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Harry Potter and the Guardian by ShinuHPG
Harry Potter and the Guardianby HP Guardian
What if Harry Potter had a brother? What if he had a person to look up to, someone who stood up for him? Read on as Charlus Potter takes the Wizarding World by storm. Yo...
I Want to Start an Ordinary Life by kirael123
I Want to Start an Ordinary Lifeby kirael123
I am Renard Mill, a normal person with a normal life but behind these normal life I was living a hellish life before. Full of madness that leads me into my own demise. I...
Douluo dalu: System Loot by deadgrill1
Douluo dalu: System Lootby deadgrill6 !?
blah blah I'm bad at it but a typical system reincarnation you know the drill bad bad translate you have been warned
A.I. by Immovable87
#4 Immovable87
Artificial Intelligence in Cultivation World. Author's Patreon - PayPal Donation -
End! by WhoamIWhatAmIWereamI
End!by My name is Your name Which is...
before his youngest brother was born Eric thought. he was the smartest in the family, but once his youngest brother Luci was born everything changed. Read to find out w...