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purpose by Matcha_Infires
purposeby Matcha_Infires
<hatzxfemalereader> She stood in the middle of the field, hands stained crimson. Only one memory remained. 'Destroy the tower.' (Y/n) Jahad. Who was she? How did...
Monarch's Ascend (Tower of God) by _--Aaron--_
Monarch's Ascend (Tower of God)by Aaron
What is that you desire? Power? Glory? Money? Revenge? Or something that surpasses all other? Whatever it is can be found here. All your desires shall be fulfilled at th...
Another Zodiac Rat (Fruits Basket Fan-Fic)[COMPLETED] by xSatansSpawnx
Another Zodiac Rat (Fruits Basket...by xSatansSpawnx
When Yuki's twin sister, Yumi returns to Japan after 3 years in America things start to change. Both in good ways and bad. With her recent past catching up to her things...
The Arie's Sword by Shinya1204
The Arie's Swordby Shinya1204
Arie Y/n. A girl with potential to surpass even Arie Hoaquin. But she doesn't use that potential. She's an abandoned child with a dark past of her own that still haunts...
Her Smile, His Laugh by KarmaAkimoto
Her Smile, His Laughby SapnapWilburTechnoDreamSimp
A story of my OC's wherein 4 childhood friends live together, streaming and having fun while also having second thoughts of how they want their relationship with the gir...
Revived [Zombie AU] by whitegerberaa
Revived [Zombie AU]by @GerberaBlanca
In a world full of death Bam had lost everything. His family, his happiness, his memories. He was about to lose hope, too, but that's when he meets another boy. ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃...
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Lantern Lights (Khun Bam) by XprincessxofxspadesX
Lantern Lights (Khun Bam)by XprincessxofxspadesX
Bam witnesses Khun being pressed against the wall by a mysterious man at a lantern festival.
In another universe by shochxx
In another universeby Sho
"What do you desire? Money and wealth? Glory? Honor and pride? Authority and power? Revenge? Or something that transcends all of them? Whatever you desire - is in h...
QUATERVOIS - a Tower of God fanfiction by julekamlb
QUATERVOIS - a Tower of God fanfic...by jules; ivy
[ STATUS ] Coming soon! ‥...━━━☆‥... "Don't waste your precious time searching for a four leaf clover. Create your own five leaf clover." Tragedy by tragedy...
Sweeт Dreαмѕ~[Vincent Nightray X Reader] by STWNTstories
Sweeт Dreαмѕ~[Vincent Nightray X R...by StoriesThatWereNeverTold
【Vincent Nightray X Reader】 Vincent Nightray. A womanizer. A Charmer. As sadistic as they come. (Y/N) has caught the Mitch-matched gaze of his. At first it starts out as...
the limitations of ice (and the beautiful way it melts) by yunij_9
the limitations of ice (and the be...by yunij_9
Ice is beautiful. The way it can bring comfort the same way it brings harm to different people. It truly is beautiful, no matter what. And Bam was reminded of how much A...
hxh mha crossover by Fz2007laabidi
hxh mha crossoverby Craziee
while kirua finds himself in the world of mha as bakugo brother, may, gon's sister becomes the sister of izuku midoriya, how will they deal with the world and how they...
hunter x hunter ideas by HiWhatYallDoing
hunter x hunter ideasby xD
This is a book about hunter x hunter character and hatsu ideas! If you want your ideas to be posted just send them in a pm :) The first chapter will be about how nen wor...
Oc x Mha by X6switch
Oc x Mhaby SomeGuyThatsHere
The legendary Tengu of Tokyo has arrived at U.a and people expect great things from him. But the pressure of his past and the expectations of the present could shatter a...
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Hatsu Anime by ZNZAM2
Hatsu Animeby ZNZAM2
Joraka Hatsu is a boy who writes animes.
😱🔞⚠SMUT!!⚠🔞😱 || Hatsu x Tony Lopez 😈WARNING!: 18+ by KenmasCumBag
😱🔞⚠SMUT!!⚠🔞😱 || Hatsu x Tony L...by cat with da frog hat
Hatsu x Tony Lopez love story🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 so wholesome🥺🥺🥺🥺Hatsu and Tony Lopez meet in a cat cafe and start dating🥺🥺🥺⁉️⁉️⁉️ - - - - - - - - - - - If you didn't know...
The Glass Wall by CandyBurst101
The Glass Wallby *CandyBurst*
Hatsu Miru is Hatsune Miku on the outside. She and Ryuu met through a screen. Ryuu is an average boy who invented Hatsu. What he never expected, was to be so en...