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Master Grim Reaper Makes His Debut in Center Position by Moonlit_Melody
Master Grim Reaper Makes His Debut...by Moon
Alternative: 死神大师在中锋位置上首次亮相 Status: Completed Author: 采采来了 ------ As the leader of the Death Industry, there is no soul in the world that Lu Xu cannot take away. One day...
Full-time Artist by Qwinesty
Full-time Artistby Anyanwu Chioma Esther Happine...
"Music, film, painting, calligraphy, sculpture, literature...""You know everything?""Know a little.""Any point?""Well, it me...
Getting Outsmarted By The CEO by arin_nha
Getting Outsmarted By The CEOby arinnha
For offline reading only Not my story or translation Alternative Title : 我被总裁反套路 Author(s) :车厘酒 Genre(s) :Comedy, Romance ------------------------------ Ruan An An, who...
Possessing The Obsessive Maniac's Cotton Doll by fishinthesky123
Possessing The Obsessive Maniac's...by moon in the sea
‼️THIS IS NOT MINE. ALL CREDITS TO THE AUTHOR AND TRANSLATOR‼️ Author(s) 김덕팔 Description Park Yul got transported to the world of a novel. Well, sure. He has read a lo...
After the Stand-in Shou Faked His Death by vibyous
After the Stand-in Shou Faked His...by viby
Xu ChengYan had been together with the eldest young master of the He family for five years, always on call and he yielded to everything. Even though He Yang always treat...
『ရန်သူအိမ်ရှေ့မင်းသား / ရန္သူအိမ္ေ႐ွ႕မင္းသား』 by hanakim_32398
『ရန်သူအိမ်ရှေ့မင်းသား / ရန္သူအိမ္ေ...by otakuz novel club 🎫
Mm Name- ୧မတော်တဆရန်သူနိုင်ငံကမင်းသားရဲ့ ကလေးကိုလွယ်ထားရပြီꪆ ୧မေတာ္တဆရန္သူႏိုင္ငံကမင္းသားရဲ႕ ကေလးကိုလြယ္ထားရၿပီꪆ Name- Accidentally having a baby with the enemy prince A...
Master Grim Reaper Makes His Debut in Center Position by UuHhUhUhUh
Master Grim Reaper Makes His Debut...by Your Wife, Sister AJK8!
As an outstanding figure in the grim reaper industry, there were no souls under the heavens that Lu Xu could not collect. One day, he was given an undercover mission to...
The Player Hides His Past by shunnnned
The Player Hides His Pastby Shundere
FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLY ----------------------------------------------------- The virtual reality game "History of the Archana Continent" became part of real...
Guide on How to Fail at Online Dating ||Myanmar translation|| by Greentealay-
Guide on How to Fail at Online Dat...by 🍵
Author : Jiàng Zi Bèi 酱子贝 Type : Web Novel (CN) Genre : Comedy, Romance ,SchooLife Associated Names GHFOD How to... เดตออนไลน์ยังไงให้พัง ...
Pampered Consort's Acting Awards by SojuIsFreak
Pampered Consort's Acting Awardsby sojuuuuuuu
[I don't own this story. For offline purposes only.] CREDITA BELOW. Description In her last life, everyone said that Su Ling had a good life, a matchless beauty born fro...
Unseen Immortal of Three Hundred Years by Eristhewanderer
Unseen Immortal of Three Hundred Y...by Eristhewanderer
Title: Unseen Immortal of Three Hundred Years Alternative Title: 不见上仙三百年 Author: Mu Su Li [木苏里] Status: On going ================ Tens of thousands of demons in this wor...
Pòsuì Destiny 破碎 命运 by Harmonieca
Pòsuì Destiny 破碎 命运by Xiao Si
Transmigrated into a world of royalties and two countries at war, where will her loyalty lie? Love and Lies are the foundation of a civilization, war is its destruction...
National School Prince is a Girl  by its_IslaMarie
National School Prince is a Girl by Aillah
Story NOT Mine. For Offline Purposes Only. *** Author: Warring Young Seven, 战七少 Alternative names: 国民校草是女生, 帝少心头宠:国民校草是女生 Genre: Gender Bender, Romance, School Life, Sho...
Despised as a hideous nerd in school, but I'm an Ikeman at night by AuliveSofya
Despised as a hideous nerd in scho...by AuliveSofya
Ena Haru has been labelled as an ugly nerd and loner in school by everyone, yet what they don't know is that he's a host at night. He does his best trying to hide his tr...
4:48 by b__sym
4:48by _
Associated Names : Four forty-eight , 凌晨四點四十八 Author : 秦墨北 (Qin Mobei ) ဟေး...ဘာမှမပြောနဲ့။ ကြောက်စရာမလိုပါဘူး။ မနက် လေးနာရီလေးဆယ့်ရှစ်မိနစ်ရှိပြီ။ သေဆုံးချိန်ဆိုတာ စိတ်...