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Mr. Brightside ♕ Frerard by -CRANBERRYCOLA-
Mr. Brightside ♕ Frerardby ✎ᝰ┆buggie
In which Gerard is self repulsive and can't believe his little brother forced him to leave his room. That is, until he meets a cute baker that has just the right amount...
emotions//joshler by killallurfriends
emotions//joshlerby jay
Josh can read emotions, not that it's ever helped him. Suffocating in a town that is outrageously boring, Josh just wants something- anything- to happen. But when a new...
Deaf (Petekey) by MusicRose94
Deaf (Petekey)by MusicRose94
Mikey is a kid who is born with being deaf he can't hear the world around him and has never said a word once he's laughed but no words have been spoken,but that okay he'...
unknown number // petekey by Nalan1234
unknown number // petekeyby em
one message from: Unknown Number Unknown Number: help please help oh my god help me (Completed January 2nd, 2017)
Before Killing Was Cool ➊ FRERARD by thanksfrank
Before Killing Was Cool ➊ FRERARDby a sad ending
Frank Iero reckons there are a hell of a lot of people he'd do away with in a school shooting. He has a vivid imagination and what he finds to be a pretty reasonable ven...
petekey smut by suitelittledudes
petekey smutby suitelittledudes
all credit to tumblr, livejournal, and ao3 (wattpad made this story private so you have to follow me to read it)
Toxic- frerard  by Angelpiexx
Toxic- frerard by L
Frank Iero liked to refer to himself as a business man but really he was more of a drug lord. His life revolves around sex, drugs and making money. Well, that was until...
The Year We Completely Lost It {MCR,Frerard,Petekey} *SLOW UPDATES* *HIATUS* by TheBlackParader_Sara
The Year We Completely Lost It { ..stitches..
*somewhat based on the I'm Not Okay video* It's Gerard Way's senior year at Belleville Academy for him and his best friend Ray. After years of torment from his classmate...
Mon Cheri | Frerard + Petekey AU by n0taratformcr
Mon Cheri | Frerard + Petekey AUby i listen to mcr and sin
Just a generic Frerard and Petekey highscholl AU
The people are gone {Petekey} by petekeyaf
The people are gone {Petekey}by s t a r b o y
sequel to To People Who Leave! Read that before this - - - Loss. It's lonely and it's sad. And it draws people together. Everyone wants to be together. But for Pete The...
Phobia | Frerard by TheRessurrectionist
Phobia | Frerardby dreama
Gerard doesn't quite understand why his hair turned completely white when he was only nine years old. There's a list of things he doesn't understand, such as why he can'...
hockey jerseys ; m.p ✔ by prettyiero
hockey jerseys ; m.p ✔by prettyiero
❝ " are you insane!? " "no, but i'm crazy about you." "oh, you fucking sap." ❞ hockey-player!pete {started 30 july 2017 completed: 12 nov...
To people who leave: {petekey} (editing) by petekeyaf
To people who leave: {petekey} ( s t a r b o y
"People are like leaves, they can't stay forever." Pete Wentz knows this. Someone tells him this everyday. Everyday Pete gets a letter from someone he suppose...
Diseased [Frerard] [Petekey] by leigha_way_
Diseased [Frerard] [Petekey]by YaThought
Here's the thing. Gerard has PTSD from a car accident that happened years ago. He's lived with his brother ever since. He refuses to leave. One day, his brother Mikey de...
You're a Hot Mess (Peterick) by PatrickOhDearLord
You're a Hot Mess (Peterick)by Cheez Whiz
Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump have been friends since as long as they can remember. Ever since first grade Pete's been simultaneously bugging Patrick and looking after hi...
Oreos | Frerard [Completed] by idkhowbutitsme
Oreos | Frerard [Completed]by ✨🥀ℭ𝔯𝔦𝔰 🥀✨
A (mostly) texting frerard fic. (With Petekey and other ships). "gay boi hides behind the screen of his phone as his crush unknowingly texts him. The two teens are...
Truth Or Dare  by axethetic
Truth Or Dare by rawr xd
"Rule number five, whatever happens inside the circle, stays inside the circle, got it?" In which Gerard is an innocent 17 year old who is threatened and turne...
You're a Snarky Little Shit (Frerard, Petekey) by jooblooboob
You're a Snarky Little Shit ( t.
Gerard is a senior in high school, and really has no idea what he's gonna do with his life afterwards. He hardly notices the short, black haired Frank. Until fate, desti...
Perfect? Oui | PETEKEY by Trisdani
Perfect? Oui | PETEKEYby Trisdani
[COMPLETED] "You and were fireworks, baby." 𖤐𖤐𖤐 GROUP CHAT AU OF PURE PETEKEY
Refugee (a Petekey story) by time_reality
Refugee (a Petekey story)by Full name
Pete has nowhere to go, and Mikey has the world resting on his shoulders. Horrible description, I know. NOTE: I do not own any of the characters in this story.