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and you love sunflowers  by Atlas_Blaine
and you love sunflowers by SugarPop
Have you ever wondered about how everyone else's lives had been affected by a pandemic? What things changed for them? What was ruined? And what flourished? This is a st...
Mystery Of Love l Taekook FF  by Purple_drop3112
Mystery Of Love l Taekook FF by Purple_drop3112
For the last few months some gruesome murders are taking place in the city of Seoul.The stern officer Jeon Jungkook, has been asked to investigate the case. But what ha...
gegroy love story .. by markipooer
gegroy love story
this is satire dw but it's something that happened in pt and it was very interesting 😭
Lost in the seas of LOVe (Mha Fanfiction + Villain!Deku) by YugosLittleStudio
Lost in the seas of LOVe (Mha •{ Yugo's Little Studio }•
Izuku Midoriya, a quirkless teenager of 16 years old, is completly inlove with his main bully and childhood best friend : Katsuki Bakugo. At Valentine's Day, Izuku will...
shit man.... Gojo x box by DanganronpaTrash0
shit man.... Gojo x boxby DanganronpaTrash0
I want to kill myself 🥺💞 ⚠️This definitely has spoilers!!⚠️ (I don't know a thing about the fucking box or gojo all I know is that he got trapped there tbh (mainly cuz...
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- With you? -Forever by strlightshxne
- With you? -Foreverby strlightshxne
17-year-old Liam Smith feels something unusual, something he has never felt before towards the rich handsome son of Matthew Industries. Is this love? *Update Every Frida...
benim yakışıklı hyung'um -taekook- by th3_justin
benim yakışıklı hyung'um -taekook-by justin
abimin en yakın arkadaşı geldiğinde, tekrar kalbimin teklediğini fark etmiştim. "hadi ya! ben şimdi tae hyung'a abayı mı kaptırmıştım?"
SLAVES TO THE MOON: Denying Brady [Daily Updates] by darlinglies1
SLAVES TO THE MOON: Denying Mikayla Blackwood
Rejecting a mate, is punishable by a fate worse than death. I knew this but that didn't discourage me from doing the unthinkable. ***************************************...
Business Love by u_gay_hehehehe
Business Loveby Gay kid
New job,New employee, New friends, New boss, and New relationships
That Spanish Tutor (BxB) by OralKel
That Spanish Tutor (BxB)by Michael
Hola. ¿Cómo estás? Bienvenido. Gracias. Those are the only Spanish words Andres knows, so forgive him if he looks like an idiot as he interacts with the locals in Tarifa...
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Jak zakochałem się w Toyocie| Rudy x Toya by Spiewamszanty137
Jak zakochałem się w Toyocie| ŚpiewamSzanty2137
To moja pierwsza książka nie będzie na poważnie
My wolf friend- Rannett fanfic(AU) II  by remidasimp
My wolf friend- Rannett fanfic(AU) Remi.da_simp☻
Now being boyfriends, Bennett and Razor are now traveling to Liyue, known as the city of contracts to explore and adventure there. What exciting, perilous adventurers ar...
Gays. by MaezW0rld Misa simp
We're all gay and Fatasses Wattpad i made for me and my friends because why not, its fucking funny
Fighting For the Memory of Us by GavGav7
Fighting For the Memory of Usby Gavin Hetherington
When World War II breaks out, two men in love fight for the love they have for one another while death erupts around them. Will War bring them together, or tear them apa...
| ~just another minute with you?~ | sad love story by JohnCarter710
| ~just another minute with you? John Carter
Just a gay dude with another unaccepting family, but someone from up above comes along in his life. How will things play out between the two? Cover credits: waifhipster...
Discarded First Rule by Kin_1314
Discarded First Ruleby Kin
WARNING: This story includes the LGBTQ+ community, so if you don't like that kind of thing; don't read my writing.
ISHMAEL (Life Of A Certain Lost Boy) by immie_writes
ISHMAEL (Life Of A Certain Lost Shy-Girl-With-A-Pen
Just the sound of his name made me want to perish ... *a short bxb story I wrote out of the whim* Enjoy!❤️
The Alpha's Addiction [BxB] by AzrielRhey
The Alpha's Addiction [BxB]by Aleriz Rhey
Al is too dangerous to be loved. The boy was down right too agressive, dominating, egotistical, and sadistic. Everybody knew better than to fight the notorious bad boy...
Lightning Struck. by ThatLiamm
Lightning Liam
Two teenage boy's love. (i know most parts are spelled wrong, i will fix them later) Tw: abuse, mention of suicide and homophobia! (story cover by @midnightcrisis15 on i...
Doctor's Orders (girlxgirl) Lesbian Story by ilmioamore
Doctor's Orders (girlxgirl) I am a cat
Katrina's life is in for a turn when she signs up for anger management therapy in order to stay at her aunt's mansion and finds the doctor to be far from what she expect...