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Nagito  by nagitowoody
Nagito by nagitowoody
Uhhhhh Nagito And some komahina And maybe other ships You never know
The Vampire Lord's Werewolf - Vampire Lord Dabi X Alpha Werewolf Hawks  by LillyGornick
The Vampire Lord's Werewolf - Vamp...by Lilly
Being an alpha werewolf Hawks is now leader of his pack of werewolf's dealing with the loss of his father just a week earlier the young alpha is super stressed out with...
Amorem Mulierum by batshitplusmetoodlez
Amorem Mulierumby Aerona Malloy
Amorem Mulierum, Latin for "The Love of Women". Joyce Brooks always knew she was different from everyone else. She wasn't your typical girl. Joyce was unique...
Everything And Nothing All At Once by BeautifulSilence_08
Everything And Nothing All At Onceby C. S. Stone
A man has been held captive for years. He lost track of how long it has been. He is left by his lonesome. He entertains himself the best he can with the little things he...
A New Mommy by gorystories
A New Mommyby gorystories
* This short story is part of the Mommy's House contest that @Z0mbies is holding, and is a continuation of what could have happened. Go and read all of her books, they a...
The Bus Driver  by Eris345
The Bus Driver by Fiona_Fox_Afton
Image is from Flickr, but I do not know the artist. If you know who the artist is, then please let me know! Amanda Crunk and her twin brother, Manny always took the bus...
Finally Free by septembear00
Finally Freeby septembear
Can Ava go back to her normal self after being locked up for eight years? Meet Ava Cullen. Her mother died in a car crash when she was only six, she lived alone with her...
Our Last Chance by drksb07
Our Last Chanceby Mr Confuzzlewuzzle
Zyra(Beta 528) is being held captive for her unnatural healing factor will she be able to find a way to escape? Cover not mine found somewhere on the internet. Can I hav...
Held Captive by TaylorScanlon
Held Captiveby Taylor Scanlon
Meet Anna. She's a wonderful girl with a wild imagination. Anna suffers from depression from the other girls at her high school. One night, Anna runs away from her paren...
Gone by Regan_Makenzie
Goneby Regan Sammons
Gone. That's me. Well, that's what people on the news call me. I've been Gone for twelve years now. Me and some other children with the same name. Some here longer than...
Held Captive (Zayn Malik) by curlsxtattoos
Held Captive (Zayn Malik)by xxjeahxx
"If you love someone, never set them free. Lock them up and love them weird enough until they love you back." -Anonymous
Captured by L3SB14NS1MP
Capturedby L3SB14N
Sayarah is a 13 year old girl in the 8th grade. She has always had a fear of the house. The mansion on Hathaway street, house 666. It was owned by the Willson's in 1788...
The Lost Witches by Cody_Malone
The Lost Witchesby Cody_Malone
Ari is rare, rare, and dangerous. At least in the King of Destry's opinion. Ari has been on the run since she was three. Her Coven is one of the last left. To protect he...
Closed off Space by Destiel_Whore
Closed off Spaceby Destiel_Whore
After Mary Winchester died in a fire, at a local shop, Sam is a new born, and Dean is four years old. Dean never knew of his baby brother. John Winchester took into his...
The Outcast by AngelFortnite
The Outcastby Capitan Obvious ✌️
This story takes place in the year 2039. It's about this guy, whose name you shall find out as you read, gets kidnapped and gets brought to this mad scientist and gets...
ESCAPEE (ENG) (COMPLETED) by daffodils4life
"I want to get rid of this orphan. You could handle Y/N. You can do anything for him/her!" With utter shock that your foster mother wanted to let go of you, yo...
Save Me by stay_strong_1222
Save Meby stay_strong_1222
Being held captive would make anyone go psycho right? They made her this way. They ruined her. Now they must pay. Bad people must perish. Let the games begin. Hey! Welc...
HIDDEN by hemarajthilak
HIDDENby Hema Rajthilak
I couldn't believe this! Oh my... Dennis! The love of my life? My boyfriend was one of the men trying to hunt me down. God I tried so hard but I couldn't remember how I...
Subject 37 by taters_taters_taters
Subject 37by 👨‍💻
Eros Idden woke up in a cage with no memory of how he got there, or anything from before he woke up for that matter. Although he couldn't see the person to his left, he...