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Handcuffed- An Eddsworld Fanfic by ALongStarryNight
Handcuffed- An Eddsworld Fanficby A Long Starry Night For Us
Imagine being handcuffed to the one you hate the most. You also have to stay handcuffed to them until you two make up and stop fighting. Well, that's what Tom and Tord h...
Gay Smut ;) by SirWritesSmut
Gay Smut ;)by Sir
Just a compilation of gay smut that I write. I do accept requests if you have any.
Fourteen Days by boobieloobie234
Fourteen Daysby Bri🖤
"2 weeks, alone, handcuffed sounds like the description of a shitty porno!" I never post stories but I've been working on this one and just said fuck it so he...
Hanahaki... a Denki x reader book  by idkanymore7111
Hanahaki... a Denki x reader book by WeirdHumanWhoWrites
"Blood, flowers, broken hearts...a family the fell apart... what's the point if it's just going to happen again" "DONT TOUCH HIM!!" Y/n - you Quirk...
Handcuffed Rivals by eri_writes
Handcuffed Rivalsby Eri
It's not like it was my fault. *extended description in the book
Needy Swimmers (Rin x Reader x Nitori lemon/ Free fanfiction) by mahankri
Needy Swimmers (Rin x Reader x Nit...by Anime_Lovers
WARNING: This is a lemon, which is +18 content. If you don't like then I'd advise you not to read this. Please don't report this fanfiction, there's no need to since I p...
Helpless by WordsAblaze
Helplessby rima
Somebody wants revenge on Tony but, this time, they think the best way to do that is to hurt both him and Peter, keeping them close enough to feel one another's pain but...
Handcuffed To The Player (kai x reader) by gigi27lambert
Handcuffed To The Player (kai x re...by Gigi
Ninjago- Kai x Reader --- "What are you so scared of to not answer a stupid simple question!?" I yell back angrily. He didnt reply. "Just fucking answer...
handcuffed :: vkook by kkookvvkook
handcuffed :: vkookby KKOOKVVKOOK
taehyung and jungkook get handcuffed together :) ^^^^^ Hi there! This is my first book so I hope you enjoy it! And I'm warning y'all, the first few chapters are a bit cr...
In Lock and Key by Nikkibluestone
In Lock and Keyby Nikkibluestone
Gray and Natsu end up having to babysit Asuka as punishment. But what happens when Asuka snaps handcuffs on Natsu and Gray.
♡Eddie X y/n fem ♡ by Chun-ja16
♡Eddie X y/n fem ♡by 💦
I'm re writing this along the way so yea 😭. Your Y/n you used to date Eddie in middle school but you saw the way he looked at Chrissy and we're hurt you went to another...
Handcuffs, Kisses and Awkward Situations (PUBLISHED, SAMPLE) by LovelyLivvi
Handcuffs, Kisses and Awkward Situ...by Olivia Harvard
[This book has officially been published and only a sample remains. See inside for details.] Nora Montgomery's primary goal was to remain seemingly unnoticed until gradu...
IMPOSTER! by Dhruvzz21
IMPOSTER!by Dhruvzz21
A short sensual encounter. Featuring Aham Sharma and Pooja Sharma
SasuNaru • Switching  by krystakun_
SasuNaru • Switching by k
Changing roles for a day could be fun, isn't it?
Loki x Reader +18 🌶smut🌶 by Maycenter
Loki x Reader +18 🌶smut🌶by Marvel_fanpics
Sutty content- Y/n works for the grandmaster but finds herself given a new master. She falls in love with him but dose he share the same feeling?
Unwanted Hostage  by F6M6MON
Unwanted Hostage by 🔆
When the fate of a detective "Dean Winchester" crossed with a criminal "Castiel Novak" and they both find themselves tied with handcuffs under one ro...
Gone Too Soon (Police Officer/Delinquent Relationship) BOOK 2 by xWorkInProgressx
Gone Too Soon (Police Officer/Deli...by ⒮⒜⒭⒜⒣
M for manipulative(50 % less) A for attitude (still 100%) I for impulsive (50 % less) S for sarcastic (still 100%) I for irresistible (still 100%) E for emotionally una...
Good boy. BakuDeku by KageyamasTiktok
Good boy. BakuDekuby KageyamasTiktok
"Yea?" Bakugo said as he pulled back with a pop, his usual smirk spreading wide across his face. "I don't know Deku.. you haven't been very good today.&qu...
Climaxx by AnonymousAuthoress1
Climaxxby AnonymousAuthoress1
Adult content 18+ and older. Fewer desecration advised. Warning! Read at your own risk! There will be explicit sexual content. Climaxx is a fanfic celebrity edition coll...
Smut stories by evopevo69
Smut storiesby ~
short smut stories !! Work in progress, lemme know if u want more kinky, voyeurism, pleasure, erotica, romance