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Pokémon Poison (Sun And Moon) by -_UserNotFound_-
Pokémon Poison (Sun And Moon)by ✾ 𝕸𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖈𝖊 ✾
Y/N is a poison type trainer in the Alola Region. Y/N's partner pokemon is Dragalge along with Toxapex, Arbok, Venusaur, Salazzle and Naganadel the legendary ultra beast...
Pokemon The Series XY/XYZ: Smile For The Future  by Sergil1612
Pokemon The Series XY/XYZ: Smile Heisei Animeverse
The boy's name is Y/N Manaka. His dream is to make a smile for humans and Pokemon. But He always keeps something a secret so he doesn't show off. However, his mom told h...
Pokémon Journeys: A Star and A Wish by ShionSchwarts
Pokémon Journeys: A Star and A Wishby ShionSchwarts
World Class Trainer Sora Mitsukata and Contest Star Lyric Soren have entered the World Coronation Series for their respective careers, Sora aiming to be the top Trainer...
My Pokémon Journey by CierraElizabethLesca
My Pokémon Journeyby AnimeWolfGirl
So, basically this story will be about if I were my own Pokémon Trainer in the world of Pokémon, and instead of being stuck in one region each few chapters I will be mov...
Who Said Pokemon Can't Be Trainers Too? by sirKnight69
Who Said Pokemon Can't Be ♡ Jackie ♡
Chastity has never been like your average Gardevoir. She speaks perfect English, wears human clothes, eats human food and just acts like a human overall. Everyone. says...
Spotlight -(Ash Ketchum LoveStory)- HIATUS by Ophellix
Spotlight -(Ash Ketchum LoveStory) Ophellix
2 Blonde girls set out on a quest to fufill their desired goals, but meets a particular group of trainers. Will the girls have different endings, or will they stay toget...
Pokemon Oneshots by Castiel-multifandom
Pokemon Oneshotsby Castiel
Ngl lie this'll probably be more crack than anything else. And when I say oneshots I don't always mean romantic lovey oneshots I mean any emotion on a scale that I can f...
Pokemon: Marcaugai the Chronicles by marcaugai
Pokemon: Marcaugai the Chroniclesby marcaugai
The journey begins with "Marcaugai," or "one who witnesses the world at harm and devotes to bring forth peace." The story takes place in the Kalos re...
A wild Pokédex appeared! by BerryFam
A wild Pokédex appeared!by Aren!
OH MY GOD THIS IS WHAT I'M DOING WITH MY LIFE NOW This is pretty simple! I just make a bunch of fan Pokédex entries for some of my favourite pokémon from a region, or e...
St.Arceus High School Character Analysis by ifartartistics
St.Arceus High School Character ifartartistics
Get to know your classmates at St.Arceus High better!
Sky High Dreams - Pokemon by Hedwigg1234
Sky High Dreams - Pokemonby >{Wr!ter's Block}
Atlas Forester. An energetic and adventurous 10-year-old with ambitions as strong as his bond with Elektra, his partner Emolga! Marilyn Gabena. A usually calm teenager d...
Ace by Hana_N_
Aceby Hana N.
Astrid. One of the most skilled, yet most overlooked Pokémon trainers of the Kalos region. An Ace Trainer, yet one who we almost never see battle. What's her story? In A...
Pokémon Fanfic: Emblem of Fire by ShionSchwarts
Pokémon Fanfic: Emblem of Fireby ShionSchwarts
If the title didn't make it obvious, this is a crossover story of Pokémon and Fire Emblem. This story will NOT have canon characters of the FE or Pokémon franchises, but...
Pokemon (All series) Roleplay  by Inazuma11Fangirl3923
Pokemon (All series) Roleplay by Alex
Roleplay Gen 1-8 of Pokemon (Games)
A Journey of Hope and Discovery by SolsticeUndead
A Journey of Hope and Discoveryby
Solstice is an average teen in Kalos. Helping his parents out in the restaurant in Lumiose city, hanging out with friends and watching trainer battles, studying the bond...
The Kalos Starters by EthanIsGold98
The Kalos Startersby EthanIsGold98
It's basically about the Kalos Starters escaping from Sycamore's lab and going on adventures throughout Kalos, evolving and meeting friends and foes along the way.
Human Pokemon Role-Play by comic_sans_fangirl
Human Pokemon Role-Playby Akina-The-Absol
Hey so welcome to my pokemon role-play the rues will be in the first chapter
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Pokemon journey through the Paljar reigon by Prince_smth
Pokemon journey through the King FOX
Meet aiden, aiden is a dark haired 10 year old his goal is to become the pokemon champion he encounters people that will help him and some that will make his journey mo...
HololiveJP GN6: Laplus x Takane by KiraYuu93
HololiveJP GN6: Laplus x Takaneby Kira Yuu
After seeing the new generation for Hololive JP. I couldn't help but want to ship Laplus with Takane. They just seem like such a cute ship to write about. so this will j...