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Angel In The Darkness  by volleyball238
Angel In The Darkness by volleyball238
Eliana Forster never thought she would find herself being thrown into the hands of mafia boss Dean Armani a ruthless cold hearted killer who seems to have a soft spot on...
simply the best (Robert x reader) by oatmilkxo
simply the best (Robert x reader)by 🤍🤍
~book 1/2~ you pursue your dreams of becoming an actor, and in the middle of it you meet your celebrity crush, Robert Irwin. turns out the feelings are mutual. everythi...
Royal | Jennifer Check by RWeiszsLeftBreast
Royal | Jennifer Checkby Lillie Olsen
Jennifer x fem reader Jennifer x you
TommyInnit's unbeatable method of avoiding sudden death by idonotloveyouboo
TommyInnit's unbeatable method of...by Knock
"I uh," Tommy starts, not knowing how to break this to the hero lightly. He hates to be the bearer of bad news. "I think your powers are broken? It's not...
Pride Curse! by Life57278
Pride Curse!by 🏳️‍🌈supportgaymen
This story is about a young coven head named Blake. Blake has a lot on his shoulders juggling with being gay, developing mental disorders and having to manage his corrup...
💫Still Not Giving Up💫 by Useruseruser101
💫Still Not Giving Up💫by youngreezy!!
please read the bold paragraph in the first chapter. (Steven Universe x Reader) Trigger warning!! Mentions self harm, depressive thoughts, suicide, etc. This takes place...
We met at the fair by hypehouse1234
We met at the fairby Hypehouse_Sway books
Emma was on a family vacation in Orlando they went to universal studios and while she was eating she noticed someone and they made eye contact
Andy barber oneshots by Klaus0wife
Andy barber oneshotsby A$$eater3000
Just oneshots about Andy Might do different Chris evens characters Requests are open ENJOY! Nvm it's literally one and I lost motivation 💀
𝗪𝗔𝗥 𝗢𝗩𝗘𝗥 𝗬𝗢𝗨 by yeahhliltop
𝗪𝗔𝗥 𝗢𝗩𝗘𝗥 𝗬𝗢𝗨by popping percs
The things we did our parents wouldn't approve. But we did it anyway. She had all the boys and he didn't really get all the girls. But he damn sure was all over her, and...
TikTok smuts by griss6231
TikTok smutsby Hey
Here's a TikTok smut for y'all horny ass people😼
Flowers from 1970 by idonotloveyouboo
Flowers from 1970by Knock
Young, lonely George Davidson discovers he can use an old telephone to communicate with a boy living fifty years in the past.
Outer Banks Imagines  by unknowtemptation
Outer Banks Imagines by unknowtemptation
Sarah John b JJ Kiara Topper Rafe Pope
Love hurts  ( haiku) by indiegirl28
Love hurts ( haiku)by Laura
This is a poetry book which tells my life through poems
Harry Stan bible. by Nialls_BigToe
Harry Stan bible.by Dagger 🗡
If you're a Harry Stan, read this book. It's just a book of me ranting, honestly. Title Credits: @cordensangles
Our Little Secret || Pacey Witter  by heyitsave1
Our Little Secret || Pacey Witter by Averey Haydon
Pacey and River never really liked each other, but got along because they were in the same friend group. (The group: Joey, Dawson, Pacey, and River) After someone tells...
Heaven by I_Love_You_2005
Heavenby I_Love_You_2005
Goodbye, was my last words on this earth... No, was the last I heard... Now I'm here to tell you about what it's like after you die, to answer what you all want to know...
Giyuu x shinobu  by Gabriela548714
Giyuu x shinobu by Animeship
This is a love story of giyuu and shinobu. I'm sorry if it bad btw
Миний хэлж чадаагүй үгс  by 7xstar
Миний хэлж чадаагүй үгс by 7xstar
Миний сэтгэл доторх чамд зориулсан үгс