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American Hero  by ameouji
American Hero by ameouji
Alfred F Jones has always had trouble with love. Both his parents died before he was 10 and his foster father couldn't look at Alfred without seeing the horrid of war. A...
American Symphony by Starkvenger
American Symphonyby Starkvenger
America, the joyful, albeit slightly dim nation was actually a very gifted singer-- not that anyone knew that. That didn't mean they wouldn't find out. (A series of one...
Hetalia: Guide to the 50 States by LunarJade
Hetalia: Guide to the 50 Statesby Jade
This is a guide to Jade's Hetalia OCs based on the 50 States and Washington D.C. There are no stories in this book; there are only character profiles for anyone wanting...
Hetalia: Russia X America Oneshots/Scenarios  by immortalunicorn288
Hetalia: Russia X America Oneshots...by Soft_Honey_Edits
Hello! If you love RusAme then you'll love this book! DISCLAIMER: I do not do smut or abusive scenarios ALSO I do take requests so feel free to comment and tell me what...
Hetalia Meets Countryhumans ON HOLD by nooo_username
Hetalia Meets Countryhumans ON HOLDby NoUsername
It's just a normal day for Alfred, the personification of the united states. Pretending that he's fine dealing with insults, wondering what would happen if he broke. Un...
A Million Voices [UsUk] by saturnshipwreck
A Million Voices [UsUk]by Will Talbot
**I DO NOT OWN HETALIA NOR THE CHARACTERS, I OWN THE STORY AND THE PLOT** This is an UsUk story named after the song "A Million Voices" by Polina Gagarina (Rus...
Tattoos On Flower Petals (PruCan Mpreg) by Solsko
Tattoos On Flower Petals (PruCan M...by Silly Little Goofball
Matthew never really got to know the man living and working next door to him. Until one day he was forced by his father to go and say hello. And from there, they ended u...
You Are My Sunshine by claire_uwumuenster
You Are My Sunshineby claire bear ♉️🐢
What happens when Russia's sunshine gets taken away? America and Russia have been going out for a while now, but will someone get jealous and take America? (Warning...
A Hero Without Flaws {Hetalia} by americarumpelwarrior
A Hero Without Flaws {Hetalia}by Kitcat
America - The bubbly, happy, hamburger loving nation. A guy like him can never be upset or down... Right? It's hard to be happy when everybody is against that. It's als...
Rising Fascination by swedenikeamaster
Rising Fascinationby River
Alfred always had magic inside him, it was apparent for a long time. He had a close connection with animals, he felt things differently than most. He was different. But...
The American Dream Next Door {USUK Fanfiction} by trash_master
The American Dream Next Door {USUK...by trash master
Arthur Kirkland was a young boy from Painswick England. He had a nice life with nice friends. One day his parents decided to pack up and move to a small town in America...
Sugar and Spice by I-regret-my-choices
Sugar and Spiceby Salty™
Ahh, the oh-so-cliché wrong number love story~ There's finally one for Ameripan! Well... I think this is the first anyway... I'm too lazy to check so...
Savior // Rusame // by Rounsin1
Savior // Rusame //by Rounsin1
Human AU Alfred is a 21 year old boy that had his innocence ripped away. With no dad, and a struggling mom. He has no choice but to sell his body and work at a strip clu...
deal: Yandere America x  Country Reader x Germany by jellygirl454
deal: Yandere America x Country R...by jellygirl454
You are a country that's been happily with Germany in both country wise for as long as you can remember and soon to be marriage wise as well. With the new knowledge of y...
Hetalia Crack by oliverkirkland
Hetalia Crackby oliverkirkland
A collection of random sh*t written by me when its 3 In the morning o-0 [ Rated PG-13 because I will be using foul language XD ]
I Lied :: A Depressed America Fanfic by maiitaba
I Lied :: A Depressed America Fanf...by dead account
A month has passed since the last World Meeting and America's depression is getting worse. Everything has gone to hell. He's ready to end it. He does. His chair is now...
America: 50☆Stars (Vol. 1) by LunarJade
America: 50☆Stars (Vol. 1)by Jade
California becomes the Mayor of Hell. Texas solves problems with guns. New York has a rat infestation. And Florida does Florida... All in all, it's just a normal day for...
Hetalia X Reader [The Married Life] by Aninayrt
Hetalia X Reader [The Married Life]by Aninayrt
Ah~ Hetalia boys... We all love them. Wouldn't it be great if one of them were your husband? Well, now you have it! Hetalia X Reader [The Married Life]! This is the se...
Once Upon A Dream (COMPLETED) by Forrestpastel307
Once Upon A Dream (COMPLETED)by Peter H.
Arthur Kirkland was peasant never lived in a castle never had the money his family needed. Alfred F. Jones a young Prince of the Spade kingdom. When these two's pasts co...
Hetalia: The Fifty Stars by LunarJade
Hetalia: The Fifty Starsby Jade
Massachusetts rebels against British tyranny. Mississippi goes hunting with the president. Michigan refuses to leave Toledo. Minnesota celebrates Christmas with friends...