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my cute crossdresser boyfriend by EmberWinter
my cute crossdresser boyfriendby Ember Winter
Alex is a 17 year old bunny in a world where furries are owners and humans and some furries are pets Alex just got adopted by 18 year old max a mob boss and stripper ca...
Ozzy x Lumpy (read description) (smut) (joke story) by Pissoffpleaseur
Ozzy x Lumpy (read description) (
This is a smut all smut, no build-up, only hard gay sex made for that one tall dumbass in htf. This entire story is a fucking joke, don't cry about it in the comments re...
roommate trouble (gay yiff) by Sparkyfur
roommate trouble (gay yiff)by Sparky the fox
A story about a fox, who goes to college and meets his new roommate
To tell. by ArcayWuffWox
To Arcay Wuff Wox
Depicts the struggle of a gay cop trying to maintain a good relationship, nice job, and to keep his past behind him WORK IN PROGRESS. MAY CHANGE ALOT.
Diego X Zach (OC Shipping For Machans.Art!!!) by DoctorWire
Diego X Zach (OC Shipping For DavisScribbles
Some smutty/lovey writing of our lovely boys!! -for Machans.Art on Instagram
Furry Dayz (NSFW) by NickiTheDeox
Furry Dayz (NSFW)by Nicki The Deox
Thank you!! [This book is going to be a tribute to everyone going through a hard time. Money doesn't buy happiness. Love buys happiness. Never give up. Read this and hop...
"Our paws intertwined" Gay furry Yiff Story by cherrysapXD
"Our paws intertwined" Gay furry CherrySapXD
Sorry for the bad English,, I am polish boy ❤️ Enjoy
Paws by Casper4379
Pawsby Casper4379
Anthropomorphic wolfs, cats, dogs, tigers and many other furry creatures is whats keeping this high school so lively and so interesting. Dive deeper, however and you'll...
But What If? by Br0kenSh4dow
But What If?by Br0kenSh4dow
Max was straight, undeniably straight. Or at least he thought. It all started on the day Davy Macenhoy came to his school, making his fur stand on end whenever he saw hi...