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The Ultima: Caged *Part One* by SharonKomolafe
The Ultima: Caged *Part One*by Officiallysharon ♏😘
People back bite. But Werewolves bite back. Alpha...Beta...Gamma. Where is she? She is one without even knowing it. A leader and a follower. Eleanor Florence is one of a...
Beyond the Border by plotdevices
Beyond the Borderby elle
Sage has lived her entire life sheltered inside the Borderlands, free from any mythical creatures. Taught to hate their very existence, Sage has never considered the pos...
THE LYCAN PRINCESS by Mariahelena67
THE LYCAN PRINCESSby Mariahelena67
Once a rogue, now a great warrior. Forced to live her life alone with a curse trailing her. But once she finds her mate, a strikingly handsome man none the wiser of her...
MIDNIGHT RAIN (Mxm Mxg Mxmxm Gxg) by twilightlurkerr
MIDNIGHT RAIN (Mxm Mxg Mxmxm Gxg)by Angel Mystika
Mikkel Solar has been living his life as a drifting shadow at the borders of his pack for the past 11 years. His only companions being his parents. His 'condition' has r...
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Blood Bound by WriterAnimated
Blood Boundby ѕιєяяα
[COVER BY: @Paintfairy] Evelyn Heart walks on shattered beliefs, broken egg shells, and chaos in the heart on her jounrey through the world of being a True Gamma. ---- E...
Bane of the Wolves by Inter_Novels
Bane of the Wolvesby Dasia_Lee
°°° Humans lived tedious lives under the ruling thumb of the Wolves and their King. They forced their hierarchy and laws upon them. If one was to break it, there were co...
Alpha Blake by rerogers15
Alpha Blakeby Beansabloom
Blake Johnston is known to be a cold hearted Alpha. He is Alpha to the largest and strongest pack in America. Jessica Potter is known to be the Beta's daughter in the s...
The Alfa Kings Tribide Mate by Marvelharrypotter22
The Alfa Kings Tribide Mateby 🧡Izzy🌺
Book 1 of the Wolf Chronicles After having to hear her parents be killed by vampires and hunters when she was 7, Ashly, Lukas and her bestfriend Rachel stay hidden on th...
SON OF THE MOON by Odette_Saavedra
(I will try to upload at least 1-2 chapters every month) Adira is a warrior of the Crescent Moon Pack. As her pack starts to get threatened by a group of rogues that fee...
The Alpha's Mate by Toriizzy03
The Alpha's Mateby Tori Akin
Seventeen year old, Angel Mills and her mom just got accepted back to Blue Moon pack which means a new beginning for Angel: New school, new friends, new life, new everyt...
Werewolf stories by Nandabala1
Werewolf storiesby lunA
Best werewolf stories to read
The Unexpected Alpha Pair by Useless_Writingg
The Unexpected Alpha Pairby Useless_Writingg
Skyler, a lycan alpha female, waited four long years for her mate. And what happens after meeting him? Will she be rejected? or Loved? When events take unexpected turns...
The voice of a wolf by kenzielore
The voice of a wolfby Kenz
"I'm running through the forest with my baby on my back not caring if I'm running through different pack territories or not. All I can hear is my paws on the forest...
Best Completed Werewolf Stories by peachyeux
Best Completed Werewolf Storiesby eve.
I have read all of the stories and i recommended all of this book just for you who obsessed with Werewolves stories. From the newest and hottest stories you ever read, t...
XAVIER IS DYING by NewtsRunner
XAVIER IS DYINGby newtsrunner
Xavier is dying. Everyone has heard of mates rejecting mates but never has anyone heard of wolves rejecting their chosen one. Xavier's mate is future alpha to one of th...
The Violet Stark by Gold4Johnny
The Violet Starkby Tony Stark avengers
I do not own any of the characters beside Abigail and others I make up all credit goes to marvel Abigail irby is best friends with James Bucky Barnes and Steve rogers i...
EYES OF FIRE AND ICE by infernoum
EYES OF FIRE AND ICEby infernoum
His dark voice trails down her spine, lighting a path of desire that renders her breathless. "If only I were in a position of no consequence." Alia's breath wa...
The White Wolf's Sacrifice by Jo_Zav
The White Wolf's Sacrificeby Jo_Zav💙🖤
"I would have let the whole world burn just to be with him. Fate, however, had something else in mind for me." ~ Jo ***** It seems like Josette Elizabeth Vande...
Eclipse's wolves by Eclipsewolf200815
Eclipse's wolvesby Eclipsewolf200815
In progress- A mysterious story about a girl named cadence and her unexpected friend from her dream turned reality🐺
DOUBLE  MATES ( ටේකුක් ) by Alexandria_Great
DOUBLE MATES ( ටේකුක් )by Chamu_Lakshi
Mates!!! Mates!!! මගේ වෘකයා ලියෝ සතුටින් කෑ ගැහුවා...... ඒක නම් කොහෙත්ම වෙන්න බෑ...... මට 18ක් වුණා විතරනේ.... මම සිතින් මැසිවිලි නඟන ගමන් ලියෝව බ්ලොක් කළා..... මම හිස්...