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I'm Not Your Average Girl, Harry Styles. by kixrsty
I'm Not Your Average Girl, Harry kirsty 🌞🌻
Delilah's the only girl in school not falling head over heels for Harry, but as things change stranger things have happened.
The Girl Next Door. (Harry Styles) by kixrsty
The Girl Next Door. (Harry Styles)by kirsty 🌞🌻
Falling in love as a teenager is never easy, it's even harder when the person you fall in love with is Harry Styles.
Minimalistic Graphic Designs by TheMinimalisticGirl
Minimalistic Graphic Designsby CeCe
OPEN [Slow Updates] Here, we deal with everything graphics, but to a minimal level. If you love subtle and minimalistic designs. I am your go-to designer.
gay one shots by thebikefortwo
gay one shotsby .
for the emo kids who don't want to devote their time to a full length fic (cough cough) most of these are kellic and ryden lmao what other ships include: frerard, peteke...
When Pete Met Patrick by sm0l_fedora
When Pete Met Patrickby mx. sage saturn
Pete Wentz, to put it in the nicest terms, is a slut. He has more than a few notches under his belt, and gets off on being able to seduce even the straightest men at the...
Open rp plots by underscoresanti
Open rp plotsby cobra
I'll be posting a bunch of different rp plots and starters. Different ships and fandoms :)
hot mess !  by murd3rcity
hot mess ! by 🖤
(don't read this if you aren't @wheredidthe_partygo x) "i hate gabe saporta."
Black, White and Grey;Ryden {slow updates} by phyknic
Black, White and Grey;Ryden { jai
This is set in a time where being gay was known but not everyone accepted it, you can picture any year you want I have yet to think of one. Black. White. Grey. That's a...
this happy ending's just beginning by livejournalryden
this happy ending's just beginningby livejournalryden
The Disneyland parade has evolved into an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza and Brendon wants to be part of it. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of opportunities for...
scripted tongue (gabilliam) by hannahjustlikesmusic
scripted tongue (gabilliam)by i døn't matter
william beckett is one of the best anchors they have. they can't just lose him because he begins liking someone they're paid to talk shit about. they can't. well, they c...
Thumbkisses and Fumbling Hands by pixieboy
Thumbkisses and Fumbling Handsby cora j (inactive)
Based off of an app called 'Couple' for long distance relationships. Gabe is on tour again, and William is lonely. The house is cold and he doesn't even wanna watch Disn...
Lyric Edits  by goodbyeblues
Lyric Edits by goodbyeblues
I'd like to make phone cases of these, but I doubt anyone would be interested Feel free to request songs
Love Is Impossible (Suavarro Soulmates AU) by PrinofPol
Love Is Impossible (Suavarro Prin
A serious accident in culinary school leaves Alex's wrist so scarred he wouldn't be able to see his soul mark if his life depended on it.
we've got a big mess on our hands ( gabilliam ) by thecontestants
we've got a big mess on our my name's jamie
When William Beckett looked in the mirror this morning, the guy he saw just wasn't him. And he still wasn't sure how he got to the current point in time.
corrupted lungs | d.w #Wattys2016 by panicaythedisco
corrupted lungs | d.w #Wattys2016by lucas
When Gabrielle Joseph moves town and starts a new school, she doesn't expect to feel such a strange connection to the boy that everyone avoids. Dallon Weekes AU. © pani...
there // gabilliam by hannahjustlikesmusic
there // gabilliamby i døn't matter
funny how you say "i care" but when have you ever been there?
You Only Hear The Music by cyanideanddiamonds
You Only Hear The Musicby Em and Dani
A dedicated choir teacher. A trained choreographer. A competitive show choir.