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Number 1 fan (Hoshimachi Suisei x Reader) by Holoficfan
Number 1 fan (Hoshimachi Suisei x...by Holoficfan
Due to his father's job, Y/N L/N moves houses every few years. After moving once again, Y/N meets the girl next door and becomes friends with her, as well going to schoo...
Psychotic Tendencies: A Different Path by AgentOChaos
Psychotic Tendencies: A Different...by Agent O’ Chaos
"I heard a while back when I was stuck in my suite that a theory existed where every action has a consequence. And another theory that said every action or choice y...
Memories by BurstIntoBloom
Memoriesby Hoshiyomi
A slice of life Male Reader x Ookami Mio fanfiction.
The Tournament to Stop The Apocalypse, A Hololive Fan Story by Aficionado271
The Tournament to Stop The Apocaly...by Afficionado271
After eons of existence, The Council have ultimately decided to eradicate humanity, however one member, Nanashi Mumei, has another idea Of course all characters used her...
Comet Is In Love by yuri_love_cookies
Comet Is In Loveby Yuna
「Why? Why her? Why not me?」 「You're mine!」 「YOU think that I'm joking?! You know what? Let me just show you what I meant by that!」 「If I can't have you! No one can!」 ___...
A Stars upon this Night Sky (A HoloPro Fic) by SleepySero69
A Stars upon this Night Sky (A Hol...by Sero~
"When I was on top of the world, I should be the most happiest person on earth. But when I turned around, I realized that there's no one who could be happy about my...
Stars From Afar (Hoshimachi Suisei x Reader) by hololiveenjoyer
Stars From Afar (Hoshimachi Suisei...by hololiveEnjoyer
Y/N just moved to a new city and is starting his first year of high school. He doesn't have friends at the moment after he just moved so he has to make new friends. He m...
Delinquent's Crescendo by Yuriballs
Delinquent's Crescendoby Yuriballs
Otonose Kanade makes a deal with Todoroki Hajime to become her model. That is all she thinks of it; however, could there be more to that than she thinks?
An Idol? More like a bunch of Idiots: A Hololive x COTE Fanfic by Nekoramara-senpai
An Idol? More like a bunch of Idio...by Neko-paisen
Takes place in no Volume at all. :D ( Let me clarify one thing. This is a Hololive x KIYOTAKA fanfic. Well, I guess it says in the title it's cote, but it technically is...
Love Far Beyond the Ashes  by Yuriballs
Love Far Beyond the Ashes by Yuriballs
Calli and Kiara have been separated once again after finally rekindling their flame of love. The two want to reunite with one another by all means necessary and will do...
Demon and the Dragon (Kiryu Coco x Kure Male Reader) by DemigodRyujin
Demon and the Dragon (Kiryu Coco x...by TheDemigodRyujin
Nothing much, just a simple story dedicated to our cute Yakuza Dragon.
Holo-Life ZERO [Discontinued] by TruVlu
Holo-Life ZERO [Discontinued]by TruVlu
Sora, Suisei, and AZKi, three girls who's dream is to become idols bringing joy and entertainment to others, after the huge success of their most recent concert their dr...
Obsession by WakanaiYo
Obsessionby wasoabi3
Coming Soon: After Escape Completed Continuation from Hololive: Stories. [Short Story: Micomet ホロライ] Suisei is straight and Miko is obsessed with her bestfriend. "S...
5th Generation's new 5th member (Hololive) Discontinue by HirokuEmiyo
5th Generation's new 5th member (H...by HirokuEmiyo
Mano Akui, A 14 Years old boy, He was Adopted to the Mano family when he was 6, He is really fond of his Sister, His sister always Care for Him, Despite being spoiled mu...
Hololive: Reflection by JowaPlays
Hololive: Reflectionby Jowa
A world just like our own... Yet different in every way... You will become our savior... Ito Nozomi is just your average 18-year old NEET, but when he wakes up in a twis...
Hololive - Hololove! Holo... by A3lS0w
Hololive - Hololove! Holo...by A3L
This is a story about all the Hololive (or almost)! It tells about their lives, their friendships, but above all of their loves! It will not be set in any fantasy world...
Meteor Shower by AnimeWatcher1
Meteor Showerby JNES
Suisei and Kanata are in a secret relationship, however they couldn't keep it a secret from Suisei's older sister, Anemachi, for long. With Kanata and Anemachi out the n...
Story Once Told Among The Stars (part 2: judgement of the council) by skyrawathi
Story Once Told Among The Stars (p...by allon_
*sequel of story once told Among The Stars (part 1: world war)* the war is ended, everything is back to normal, or should I say, it's more chaos? "I need you to hel...
Shy Senpai (Minato Aqua X OC) by Holoficfan
Shy Senpai (Minato Aqua X OC)by Holoficfan
Kita Isashi is in love with his friend, and Senpai, Minato Aqua. He contemplates whether or not he should tell her, afraid of ruining the friendship they have already. S...
BanG Dream! Hololive (RARELY UPDATED) by toastpatches
BanG Dream! Hololive (RARELY UPDAT...by toast i think
Uruha Rushia (o7) becomes a fan of Hololive and Bang Dream idols, and they inspire her to create her own band.