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Hooked - James Hook. (Pan) by hannahxx98
Hooked - James Hook. (Pan)by Hannahmariexx
Cassandra 'Andy' O'Connell is a fairly normal woman, well, if you consider pretending to be a man working in Blackbeard's mines alongside James Hook normal. She is every...
The rock show 2: more bullshit. by Infinity_on_Pete
The rock show 2: more Infinity_on_Pete
The group is in their way back to the Mercer house, deciding to stay for a little while longer, but it might've not been a good idea for the new relationships.
Adore You - Jack Mercer by hannahxx98
Adore You - Jack Mercerby Hannahmariexx
This wasn't the life she had planned for herself; constantly running and fighting, fear imbedded into every fibre of her body from past trauma's and abuse she daren't sp...
WEIGHT IN GOLD | Benny Miller by somekindofstardust
WEIGHT IN GOLD | Benny Millerby ˗ˏˋ hopeless ˎˊ˗
"you are worth your weight in gold." - in which benny falls for his best friend [triple frontier] [benny miller x oc] [book one of one]
CHERRY BOMB ⇒ stranger things  by -sweetladyx
CHERRY BOMB ⇒ stranger things by ♡
CHERRY BOMB. ❝ You gonna go cry to your daddy, Ringo? ❞ ❝You shouldn't have said that with the barrel of a gun pointed at your face. ❞ [male munson!oc x fem hopper!oc] ...
Heartbreaker (Friday Night Lights Movie) by 7KawaiiDiscos
Heartbreaker (Friday Night Ruthie 🌺
Reyna Kapowski, she's best friends with the quarterback and basically everyone on the team. A toxic accident happens, making her realize that football is not just about...
Weapon 86 ✔️ by Smauggy
Weapon 86 ✔️by Smauggy
"Is there a reason why you have chosen my unit for this particular mission, Colonel?" Thomas asked. "Do I need a reason?" "No, sir, I..." T...
wolfbane by Allystark123
wolfbaneby Allison stark
ally life was normal and she thought that nothing bad would happen to her but it did he chose her
Family Ties by watermelon_maya
Family Tiesby watermelon_maya
When the retired men of the Special Forces have nowhere to spend Thanksgiving, Ben Miller's girlfriend, Isabella invites them for the weekend. What will happen when her...
New moon  by Allystark123
New moon by Allison stark
Alex has returned he comes to tell allison that he have fond there mother soon allison will discover who she really is and uncover Cole's secrets
the full moon by Allystark123
the full moonby Allison stark
Allison and the family is delling with what happen to cole but when Damon shows up well the life change again (if you don't read the first book go do it)
Marry me For two Weeks? by Alex1199
Marry me For two Weeks?by magicwillhearmycall
Plot… 25 year old Hermione Granger is unhappily married to her work and highly bothered by her love life. So when her cousin, Caroline is engaged and Hermione has to mee...
Seth Dale is the owner and manager of a horse ranch in Fir Springs, Montana, called Rock Candy Ranch. When Jane Cressie, a well-known travel writer, goes to the ranch...
Outcast by CriitiicalX
Outcastby Malfoy
Ashley hasn't fitted into his new school very well. It's an all boys elementary school in Luton. He is gay and not afraid to show it. They tease him until a jock name Ry...
blood moon by Allystark123
blood moonby Allison stark
after the first alpha attack cole leave to find Alex but what happened when Alex goes after Allison again (Please read the first and second book first forth book is new...
UNCHARTED- Original by -ellemurphy
UNCHARTED- Originalby Elle
Historical Fiction 一 ❝Nothing in this world worth having comes easy❞ 一Diana Gaertner, a southern belle from South Carolina, was destined lead a life of adventure. Follow...
Hidden by Aniahxoxo
Hiddenby Aniahxoxo
"You don't need to protect me," she said looking into his eyes. "I do from this," he whispered.