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Psychopathic (Jungkook x reader) by Armycenter
Psychopathic (Jungkook x reader)by BtsBrain
First and foremost I do now own bighit or any of the members of BTS! This is a horror fan fiction so if you're sensitive to blood, gore or other disturbing images...
Michael Myers x Male Reader by hikikomori2004
Michael Myers x Male Readerby Brainr0t sfx
Michael Myers x Male Reader (one shot) note: pics doesn't belong to me, creds to the original artists
Don't Call Me 'Son' (Jeff the Killer Fanfic) [2nd Place in Jeff the Killer 2016] by Terrible_Fate
Don't Call Me 'Son' (Jeff the Kill...by [Moved Accounts] // IWK~
Revenge. That is the only thing Michael Moss could think about after his mother's death. Eleven years ago, Michael's mother went missing after Michael told her a monste...
Horror Sans X Reader(13+) by Glasses-cos
Horror Sans X Reader(13+)by G//Issem
W A R N I N G ⚠️:This story may have sexual contents so you have been warned and if you dislike "SeXuAlIzInG sKeLeToNs", NSFW, Fannon(fans Invision of characte...
   -HE'S REAL-   |  Beyblade Burst by Imagine_Book_04
-HE'S REAL- | Beyblade Burstby Kira
Do you know something behind a wide grin and unusual intense between blader and bey? That's make them being the blader with their true resonance that they have. But, som...
Alien: Vengeance (Fan Fiction) by jaflynnauthor
Alien: Vengeance (Fan Fiction)by J.A. Flynn
Alan, a young man with depression is put on a large, double-decker ship known as the USS Frontier. He is the janitor. But that is the least of his issues. His abusive f...
The Misty Meadow's Children's Home by Starryhalos
The Misty Meadow's Children's Homeby Rosalie
WARNING: This story features graphic descriptions of Child Abuse, Child Murder, Suicide, Kidnapping, and Gore. The Misty Meadow's Children's Home, A place of refuge and...
Doll (Yandere!Human!Bill Cipher X F!Reader) by Ratty_Confusion
Doll (Yandere!Human!Bill Cipher X...by Cock n' balls
You didn't understand, why...? Why had he taken such an obsession to you, you were just a young girl in the small town Gravity Falls in Oregon, now the bride of a sociop...
The hell priest's apprentice. (Completed). by Moon-beans
The hell priest's apprentice. (Com...by Moon-beans
Bella was a former soldier in the Middle East, serving the military until becoming p.o.w and sold to be tortured on the deep web. Her last snuff film before being placed...
The Creeper's pride, (Jeepers Creepers fan fic) by Moon-beans
The Creeper's pride, (Jeepers Cree...by Moon-beans
Every twenty three years he used to eat, until he kidnapped Darrius, spared his life and started a stolkhome induced affair that lead to the creation of their small fami...
Jason x Freddy oneshots by That_one_cake
Jason x Freddy oneshotsby JOHN. FUCK. THE CAKE
Just oneshots for the best ship in the horror universe We've just watched Freddy vs Jason and we can see the tension between them so let's rly bring that to life Authors...
   -THE WORLD OF US-   |  Beyblade Burst by Imagine_Book_04
-THE WORLD OF US- | Beyblade...by Kira
Popularity and fans. That is not what they want for playing this Beyblade. The excitement of playing Beyblade, they want it. But something, someone, and somehow it sudde...
Security Breach - The Return to the Runaway FNAF Fanfiction by ThePinkNeonLeopard
Security Breach - The Return to th...by Groguuuu
Highest ranking - #2 in HorrorFanfiction Gregory shivered as he passed through the glass doors. He was only here because of his best friend. The horrifying memories of t...
Scream 2 by ImaginatorNovel04
Scream 2by Marco_Bailey
After a couple of months from the first murders. Anna Walters has returned to woodsbro after spending months at a retreat. Attempting to forget and recover from the horr...
imagine >Crankiplier< by unusannusisnotdead
imagine >Crankiplier<by crankiplierissuperior
ethan knew he was real. he could see him. hear him, feel him. why could no one else? better yet, how could he prove mark is real?
Harry Styles Horror Fanfics by puthxstyles
Harry Styles Horror Fanficsby Harry Styles Imagines
Here you'll read horror and creepy fanfictions starring Harry Edward Styles. If you love paranormal and horror stuff then this is Perfect for you !!! Suggestions and...
The Classic Slashers One Shots by thebottomleftcoffin
The Classic Slashers One Shotsby thebottomleftcoffin
This includes Jason Ghostface (if you want a specific ghostface I can do that) Michael Myers Freddy Leather Face Candyman I take request of any other classic slashers...
Half Dead by nada_kamal
Half Deadby Nada Kamal
"Help! I'm still alive! I'm here!" i screamed for the millionth time but my words fell to deaf ears.. Or there was something stopping them from hearing me, I'm...
Never Walk Alone [BTS] by JustHoseoks
Never Walk Alone [BTS]by Manqchi
Traveling to America for their long awaited World Tour, the manager takes every one to a large Hotel which seems to be in the middle of no where. - At first it seems nor...