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《Deadly Revenge》▪Garfield Logan X Reader  by River_godess69
《Deadly Revenge》▪Garfield Logan Riverside
Finally awake after years only to find out she has newly formed power's after the years of experiments that she was put through while she was in a coma, [Y/N] went in se...
Young Justice x Reader one-shots by Goldfinch67
Young Justice x Reader one-shotsby Goldfinch67
Title pretty much says it all, this book is basically just full of young justice character X readers :3 feel free to send requests or write them in the comments! I don't...
◇°•》 Đeath ₩idow 《•°◇ by s_jaye
◇°•》 Đeath ₩idow 《•°◇by s_jaye
《《《《 JASON TODD X OC》》》》 《《《 a jason todd fanfiction 》》》 《 JASON TODD X LARKE KINGSMAN 》 "So what about you? You talk much? Got a...
Titans|| Gif series(Completed) by -DRAGOONLORD-
Titans|| Gif series(Completed)by -CC-
"Titans are back bitches!"
Titans|| Gif series Book 2 by -DRAGOONLORD-
Titans|| Gif series Book 2by -CC-
"Titans Go!"
Beast Boy x Raven (BBRae) Short Stories by Ally_Sato
Beast Boy x Raven (BBRae) Short Lille Ally Sato
Want to hear all my fluffy, smutty fantasy of Beast Boy and Raven? Here's some short stories for you.
Do you even care?  by ZayRay030
Do you even care? by ZayRay030
Damian gets stabbed and beaten up by a few bullies. While he's bleeding out he thinks of his 'family', his 'friends' and his 'team'.
His Younger Sister • Jason Todd by AriiTheCouchPotato
His Younger Sister • Jason Toddby Ari
Emily (Em) was the youngest Grayson. She wasn't a part of her families circus act but Emily was still as, or even more, flexible and stable as the rest of her family. Th...
I'm Just Different (Young Justice) ~HIATUS~ by beastgirlem
I'm Just Different (Young Justice) Emmy
BEAST BOY X READER Takes place 3 years later. 2019. Garfield (16) When the Young Justice team are sent on a mission to help protect some people who own a animal shelt...
Adore You (Discontinued) by No_Tanks
Adore You (Discontinued)by Thanks but no tanks
"My name is Jason." "I don't care." In which Jason Todd falls for an Al Ghul {Titans Season Two}
wouldnt it be nice ⟿ TITANS by serendolly
wouldnt it be nice ⟿ TITANSby spiderling
"... and to all a good night" ... ... set at the start of episode 5 s1 of titans || titans + original character ( jason todd x oc ) mini hiatus atm all rights...
(Sequel) Lies and Secrets [Damian Wayne x Reader]  by Yam_0403
(Sequel) Lies and Secrets [ 𝑌𝑎𝑚
This story is a sequel to "Who We Are [Damian Wayne x Reader]," so you have to read that book first in order to understand the story. You can click my profile...
Kaldar has a girlfriend?!?!?!!! by pearlchildofposeidon
Kaldar has a girlfriend?!?!?!!!by Pearl (They/Them)
Okay so in my other book people were saying Kaldar x Percy forever and stuff so thank to support I'm going to make this a cheeses Percy x Kaldar book okay ps things will...
❝ 𝘣𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘴𝘢𝘷𝘦𝘥 𝘧𝘳𝘰𝘮 𝘴𝘪𝘯, 𝘦𝘳𝘳𝘰𝘳, 𝘰𝘳 𝘦𝘷𝘪𝘭 ❞ ( dc titans season one )
Tv shows and Movie's imagines/One-shots by River_godess69
Tv shows and Movie's imagines/ Riverside
S.W.A.T Twilight saga Shameless Grown ups (1&2) Teen wolf Vampire diaries Once apon a time DC TITANS And more
BBRae One-shots by workworkangelica
BBRae One-shotsby workworkangelica
Fair warning, I wrote these at 13/14 years old lol so not my best work BBRae One-shots! I would just like to note that in some of these, Beast Boy and Raven will alread...
Spitfire | Impulse/Bart Allen x Reader by koa900
Spitfire | Impulse/Bart Allen x Koa900
"I've found my spitfire. It's time you found yours too, Bart." ***CURRENTLY UNDER MAJOR EDITING*** The beginning of the original story isn't great because I wr...
Jason todd Angst (Titans Tv show 2018) by BigScaryBear
Jason todd Angst (Titans Tv show Big Bear
just a bunch of angsty jason todd one-shots, frome the titans series on netflix! (i will write down frome wich enpisode what chapter is) NO SHIPPING (only dawn and hank...
Roommates (BBrae AU) by miaharperyo
Roommates (BBrae AU)by Mia Harper
Raven didn't like her crappy apartment in Jump City. She didn't like her roommate, Garfield. She didn't like his jokes, his taste in music, his clothes, the fact that he...