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Blooming Kalos(DISCONTINUED) by Flareon_Blue
Blooming Kalos(DISCONTINUED)by Flareon_Blue
After loosing in Hoenn's Grand Festival, Cayla heads off to Kalos. But with love, rivals, enemies, show cases, and a mysterious Pokemon following her around, she's going...
Eevee Randomnessss... or is it? by Fukuro_Kaeru
Eevee Randomnessss... or is it?by Fukuro_Kaeru_Tsuma
beautiful randomness book, also. YES, you can ask or dare these fools! ... ... ... Also we swear a lot... so... yes... enjoy, BAI DISCLAIMER: we do not own the art we d...
Journey Through Johto by Ziafana
Journey Through Johtoby Ziafana
You thought Zia Ray Braxs' adventure was over? Not even close! Now our wonderful Champion will be traveling the expanse of the Johto Region where she will meet new Pokém...
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. by PokeFanX
Pokemon Mystery Pokemon Fan XY&Z
Once a human, now turned into a Pokemon, Ronaldo wakes up with no memories. While tackling challanges ahead, he meets and makes new friends, rivals and enemies along the...
It's Okay to Cry (Incineroar x Decidueye) by FlamingArrowShipper
It's Okay to Cry (Incineroar x FlamingArrowShipper
Three close friends live together in a strong, beautiful, and large home where they moved together when they evolved to their final stages. Incineroar, Primarina, and De...
Stranger Than You by CresSSG
Stranger Than Youby Tapu Cresi and SSG
Sometimes the ones who understand us are the ones who are just as strange.
Y/n blackthorn kanto's journey by skyler10845
Y/n blackthorn kanto's journeyby Skyler
Y/n is a young trainer from the johto region with his partner tranpinch . They decided to travel kanto as they meet friends, rivals, and more
Characters x Reader One-Shots/Scenarios by Curseblood17
Characters x Reader One-Shots/ Curseblood17
I love writing scenario books, but I decided to give one-shots a try. That being said, I'm WAY better at scenarios than one-shots but I thought some of you might enjoy t...
A Pokemon Trainer's Daily Life by TrashNero
A Pokemon Trainer's Daily Lifeby Nero
Yup, a Pokemon book, no great plans for it yet, but I'll figure something out [Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon, any artwork here and yada yada]
Gardevoir! by Wisteria706
Gardevoir!by Wisteria706
A shiny gardevoir is traded and then gifted to you! Join her in this slice of life fan fic! (Sorry im Bad at making these also art is by me)
Pokemon Adventures In Unova: Ingo x Female Reader x Emmet by RACHELSSECONDFIRE210
Pokemon Adventures In Unova: 😈 Rachel 😈 And 😇 Lehcar 😇
In the Kanto region, after getting a letter from the Pokemon professor from the Unova region, Y/n finds out about her mother's passing, so she decides to travel to the U...
Miru Adventure (English version lol) by Darkhero475
Miru Adventure (English version DarkHero475
In the Pokemon world. There is an Oshawott named Miru who will live many adventures together with his 2 best friends, Scarlet the Fennekin, and Leaf the Chespin. What wi...
Ralts: The Pokémon Trainer by TheTiredMilk
Ralts: The Pokémon Trainerby Tired Milk
A ralts living in an isolated clan in route 102, decides to visit the human city going against the decision of the elders. Discovering the danger that these people pose...
Random Micro-fictions by Rosleo26
Random Micro-fictionsby Rosleo26
Have you ever seen the Asdf movies from Tomska? Well these very short stories were inspired to be that way. Characters from Pokemon, Five nights at freddy's and Plants v...
Pokémon - Bonds of Eternity - Book 5 by KaylaKeath
Pokémon - Bonds of Eternity - Kayla Keath
Having finally recovered and gotten over some unreasonable jealousy, Kiada can finally follow a new path. Things should run more smoothly now, or at least that would be...
The Journey of the Pokemon Master [Discontinued] by TheHopeOfDusk
The Journey of the Pokemon Hope
In a world faraway from ours, children strive to become pokemon trainers. Pokemons, living in the air, land and sea with humans in harmony are a sight to behold. Caugh...
memories of a smiling patient by CrossHatch
memories of a smiling patientby CrossHatch
(Goddamnit first I play an emulated Emerald then I make a Pokemon fanfic) Wally. The sweet kid who always took things in stride. The one who always smiled after a loss. ...
Ashanti: Undefeated Divine Peace by DittoSamaLeRavenclaw
Ashanti: Undefeated Divine Peaceby Ditto-Sama
Ashanti is Odd A Psychic A Genius (And a bit... err... well crazy to be frank) Her goal is simply to see as many Pokémon as she can and travel the world... maybe win a l...
Pokémon - Bonds of Eternity - Book 4 by KaylaKeath
Pokémon - Bonds of Eternity - Kayla Keath
When Alain asks an unexpected friend for a favor, Kiada soon finds herself battling to calm a new and strange power within her. Little does she know, however, that only...
Gardevoir's Backstory by katrori77
Gardevoir's Backstoryby Whimsical
You may or may not of heard of Brian the Gardevoir. But do you know where he came from? How he got to where he is? His backstory... It's time to find out.