincarnated as the Ghost king by Royoshoshi
Fengqing | reincarnated as the Gho...by Shishi
In this Au Feng Xin is the ghost king. While Hua Cheng is the god of the Southeast and has nearly eight thousand temples. Mu Qing is the god of the Southwest with nearly...
Thunder strikes again (Tgcf x Oc) by noemylove207
Thunder strikes again (Tgcf x Oc)by sweets cafe
In most transmigration stories you'd see the MC get reincarnated as the villainous who's destined to die or the cannon folder side character who dies a brutal death. So...
Perfect shot and Thousand letters by PlayGameYuna
Perfect shot and Thousand lettersby S.I.E 666
General Nan Yang and General Xuan Zhen are highly respected gods. Nan Feng and Fu Yao only the subordinates of the generals. Are you still worthy of admiring and secretl...
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(•°= My Boyfriend? °•=) by _Hi_miko_
(•°= My Boyfriend? °•=)by Miko-sama/Miko-san <33
Hua cheng is a CEO, who owns the biggest companies, he's also a mafia boss who loves blood and killing but doesn't actually kill someone himself, he's so rich he has eve...
Love in exchange of Memories by PlayGameYuna
Love in exchange of Memoriesby S.I.E 666
The entire sky is now in shock. The notorious Xuan Zhen lost all of his memories. Worst, Mu Qing didn't trust anyone except Feng Xin. Of all people, his bitter rivals! B...
Little glimpse into the future by PlayGameYuna
Little glimpse into the futureby S.I.E 666
It should be a perfectly normal evening. It was to be an evening like any other where Mu Qing returned to his palace to answer the prayers. Instead, he is called to a me...
will you love me the same? ;; #-tgcf by howasinine
will you love me the same? ;; #-tg...by 𝙢𝙤𝙢𝙤
a hualian modern au! the famous celebrity, hua cheng, came to stay in a small town for a week. he arrived right before its iconic flower festival started which happens o...
Serious rule violation, with sweet consequences by PlayGameYuna
Serious rule violation, with sweet...by S.I.E 666
Alternatively university: Magic Au! It was a normal argument between Fu Yao and Nan Feng. However, Fu Yao lost control and wanted to wipe out Nan Feng, which is why he u...
Hualian (READ THE DAMN DESCRIPTION PLS) by bojunyixiaolover26
This is before they met. So I'm doing the whole story. Hehehe There WILL be smut in this. Smut is Hualian and maybe a little NanYao
Days of Old | Jiang Cheng  by himarimio
Days of Old | Jiang Cheng by prettyboi
Mo Dao Zu Shi AU | Jiang Cheng × Reader Bringing justice to Jiang Cheng and Jin Ling's happy ending :(
Until Next Time by AkkiraKaha
Until Next Timeby Bei Ya
A young prince awaited a promise from a crimson ghost whom he so dearly loved. ____________________________________________________________ 'Now.. I will wait, Dianxia.'...
The oracle's Past legacy/Fem!OC/ by TheBluWolflover
The oracle's Past legacy/Fem!OC/by Echo-the-frog
I've seen barely any books on TGCF, so uh take this I guess?