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Pokemon- Cold Eyes (Pokemon Conquest Fan-Fiction) by AurorusChan
Pokemon- Cold Eyes (Pokemon AurorusChan
For the past couple of years, Oichi and Jigglypuff have been living in Nixtorm with its Warlord, Mitsuhide, and his daughter, Gracia. After her brother, Nobunaga, starte...
Steenee and Hattrem by Amagconcon
Steenee and Hattremby Amaya Meleah Concon
An extrovert Steenee name Roxy and an introvert Hattrem name Lila were best friends since they were pre-evolved forms (Bounsweet and Hatenna age). And then now, they're...
Ripple Effect by Magnus_Prime
Ripple Effectby Magnus_Prime
A Gothorita and a Steenee experience an evolution unlike any other as they grow closer to their trainer. This is a sequel of sorts to 'Synchronization'.