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Musicals In Love *DISCONTINUED* by jinkiseok
Musicals In Love *DISCONTINUED*by Ryry
*Trigger warning for suicide mentions* At Barrington High, there were two group of music kids who absolutely despised each other. One group was the bratty, snobby string...
Gabilliam soulmate AU by LOVE4JALEX
Gabilliam soulmate AUby TreCool4U
Gabilliam soulmate AU where every person is born with a deformity and their soulmate has the opposite (if you're missing your left leg your soulmate is missing their rig...
Immortals // Petekey by partypoiscn
Immortals // Petekeyby partypoiscn
"Simple question, kid, are you with me or not at all?" Mikey had never been one to get wrapped up in the whole vampire thing. Not until one late night when...
summertime boys // gabilliam by pixieboy
summertime boys // gabilliamby cora j (inactive)
swimming pools & sunsets on a bridge in new jersey
Text me like you mean it.  (+ sequel) by circusrhymes
Text me like you mean it. (+ circusrhymes
sometimes, when gabe gets drunk, he'll text william things that william only wishes gabe would say while he's sober. Sequal- Gabe's gotten into a habit of lying to tell...
Too Drunk To Fuck | Gabilliam by truetranssoulrebel
Too Drunk To Fuck | Gabilliamby bri like the cheese
A very hungover Gabe Saporta wakes up in his bed, two streets away from the party has was at the night before. He doesn't know how he got back to his place - in fact, he...
Twin Skeletons (Gabilliam Oneshot) by panicwithme
Twin Skeletons (Gabilliam Oneshot)by Peyton
Based on Fall Out Boy song: Twin Skeletons
GRACE  + ryden  by amoralfati
GRACE + ryden by Jet Black
In which Brendon is a famous actor and Ryan is a nobody screenwriter.
The back seat in the tesla by gabeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
The back seat in the teslaby gabebebbebeebebbebe
these two twins have an awesome night in the back of there tesla. Hardcore sex
Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We're Making Out  by muddywaterss
Pete Wentz is the Only Reason We' beckett
[original fic posted on AO3 under muddywaters ; please go give some kudos and love to it on there!] Things don't play out the way he expected them to when William finall...
lumos - ryden, joncer, gabilliam, peterick by covfefesforclosers
lumos - ryden, joncer, void 👾
ships: ryden, joncer, peterick, gabilliam Modern day Hogwarts au. Where Pete, Brendon, Gabe, and Jon are Purebloods. And Spencer, Ryan, Patrick are Muggleborns. And Wil...
Group Chat II : Not Your Average Summer by mikeywayfucker
Group Chat II : Not Your Average lizard
Sequel to the semi-famous !1!2!2!2! Group chat Gay ships and all that good SHT ;)))
scripted tongue (gabilliam) by hannahjustlikesmusic
scripted tongue (gabilliam)by i døn't matter
william beckett is one of the best anchors they have. they can't just lose him because he begins liking someone they're paid to talk shit about. they can't. well, they c...
Childish Heart by jinkiseok
Childish Heartby Ryry
Ryan works at a cafe and has a kid. Brendon's a regular customer and hates children *10/10 cover made my @Seraphstarshine !!*
brendon urie had no idea what he was getting himself into. he had a faint idea, but he wouldn't remember what was going to happen anyways, so it didn't matter to him. he...
bandom one-shots by agenderwentz
bandom one-shotsby katie
a variety of stories involving everyone's favorite musicians
Solid Right Hooks [Gabilliam] by decaydance
Solid Right Hooks [Gabilliam]by e.c.foster
Anyone who knew Gabe Saporta knew that he couldn't be blamed for anything he did under the influence of alcohol. William Beckett had no way of knowing that, though. The...
gay one shots by thebikefortwo
gay one shotsby .
for the emo kids who don't want to devote their time to a full length fic (cough cough) most of these are kellic and ryden lmao what other ships include: frerard, peteke...
gaby's airpods  by retrovivisgc
gaby's airpods by retrovivisgc
gaby lost her AirPods inside my ass?