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I'm Not Your Average Girl, Harry Styles. by kixrsty
I'm Not Your Average Girl, Harry kirsty 🌞🌻
Delilah's the only girl in school not falling head over heels for Harry, but as things change stranger things have happened.
The Girl Next Door. (Harry Styles) by kixrsty
The Girl Next Door. (Harry Styles)by kirsty 🌞🌻
Falling in love as a teenager is never easy, it's even harder when the person you fall in love with is Harry Styles.
The Phoenix by heylazeh
The Phoenixby Strawberry Wine Boys
FBR Multi-ship ~•~•~ "Death and then revival. The living dead." ~•~•~ (It's basically an "A Little Less 16 Candles! AU" and based on a shamchat.) ...
summertime boys // gabilliam by pixieboy
summertime boys // gabilliamby cora j (inactive)
swimming pools & sunsets on a bridge in new jersey
Ryden Oneshots 【2】  by t1axdd
Ryden Oneshots 【2】 by :-)
Book number 2 of ryden oneshots because I have far too many saved!! * Started: 26th July 2019 Finished: ?
The Wrath of the Sewer King (Gabilliam) by GlowstickBoys
The Wrath of the Sewer King ( saber & lumi
On May 19th, 2008, Gabe Saporta and William Beckett had planned a date. They were to go to the cheese emporium together... until Gabe canceled last-minute, saying he had...
we were part of something ours and ours alone ; gabilliam by girlwentz
we were part of something ours kem
gabe and bill are middle school best friends who are figuring out life together, while going into highschool. bill starts to see gabe a bit differently, and wonders if e...
this happy ending's just beginning by livejournalryden
this happy ending's just beginningby livejournalryden
The Disneyland parade has evolved into an all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza and Brendon wants to be part of it. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of opportunities for...
Imagine, you're doing this thing with this person, and then... (both writers)
Open rp plots by underscoresanti
Open rp plotsby cobra
I'll be posting a bunch of different rp plots and starters. Different ships and fandoms :)
Enemies  (hawk) by selena1019marie
Enemies (hawk)by selena1019marie
Your name is selena you just moved into a small apartment building with your ant you meet great people but one person stands out the most to you.
Reasons to love Alex suarez  by Ryanscheezewhiz
Reasons to love Alex suarez by v
the title is self explanatory
Lyric Edits  by goodbyeblues
Lyric Edits by goodbyeblues
I'd like to make phone cases of these, but I doubt anyone would be interested Feel free to request songs
Musicals In Love *DISCONTINUED* by jinkiseok
Musicals In Love *DISCONTINUED*by Ryry
*Trigger warning for suicide mentions* At Barrington High, there were two group of music kids who absolutely despised each other. One group was the bratty, snobby string...
double dare ya // peterick by trohmvn
double dare ya // peterickby trohmvn
patricia likes playing guitar and vinyl ; petras loud and full of attitude ; opposites attract usually. (girl!fob)
Masochistic Melodies// Ryden by yourlocalgaycousin
Masochistic Melodies// Rydenby yourlocalgaycousin
•I love that damn voice of yours, you know that? Could make an angel blush.• Being in the music business is all about finding talent. Finding what the people want. But w...
The disappearance of Awsten Knight  by crazyforawsten
The disappearance of Awsten Knight by Jessica
The year is 2009 on TVE-024 (Trans-Vibrational Earth). An intentionally created alternate universe where time is meshed together in unpredictable ways. Warped Tour is ju...
Edits & Layouts by goodbyeblues
Edits & Layoutsby goodbyeblues
GIVE CREDIT IF USED !!! Layout twitter: sunwentblack Edit Instagram: ourstorysalreadybeentold