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Stumble [Rewrite] by writer168
Stumble [Rewrite]by a ninja
Sakura wanted to die. Sasori was fine with staying dead. But it seemed fate had other plans for them, because when they both wake up younger with blood pulsing through...
Bloom Again by FangirlJo
Bloom Againby Joanne ✌
-A Naruto Time Travel Fanfiction- "A flower must fall before it could bloom again" When 18-year-old Sakura Haruno who had just lost everything is thrown back i...
Dangerous Bond by CailinAnneBritz
Dangerous Bondby LazyNinja
Team 7 work together as priority one instead of seeing the others as a burden. Kakashi Hatake keeps on training after the deaths of his teammates instead of feeling gui...
Akatsuki Babysitters? Rewrite. by writer168
Akatsuki Babysitters? Rewrite.by a ninja
Four year old Sakura and the Akatsuki. (BEING EDITED)
Darkest Before Dawn by writer168
Darkest Before Dawnby a ninja
Orochimaru never became a missing-nin. The Fourth Hokage still stood tall. There was no Uchiha Massacre. The Akatsuki never existed. Madara never became a problem. What...
Rock Bottom - A Team 7 Story [Completed] by _izoy_
Rock Bottom - A Team 7 Story [Comp...by Izoy
"You know, the thing about failure is that it only makes me want to try harder." . . Minato and Kushina survived the Kyuubi attack, t...
Space to Breathe - [ Sakura Haruno ] by xcho_izy
Space to Breathe - [ Sakura Haruno...by Hellish 🎧
Summary: Haruno Sakura was overlooked, ignored, and disrespected on Team Seven. So when an opportunity comes to train under a different sensei, and get the attention she...
Zaman by ashitheviolinist
Zamanby Ashi
Sakura has been thrown back to the day of her genin team assignments in order to avoid a terrible, war-torn future. Unfortunately for her, changing the future and dealin...
Sakura Of the Akatsuki  by kumotsukii
Sakura Of the Akatsuki by Levi
When Sakura Haruno was a genin, she saved the lives of her teammates on multiple occasions, but every time, her efforts and growth was ignored by her classmates. As she...
景点 ||Attraction: Naruto|| by HaruAzuna
景点 ||Attraction: Naruto||by HaruAzuna
"Touch her, and I'll tear you apart." "She'll make the perfect wife." (Y/n) died, and was iskeai'd in to the most popular anime known as Naruto. But...
Otokage by writer168
Otokageby a ninja
"He chose your fate. You have to take over his job. His village. His place in the world. This is the life you have to live. So, what do you say? Do you accept the p...
A Hundred Steps Ahead by Kawaiisama
A Hundred Steps Aheadby That Little Kid
An Au wherein Sakura is placed in a team with Nara Shikamaru and Aburame Shino. There are those who fight with brawn. There are those who fight behind desks and command...
toxic [itachi x sakura] by byeolling
toxic [itachi x sakura]by sanbi
Itachi has loved Sakura since forever, and now it's time for her to realise he's the only one for her. yandere au
The Art Of Seduction by Chibi_Hinata
The Art Of Seductionby Chibi_Hinata
Sakura and Hinata are given a very important and dangerous mission that excels an SSS class mission, this mission was to go into the past and seduce the founding fathers...
52 Centimetres (SasuSaku) by Miracutelous
52 Centimetres (SasuSaku)by Lili
Sasuke Uchiha finally comes home and what does he think of Sakura Haruno's long hair? A three-shot fanfiction.
Saki Haruno - Sasuke's Mystery Child by AnushkaJaveri
Saki Haruno - Sasuke's Mystery Chi...by Anushka Javeri
Saki is Sakura Haruno's 2nd daughter, yeah, a lot went wrong there. Her parents didn't plan on having her, it went more like her dad was drunk and they made bad decision...
Reborn as Sakura's Brother(OC fic)[Discontinued] by MonochromeRen
Reborn as Sakura's Brother(OC fic)...by MonochromeRen
I was reborn...as Sakura's Brother...yay(can you tell it's sarcasm?). (Sigh) You may be asking why I'm not happy with it. Sure she turned cool later on,but do I really h...
My Sister! [Kakashi Hatake Love Story] by whyamilikethislol
My Sister! [Kakashi Hatake Love St...by Bri
Sakura's sister returns from her ANBU mission but things go down as she steps down from an ANBU and becomes a jonin only to be placed as a sensei for team 7.
Sakura the Demon Slayer by Mother_Muzan
Sakura the Demon Slayerby Discord-Mama
Sakura died. Simple right? Nope. Not this time. This time she wakes up in a forest with a katana at her side and a note explaining what's going on. She enters final Sel...
Shinobi Life by Maegon
Shinobi Lifeby Mae
Sakura felt numb upon waking. She started coughing and found her bed raised up and a glass of water held to her lips. She took slow sips as she surveyed the hospital roo...