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Loving The Boss. by Lyfeo_M_Jay
Loving The Jay.
Melbourne has been Hugh's best friend, assistant and confidante for 8 years.Mel holds unrequited feelings for Hugh.Their friendship is toxic as Mel tries to escape from...
Our Romantic Horror Story (BoyxBoy)  by llMusicsMyReligionll
Our Romantic Horror Story ( llMusicsMyReligionll
Alex Hill is a cold hearted Actor. He mostly stars in horror films and is sick with his every day routine. Dylan Mathews is a university student, his passion is singing...
Sandton Bay ~ City Of Deadly Sins. by Lyfeo_M_Jay
Sandton Bay ~ City Of Deadly Jay.
BOOK 1. SECRETS OF THE BAY. Saint Drake was happy, he was poor, begged for food and clothes, but he was happy, even though the wolves who were part of the pack never loo...
SWEET EXILE by Lyfeo_M_Jay
Mallory always kept to himself, he liked living his life away from the prying eyes of the people of Casterly, with his clinic in top shape he had everything he wanted bu...
My Obsession for you My Angel  by Tatawithcookie1230
My Obsession for you My Angel by devil 's Angel
The mafia king is obsessed with a Doctor who is married to someone else in two months. Angel don't flirting with others because you're mine angel said Kim Taehyung . No...
Howling Love. by Lyfeo_M_Jay
Howling Jay.
First Book in the SunSpear Pack series. Amille Laurent is every bit as precious as everyone sees it, he's sassy, talented and speaks his mind all the time, but there's o...
Unholy (BXB) Short story (Completed) by uppercasedd
Unholy (BXB) Short story ( Epitome of shitty writing
Roden Palmer, a boy heavily influenced by his parents is pleased to go to church with his family every Sunday. Flowers in the yards around the church, complementing the...
Earned it by _SweetIntoxication
Earned itby Ari
When Ichigo is in desperate need of a job, he runs into someone from highschool. Not really fond of this guy due to the way he treated him, Ichigo finds himself in an aw...
I Won't Give Up •The Substitute Teacher Sequel• by Kaylin1847
I Won't Give Up •The Substitute Kaylin
Daniel Christopher Preda broke Joey Graceffa's heart when he didn't tell him about having sex with another substitue. Now Joey can't forgive him. This is Daniel's fight...
Cold to Hot by StalePee
Cold to Hotby ur mom
Nagisa unhappy with his life at home, and school isn't much better. How will things get better, read to find out...
The Stag. by Lyfeo_M_Jay
The Jay.
Lael is extraordinarily beautiful, talented, a Genius in his own way and the owner of the Stag, the nightly lounge to be at. It's a place to be sinful without judgement...
Carrier Chris by AzraLight
Carrier Chrisby Chris
A few months after his return from the future sisters and Leo slowly perceive changes in Chris. From neurotic person he becomes calmer, gentler. His appearance also chan...
• 죽을 만큼 사랑해• by DaydreamV
• 죽을 만큼 사랑해•by DaydreamV
First of all. the title. It sais "love til death" just in case you didn't know. Okay! now the story. ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ This is a Vkook fanfiction. I shi...
Youth// JOSHLER (GER) by portgasdsayo
Youth// JOSHLER (GER)by CanibALanie
Es War nur diese Eine Nacht auf tour doch sie veränderte uns für immer... Wie Sollte ich das alles klären ich war hin und her gerissen. Wir waren doch Freunde oder war d...
The Art Of Bore by DeathDealer70
The Art Of Boreby Selene McCullar
Derek Bore has always been in love with his best friend Donovan's sister, Donnaka. Little does he know after an akward tiff, Donovan comes forward and confesses his love...
As The Crow Flies by crowleymurderous
As The Crow Fliesby crowleymurderous
College doesn't just suck, it swallows. I'm unfortunately tangled in this mess of a murder investigation while my best friend plays the detective to find out what reall...
Love is Blind by _coffeeandanime2020_
Love is Blindby _coffeeandanime2020_
"Dude, you got a nice homo" "Um okay, but I'll take that as a compliment" This is the story of how my life got flipped upside down, cliché...
A Change Of Style by popcornflyin
A Change Of Styleby popcornflyin
sallarry one shot based on a photo