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A Spice in Life (Shokugeki no Soma x Fem!Reader); CURRENTLY ON HIATUS by CrownedCabbage
A Spice in Life (Shokugeki no Soma...by on Hiatus (ㆀ˘・з・˘)
{WARNING: MAY CONTAIN FOOD PUNS} "'Jello'! It's very 'rice' to 'meat' you!" "Did you really just-" "I 'donut' know what 'egg'-xactly you're 'tac...
Brightest Star Above by DareToDreamAbout
Brightest Star Aboveby LetGoAndJustBeFree
Nobody expected anything from her. No one knew who she was. To her classmates, she's just that pretty face that walked the halls of Tootsuki Academy. She's nothing speci...
Scrumptious ℘ Shokugeki No Soma | Food Wars X Male! OC by senyoratrinidad
Scrumptious ℘ Shokugeki No Soma |...by 𝕿𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖓𝖌
He's just a guy who seemed like he doesn't care, but truth is? He's playing the biggest part in a lot of people's lives. SCRUMPTIOUS © senyoratrinidad
𝐸𝒱𝐼𝐿 {𝓀𝓃𝒷} by shiggyyyy
𝐸𝒱𝐼𝐿 {𝓀𝓃𝒷}by 𝖌𝖔𝖏𝖔
"evil? I just simply wish to live life to the fullest. but if that's what you want to label it, then so be it". ----------- they were the blessed children...
Food wars preferences/scenarios  by DinaH10
Food wars preferences/scenarios by °arMy°
This is Food wars characters preferences or/and scenarios if you want any other characters or any scenario you can always request :)
Chef Star in making by MsAi99
Chef Star in makingby MsAi99
Originally a normal hardworking girl and the only daughter, now a chef in making- aiming to graduate from Totsuki as one of their best students. The internal conflict in...
House of Kings (House of Lovers Sequel) (GOM X reader x 5UK!) by Tiateeny20
House of Kings (House of Lovers Se...by Gurl with Fanfics
You are now apart of the GOM house along with your ex-boyfriend, Kagami. But you are now targeted by another vampire household.
bittersweet *let my words reach you* by kageryuu
bittersweet *let my words reach yo...by Nanai
Bitter sweet ****Let my words reach you Hayama Akira X OC they'll never understand because you never tell. Because you never tell, they never ask. No words leave you...
Food Wars: The Fighter by Baeking_soda04
Food Wars: The Fighterby ★彡
"Don't bring down the Yamazaki name" "It's on you to bring honour to the family as the oldest" Hailing from the wealthy family in the culinary indu...
Shokugeki no Soma OC Fanfic: Average Life...Yeah Right! by Michiyo-San
Shokugeki no Soma OC Fanfic: Avera...by Michi_Miu
Hanako Morisuke thought her first year of high school would be just like the others. She was wrong. Very wrong, for Hanako was cursed with being the protagonist of a f...
[Hayama Kotarō X Reader] ~Wouldn't have it any other way~ by Snowy_XueYing
[Hayama Kotarō X Reader] ~Wouldn't...by Snowy
10 short stories about Hayama Kotarō~ Yes, he's annoying. He's loud. He's arrogant. But he's my boyfriend, my lover, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Hayama Kotarō...
Four leaves, four colors by humatrix-X-24
Four leaves, four colorsby humatrix-X-24
A spin off of Sansha Sanyou, three leaves three colors. Instead of just Futaba, Yoko and Hayama meeting up and becoming friends they gain a fourth friend in their little...
Shokugeki no Soma x reader by shoyobootay
Shokugeki no Soma x readerby crazy "not that rich" Asian
Hey These are word vomit created by my brain If you enjoy crap, then by all means read it as you please [shokugeki no soma and its characters belong to tsukuda yuuto/s...
Shokugeki no soma: Hayama Akira x Reader by AnimeShipEr
Shokugeki no soma: Hayama Akira x...by L
This is a test one shot. I made this to know if you want me to make more of these -3- Make a book fo shokugeki no soma fan fics or just make some random one shots here a...
Tail of the zeroth seat by Yuyuzuma
Tail of the zeroth seatby mine
Nakiri zoko is the best at totsuki it is said that his cooking is a gift from God and his senses are divine he earend his title after defeating the elite ten in a privat...
The Chaotic Groupchat of the Chefs (Shogeki no Soma X Reader) by amey78
The Chaotic Groupchat of the Chefs...by Amayarelis
Erina decided to start a groupchat for students of Polar Star Dorm. A new student soon joined the chat which it became chaotic more than it already and filled of humor...
Our Story Begins(Kuroko no basket) by CAdesuAnimelove
Our Story Begins(Kuroko no basket)by anima
the all girls school of Himawari High and the all boys school of Seirin is just beside each other .What if the two schools decide to co-ed with each other surely this w...
Kuroko no Basuke One-Shots (A Kuroko no Basuke One-Shot Collection) by RakuzanEmperor
Kuroko no Basuke One-Shots (A Kuro...by Seijūrō "Emperor Eye" Akashi
Basically one-shots including almost every KnB character. I accept requests and you can even ask for me to do a very rare or hard ship. I will try and get it to work out...
Thantophobia; Kuroko no Basuke by hayamacchi
Thantophobia; Kuroko no Basukeby your favourite person
♡ Look at how these athletes are gonna drive into your heart and dunk their love in there ♡ ★ discontinued ★ ✩ disclaimer ✩ All Kuroko no Basuke characters are not mine...
WARNING: Romance up ahead! [ Hayama Akira x Reader x Kurokiba Ryo ] by tequila_wolf
WARNING: Romance up ahead! [ Hayam...by V
Hullo! We are @vanilla_tetsu and @andrea33119 ! Nice to meet you! >< This is our first time collaboration in making this fanfic so updates may be lil' long.. Sorry...