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vanished (airy x reader) by godsendconspirator
vanished (airy x reader)by godsendconspirator
repost from my ao3 account cover is a placeholder "How did you get here?" That was the first thing he asked you when you fully came to. Truthfully, you weren't...
Double Host AU (ONE)  by Drowso
Double Host AU (ONE) by Drowso
This is a story where Bryce (Soda Bottle) and Liam (Backpack) are the hosts of ONE instead of Airy, I got this idea out of the blue and wanted to try it. This will conta...
~Sodapack Story~ (OLD) by Unicorndogo
~Sodapack Story~ (OLD)by ~~Cookie_Run_Fan~~
A cringe story about a ship called soda pack All characters are from ONE by cheesy hfj go watch it
Sleepless Nights by SmugWarrior
Sleepless Nightsby TheSmugget
This one-shot is based on a sodapack dream I had /srs Basically Liam can't sleep, Bryce let's him into his bed, then they eventually cuddle and and fall asleep. You get...
White Lies [Hfjone fan fiction] by WanderingStoryTelIer
White Lies [Hfjone fan fiction]by WanderingStoryTelIer
I hate this one. BUT IM POSTING IT ANYWAY. Idc if this is cringe- tbh I think it's kinda wholesome? In a way? It doesn't matter. I'm posting it. AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME...
Project Two. by spidersnipr
Project Two.by spidersnipr
A new post-one fanfiction of mine where Liam decided to continue Airy's legacy after disposing of his so-called "friends."
Be Quite, Be Caught [HFJONE AU] by Twogayppl
Be Quite, Be Caught [HFJONE AU]by Two people in one
WARNING: This AU has mentioned the following below. Mentions of trauma. Blood[?]. And violence. Happy reading! START DATE - 10/28/22 FINISHED DATE - 1/10/23
Inheriting the Plane by ZephyrDart
Inheriting the Planeby rosetalon
A fic about what happens after the finale, in which Liam remains on Airy's planet and enters a downward spiral that results in him becoming the new Airy.
Hfjone Incorrect Quotes by Whiteout_Starline
Hfjone Incorrect Quotesby Gone to the South Island, see...
An entire book dedicated to incorrect quotes since I am reserving my main book for writing. There will be chaos, fun, crack, mostly chaos, hopefully some fun sprinkled i...
-| Us Lab Rats |- by BFBboba
-| Us Lab Rats |-by ThinkingFour
A ONE au. I was bored and ONE 18 ended. So, here. Also, if you haven't watched ONE, go search up HFJONE on Youtube and watch it. Also, Liam is important woo hoo.
2 types of dancing! (Sodapack fanfic) (hfjone) by goldie_is_reading
2 types of dancing! (Sodapack fanf...by goldie/alina
Something something about them both teaching each other how to dance, liam would teach bryce how to dance in a fun and freedom kind of way, while bryce would teach liam...
Sickness (Liam/Backpack x Bryce/Soda Bottle) by your_favorite_taco
Sickness (Liam/Backpack x Bryce/So...by pretty little person
HAHAHAHAH OMG JAR NOT WRITING ABOUT MADELEINE X ESPRESSO REAL!!!! Anywayz🤭 im writing about Bryce/Soda Bottle x Liam/Backpack. Basically sodapack also if you dont know...
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We're Roommates now... (Liam x Bryce) by HattyHatsen
We're Roommates now... (Liam x Bry...by HattyHatsen
I suck at titles and I'll make and ACTUAL cover eventually 😭 anyways this takes place after ONE, Liam and Bryce live together as roommates at Bryce's apartment. after b...
Airy x Liam hfjone by tennisballgb
Airy x Liam hfjoneby Anton Kristoroz
idk I wrote this as a joke so please don't take it's contents seriously
Broken | ONE AU by KolarThelazy
Broken | ONE AUby Kolar The lazy
[Take place during ONE 13] Bryce has done something but that thing will change Liam and he might regret it forever.. Warning - Swear words/Bad words - ooc/Out Of Charact...
the light within my lantern~ airy x reader (hfjone) by bigdaddyaxellol
the light within my lantern~ airy...by Axel
you died and woke up in the purgatory and after typing random numbers on the radio you woke up in a forest like place and found airy, and he decided to let you stay wit...
airy LOVES milk by hfjonelover2007
airy LOVES milkby m
give me a break its 12am and im tired this is a joke fic dont hunt me down might update this
Web surfing by Shadytadywrites
Web surfingby Shady
Feeding the Texty fanbase I haven't seen many fanfics just directly for Texty so I'll do this myself CHARACTER BELONGS TO ONE(HFJONE) BY CHEESY HFJ ON YT!!
An OSC One-Shot Collection! by GaySimp770
An OSC One-Shot Collection!by
Make sure to read the first chapter! I'll write: HFJone TNM II (Not as much as the other 2 tho)