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Blue's Journey by BluesJourney121
Blue's Journeyby BlueJourney
Blue's Journey follows a child named Blue traveling through The Agonies searching for a place for him to call Home while meeting new friends and enemies.
The Hand That Heals: A TOTK Oneshot  by Nightsangel89
The Hand That Heals: A TOTK Destitute Gypsy AS ALWAYS: SUPPORT YOUR ARTISTS! Cover art link is above! 🎨 Hyrule has been thrown in...
*DISCONTINUED* Faceless Fantasy~ |(corpse x reader)| by ayame_spirit24
*DISCONTINUED* Faceless Fantasy~ | Spirit
You, y/n, are a faceless youtuber that makes gaming videos and music from time to time. Your friend Pokimane invites you to play Among Us with a group of people you know...
Dear you by itszseungsung
Dear youby Kelly
Enjoy ;)
°Tales of Y/n and Gloom° by GaySmip
°Tales of Y/n and Gloom°by GaySmip
Y/n is a silly goofy streamer who plays around with friends just seems to can't keep their eyes of one of them #1 in gloomgames :)
tommyinnit angst oneshots by iwritetommyangst
tommyinnit angst oneshotsby jack manifold is the best str...
IF YOU ARE TOMMY PLEASE DON'T READ THIS, BUT YOU CAN ITS JUST *SAD* I read these all of the time so I'd thought I'd make one! send requests pleaseee! TW: begins at every...
Ruby Gloom OC's by danaglama
Ruby Gloom OC'sby danaglama
Meet my Ruby Gloom OC's!!!!
My Ruby Gloom Generations by danaglama
My Ruby Gloom Generationsby danaglama
Ruby and her friends grown up and got children
Keep Quiet [~] Gloom gxg by TheLonelyRoads
Keep Quiet [~] Gloom gxgby TheLonelyRoads
Michelle Keller, a 27 year old serial killer going around Canada kidnapping or killing people. She kills because she gets "bored" of being around people, she a...
Stabbing Waves | ✏ by uncraftedspell
Stabbing Waves | ✏by Lake
What's the first word that comes to your mind when you think of waves? Calm? Composed? Serene? For Bree Dazzleton, it's "sadistic." A moment, a snap of a finge...
Mitch's Kanto Journey by Ethanhide1
Mitch's Kanto Journeyby Ethanhide1
Mitch Harper is a ten year old living in Pallet Town in the Kanto Region of the Pokémon world. Being ten means that Mitch can now set off on his Pokémon journey. What P...
Conjoined twins by danaglama
Conjoined twinsby danaglama
My special story about Frank and Len
The Maggies by Nyhterides
The Maggiesby Mumma Vamp
Among the salt-licked tombstones and the blood-red roses, my mother's fragile sanity shatters and she is slowly driven to madness. My mother believes I, her only living...
A Double Edged Sword by Denki_The_Pikachu1
A Double Edged Swordby jellyfish
After saving Hyrule from the Calmaity, Link and Zelda head out on their journey to return the kingdom to its former glory. The one thing they didn't expect to happen aft...
Enemies to Lovers: A Javelia One shot by Topofthewinx
Enemies to Lovers: A Javelia One Favour you
(Set in High School) A prank goes wrong, causing a rift between high schoolers Javi and Amelia, with prom just around the corner. Prom night arrives, and the two discove...
That Vegan Teacher x Gloom **SMUT** UwU Baka Shit by Peachyyheh
That Vegan Teacher x Gloom **SMUT* Cody :D
I Simp for ThatVeganTeacher 🥺🥺🥺
Bitter~Sweet by LunarCrowAngel
Bitter~Sweetby Angel
A young soon to be trainer dies mysteriously and is reincarnated as a pokemon in another region. Now lost in the jungle with almost no memories other then name. Can Alex...
Whimpers Of Chaos by CharcoalAndStardust_
Whimpers Of Chaosby Niharika
Finding yourself in the middle of the chaos involves unbearable pain. You will feel like you are drowning, your conscience is screaming for help, your eyes glistening wi...