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Lord Of The Throne  by GHOST002500
Lord Of The Throne by GHOST OF NIGHTMARE
if you became a lord, what type of lord would you be? a Lord who restore a sacred order? a Lord bringing madness to his lands? a lord that keep everything the same as be...
Izuku the Elden Lord by MajinMattBuu
Izuku the Elden Lordby MajinMattBuu
AllMight does not make it in time to save Izuku from the sludge villain so he dies but right before he does he hears "Arise now, ya tarnished ye dead, who yet live...
Maidenless No Longer (Elden Ring) by CambrianBeckett
Maidenless No Longer (Elden Ring)by
Summary: A Tarnished who has done this whole song and dance a million times before and has reached max level in every skill, starts up one last run. Why? To finally give...
Bastard's Blood (Elden Ring) by gokugunslinger
Bastard's Blood (Elden Ring)by gokugunslinger
Bastard. Definition: An illegitimate child conceived before marriage or due too adultery by the husband or wife with another lover during the marriage. Bastards inherit...
children of the lands between (rwby x elden ring) by steviecorruption
children of the lands between (rwb...by steviecorruption
when rwby received a mysterious message to meet someone, they take off to go see this someone. then they meet an elderly yet creepy old lady who says she is from another...
Izuku : isekai'd knight of caria by chlosorine
Izuku : isekai'd knight of cariaby Museigen En Ch 無制限エン
During a mission went wrong in UA. Izuku finds himself in another world, the glorious lands between. Unsure of what to do, he ventures forward through the mysterious wor...
The Age Of One (Male Reader X Elden Ring) (on hiatus) by Ord1n4ryFr1d4y965
The Age Of One (Male Reader X Elde...by Ahmad Ibrahim
Y/N(or if you're lazy you could just name him Mark) has seen every ending for every choices he made but Melina's fate is always the same no matter what you do. You decid...
The Black Wolf of Death (HIghschool DxD X Maliketh reader) by secret_nine10
The Black Wolf of Death (HIghschoo...by SomeguythatWrites
"I Malikath am the protector of death I am the Kannushi of Izanami-sama..... .......yet I am alone in this shrine that I protect, alone in my mission, and alone at...
The fell of remnant( Tarnished reader x RWBY) by DarkHunter66
The fell of remnant( Tarnished rea...by Dark shadow79
Throwing a tarnished into the world of remnant How will this change things let's find out (Disclaimer RWBY is owned by Rooster teeth And Elden ring is owned by fromsof...
An Age of Dragons (Hiatus) by EgoistEpic
An Age of Dragons (Hiatus)by EgoistEpic
The fallen leaves tell a story. Of how a Tarnished became Elden Lord. In our home, across the fog, the Lands Between. Our seed will look back, and recall An Age of Drago...
(ON HOLD) The All Knowing Blight (TOH x Gideon Ofnir Reader) by FewDisturbedMarbles
(ON HOLD) The All Knowing Blight (...by Aundrie
What if when you died to the tarnished in the Royal Capital. Your soul wasn't snuffed out of existence, but instead transported to a different realm. The demon realm.
Blaidd x Male reader (Back in progress!) by Theweirdone1212
Blaidd x Male reader (Back in prog...by The Weird One
Realized that writing a story was fun so I'm doing it here. THIS FOLLOWS MOST OF YOUR POV UNLESS INDICATED Blaidd's age is 25 (Picture a younger version of how he norma...
The Outer Lord by CJMalice
The Outer Lordby Cjay
One Tarnished Journey to become Elden Lord, but that's not all. This will be a story of 10 chapters (for now) I hope you enjoy this story, please feel free to message yo...
Elden Monarch by VonLeporace
Elden Monarchby VonLeporace
The Bearer of the Curse completed his objective, he explored distant kingdoms forgotten by time and gathered the power of ancient kings, now with the defeat of Nashandra...
Moonlight's Guidance  by MehFuckIt
Moonlight's Guidance by MehFuckIt
To be quite frank, it was tiring. The dream, then Lothric, then whatever the fuck was happening in The Lands Between. A normal being would have lost all semblance of san...
Nodus Tollens by AnisaGho
Nodus Tollensby AnisaGho
Nodus Tollens. A phrase you have heard every once in a while throughout your lifetime. It was understandable as to why people would feel this unexplainable emotion, but...
Frenzied Flame of Remnant by Kaaru27
Frenzied Flame of Remnantby Kaaru
Male Oc x Ruby Rose. I don't own RWBY, it belongs to Rooster Teeth
Elden Ring Preferences by Babycookie18
Elden Ring Preferencesby Babycookie18
Basically little shorts of different situations, etc. The following characters will be included, however, if there is one you wish to be included, feel free to comment...
The Avenging Angel by LaChickenMan02
The Avenging Angelby LaChickenMan02
"Yet fate is an unknowable thing, and in its infinite mystery it gave life back to a great hero, one almost forgotten, so that he may unify the Lands Between. He wa...
Elden Ring: God King Guard by TheRavenPrimarch
Elden Ring: God King Guardby Corvus Corax
(Bloodborne X Dark Soul X Elden Ring) I kinda delete the other one to remake this one since I think the other one gonna go to shit. As god Frey adopted son, Everybody th...