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Love or Obsession [Kim Taehyung] by clumsywritez
Love or Obsession [Kim Taehyung]by Writer ✍️
Before she could complete he hold her hand and try to put that ring in her ring finger. Actually that ring is one size smaller then her size. She tired to take her hand...
Heart Held In Captive❤️(Completed✔️) by a_sense
Heart Held In Captive❤️(Completed✔ Ak
A usual story of passionate love with an unusual twist.A Tale of Responsibility vs love.
Captain Of My Heart (Indian Army Romance #1) by authornarmada
Captain Of My Heart (Indian Army Narmada HN
When Brigadier Amarjeet Dhillon's daughter, Jiya, goes missing 10 days before her wedding, he trusts no one but Captain Ishaan to bring her back. To Captain Ishaan who h...
Arohan - The Ascent by ChaitraAnumula
Arohan - The Ascentby Chaitra Anumula
Life is a strange baggage of surprises and shocks. It beats you down to dumps and then, gives you a hand to raise you to unimaginable peaks. This is the story of Urvashi...
* Inspired from a real life story They say time heals everything, but some things are not worth healing. There is hapiness in holding those pieces together and that happ...
His Girl by taetae04_
His Girlby 💜Nishhhh💜
What happen if South Korea's biggest mafia falls in love with Indian transfer student who came s.korea to study....will she accept him?? No Copyrights🚫⚠️
MY INDIAN BRIDE  by JungYiHyunssi
MY INDIAN BRIDE by JungYiHyunssi
Kim Taehyung is well known idol and businessman from South Korea. But wait are you sure that he is just an idol ? Open into the underground world and his original identi...
The Yearning Heart by HOPE_of_LoVeE_
The Yearning Heartby Parkavi
Have you ever been in a Long Distance Relationship ?? Or Do you believe in Long Distance Relationship ?? If no, then come and find out How it is feels to be in a Long di...
• INDIAN LOVEBIRDS • 👀✨🦋 by JayPrakash849
• INDIAN LOVEBIRDS • 👀✨🦋by Jay Prakash
y/n Roy the daughter of India mafia king what happen when mafia king Kim taehyung came to India but with a secret 🤫 what happen when they met eachother? they both fall...
OUR LOVE STORY (K.TH) SEASON 1 by Harshiii7777777
What if an Indian girl and a Korean boy fall in love ❤️ Y/n Shah - Indian - Beautiful, cute, hot, smart - 19 years old - Dark past - Sensitive girl Kim Taehyung ...
Hey , brown girl (season 2) by authorr-beee
Hey , brown girl (season 2)by
before reading this , first complete the season 1 for better understanding <3 In trip to India , Aditi's life drastically changed . she is now in relationship with t...
Your idol my husband ✔️ by sweety-1821
Your idol my husband ✔️by deepti-1821
Hi my name is Kim y/n I'm 21 years old I'm studying in Seoul national university and I'm the sister of Kim namjoon I'm a fan of bts too it's about my story how I fall...
when he bully you not knowing you're an orphan  by DollYadav4
when he bully you not knowing you' Doll Yadav
Hello everyone I am new here I hope you all like this story 💓💓
Misunderstanding [Kim Taehyung] by clumsywritez
Misunderstanding [Kim Taehyung]by Writer ✍️
In midnight Yn was sleeping in her room. Someone silently come inside and lock the door. The person went towards her and stand beside her bed looking at her sleeping fig...
Indescribable Twine✔ (Love & Baby Series #1) by mauli_29
Indescribable Twine✔ (Love & Mauli Singh
The dynamics of a relationship isn't as easy to understand as we consider it. Not everything said means the literal, not everything heard is true. The aspects of a relat...
Being with Suga [BTS Yoongi/SUGA Fanfic] by Tia_appie
Being with Suga [BTS Yoongi/SUGA Tia appie
story from SUGA's girlfriend point of view , how they got together :) For less confusion Yoongi and Suga are same person ,so sometimes I refer to him as Yoongi sometime...
ANNYEONG BABY! || A BTS FF  by Shamama503
ANNYEONG BABY! || A BTS FF by Shamama Khan
"Wh-what does the no-ote say?", Yoongi stumbled with his words. "Month!", Namjoon replied crumpling the paper in fear "How many?", Tae rais...
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We Are Siblings ? by ARMY127Z
We Are Siblings ?by CRAZY_FANGIRL2009
Shin inha (thats you) when 10 years old girl her faimly getting killed on her birthday gets abused by the person who killed her faimly getting abused by her own mother w...
Suvan One Shots by SampaBagchi
Suvan One Shotsby sambag
These are a collection of One shots on Shravan and Suman of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste Season 1 & Season 2, a fanfiction series . Its from both the seasons of the series.
Unexpected Lover || J.J.K. by SabhyataVarshney
Unexpected Lover || Sabhyata Varshney
Y/N is an international army who lives in India. As her 18th birthday present, her parents books her a vacation in Seoul, South Korea. There she meets her favourite pers...