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Pokémon Poison (Sun And Moon) by -_UserNotFound_-
Pokémon Poison (Sun And Moon)by ✾ 𝕸𝖆𝖑𝖎𝖈𝖊 ✾
Y/N is a poison type trainer in the Alola Region. Y/N's partner pokemon is Dragalge along with Toxapex, Arbok, Venusaur, Salazzle and Naganadel the legendary ultra beast...
A new side of you... (Guzma x Reader) by LeviKenpokemon
A new side of you... (Guzma x Hawks
You meet this man, and you clearly develop feelings for him... But there's one problem. He's the leader of a evil gang... but somehow you don't think he's what people th...
Losers (Guzma x Reader) by princelyboo
Losers (Guzma x Reader)by Matthew
Pokémon are considered to be great companions for anyone, whether you have a preference for a specific type or not. Anyone can find the pokémon that's right for them. Ho...
Obligated Ambitions ( Pokémon Sun and Moon Anime x OC/ Male reader) by zer0420
Obligated Ambitions ( Pokémon Zer0420
To have a ambition, is to have the drive and determination to make something a reality. Everyone at some point in their lives will one day have an ambition. But what if...
The Kantonian Pokémon Teacher (Sun & Moon Reboot) by Gygan_9835
The Kantonian Pokémon Teacher ( Darakgears
Four months after the Kalos adventure, our hero decided to catch on with his Pokémon and his mother in a peaceful life in Kanto, but Oak has suddenly been informed by hi...
Alolan Adventures (Pokemon Sun & Moon X Male OC) by Lunolion
Alolan Adventures (Pokemon Sun & Lunolion Wrights
Inspired by the Pokemon story "Obligated Ambitions" created by @zer0420. Enjoy.
Lonely Love: Gladion X Reader by QueenOfNekoWriters
Lonely Love: Gladion X Readerby DaydreamingNeko
I currently live in Alola; one of the best places to live. Almost everyone is very nice and welcoming. Almost. Team Skull is a group of troublesome teenagers that cause...
Ash and Greninja: Adventures on Alola begins by PerseusKyogre09
Ash and Greninja: Adventures on PerseusKyogre09
Greninja decided to return back to Ash after it had been entrusted to protect Squishy. Currently Ash is in the Alola Region. Note: I don't own the Pokémon Franchise. Thi...
Pokémon: Mysteries of Alola by TheForgottenShimmer
Pokémon: Mysteries of Alolaby TFS
A boy 16 years of age comes to the region of Alola with his mother for a fresh start in life. Alola's Island Challenge will be his very first Pokémon adventure, strange...
Pokemon SM & SWSH male characters x Fem! reader one-shots by YaBoyGuzma
Pokemon SM & SWSH male Ya Boy Guzma
This is my book of female reader x male Pokemon character one-shots. I have no idea how many of these I'm going to do. I figure that I'll just add some when an idea come...
Deception - Gladion x Reader. [UNDER CO.] by dioxxys
Deception - Gladion x Reader. [ Max ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
A story about a girl who moves from Kanto to the Alola region with her mum to start a new life. Everything seems normal, she even makes new friends and receives a Pokémo...
Team Skull X Reader Oneshots by Nikykola123
Team Skull X Reader Oneshotsby Nikykola123
Requests open! It will consist of team skull x reader oneshots. I don't write lemons! At the moment the book consists of: -Guzma 9× -Gladion 5× -Plumeria 3× -Male Grunt...
Pokémon Sun & Moon Adventures by LogicalLillian379
Pokémon Sun & Moon Adventuresby LogicalLillian379
Sun dreams of money. Moon dreams of scientific discoveries. When their paths cross with Team Skull, both of their plans go awry... Moon is on her way to deliver a rare P...
~More Then An Experiment?: Gladion X Reader~ by QueenOfNekoWriters
~More Then An Experiment?: DaydreamingNeko
Hey, and, welcome to another one of my Gladion X Reader stories (I just might be obsessed with Gladion...). Anyway, I hope you enjoy this story. Description: (y/n)...
♛┈⛧┈•༶ Guzma mafia Au༶•┈⛧┈♛ by Lazydaisyy1
♛┈⛧┈•༶ Guzma mafia Au༶•┈⛧┈♛by yaboidaze
first written story so might not be that good but trying it out. TW fluff maybe lime mention of abuse blood violence smoking. And not much against based off sun and m...
Returning to Alola (Completed) by Greninjago
Returning to Alola (Completed)by Ash-Greninja Playzgamesforfun
Ash misses Alola. So he, Pikachu, Greninja, and Ash's Alola Pokémon went to the airport to fly back to Alola and meet his friends again. But, he didn't notice that Dark...
Alolan Sunset - Gladion x Reader by CrimsonWolf3107
Alolan Sunset - Gladion x Readerby
NOTE: For some reason, wattpad isn't letting me add more chapters. Sorry for the long wait for updates! Y/N is a 14-year-old girl who has just arrived in the Alola Regio...
Young Thug(Pokemon Various X Child/Teen!Reader) by Dragon_Descendant
Young Thug(Pokemon Various X Flare
After a young (Y/N)'s mother dies, Team Skull finds her with an Alolan Meowth. What will happen as (Y/N) grows up, claiming Guzma as her father? (WARNING: THIS MIGHT HAV...
Forever Home (Guzma X Reader FanFic) by Sararah_rah
Forever Home (Guzma X Reader Sarah
(Your name), part one of a three part friendship, suddenly being dragged from her supposed forever home in Alola to her new home in Kanto is a struggle to bear with, esp...
Pokémon Sun And Moon: Ash in Alola by AstaBlok
Pokémon Sun And Moon: Ash in Alolaby AstaBlok
This story is about Ash's Complete journey through Alola and all the friends he gets and pokémon he captures.he is on his quest to be a pokémon master and simultaneousl...