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Kirishima's Big Brother by bbop945
Kirishima's Big Brotherby bbop945
Izuku is the big brother of Kirishima. After their parents past away when they were younger. Izuku has to take on multiple jobs to help his brother make it to his dream...
the copycat hero: Deku by DanielMaxwell358
the copycat hero: Dekuby Daniel Maxwell
what if Deku wasn't quirkless but instead has a powerful copy quirk
Upgrader (Quirk Izuku) by ice_boy87
Upgrader (Quirk Izuku)by ice_boy87
I do not own bnha or the art for the cover, nor do I know the artist so I don't know who to credit. This is a story where Izuku has a quirk at birth that can upgrade its...
Ghostly Whispers by Passing_Ghost_Friend
Ghostly Whispersby Passing_Ghost_Friend
Izuku has a ghost quirk. Simple as that. He works as a bartender when he grows up, but also helps with the polive for special cases. Now he is teamed up with his ex-frie...
Green Mineral Hero [Complete] by Lotus_Moonveil
Green Mineral Hero [Complete]by Lotus_Moonveil
This story is completed. This is a alternate universe where Izuku has a very, interesting quirk called Green Mineral. With his quirk he is now an unkillable walking emer...
Anubis, Protector of innocent- Vigilate Izuku by TheBentBender
Anubis, Protector of innocent- Vig...by Jesse Slocum
Izuku Midoriya, at the age of 4, was kidnapped, and at the age of 14, he escaped. When he entered his kidnapping, he was a scared little boy. Yet when he left, he was a...
° 𝐿𝐼𝑉𝐸𝐷 ° by thisisntei
° 𝐿𝐼𝑉𝐸𝐷 °by eizil(ゝω・´★)
[Uncompleted/ongoing/editing] (Being rewritten, lots of chapters haven't been fixed yet.) •──────────• After being ridiculed for something out of his control, he decided...
Deku, The Hell Flame Dragon Slayer by FireLord2020
Deku, The Hell Flame Dragon Slayerby Sean Bell
What if Izuku was the secret love child of Ryuko Tatsuma and Enji Todoroki? What if Izuku gets a quirk based fire dragon slayer magic from FairyTail? Particularly based...
Ticking of the clock by Diamondragon23
Ticking of the clockby Diamondragon23
Inko often wonders if Izuku could have had a normal life. If only he hadn't manifested that quirk.. even no quirk at all would have been better. Nobody even knows what i...
Sometimes fear is the best weapon by PrimeA1999
Sometimes fear is the best weaponby PrimeA1999
Fear... fear can be a powerful weapon in a world with powers but is it good for heroics, Izuku Midoriya didn't know if you even could become a hero with fear, but that w...
I'm Not A Hero!!! by acousticbitch
I'm Not A Hero!!!by SMeXYBiTCheS
another AU Izuku Midoriya our little protagonist was framed for stealing the UA files.They expelled him and sent to the prison which he was happy and sad since his mothe...
Secretly Dating (BKDK) by VillainDekuIsAmazing
Secretly Dating (BKDK)by Villain Deku 💖😌✨
"Tenko...I'm tired..." I mumbled. "SHITTY DEKU, GET AWAY FROM SHIGARAKI!" Kacchan yelled. I flinched and got closer to Tenko who glared at him. &qu...
Izuku and The Sea Dragon by Hiro_No_Kaze
Izuku and The Sea Dragonby Hiro_No_Kaze
Izuku Yagi, born to Inko Yagi and Toshinori Yagi, the twin brother of Izumi Yagi. Neglected and abused by his family for the sole fact of him being diagnosed as quirkles...
The Life Of Deku by Alex_Wolf16
The Life Of Dekuby Alex Wolf
This is in fact My first ever Fanfic... I know i have other stories But This is Fan fiction sooo completely different Okay For starters This is A (IzuMomo) Ship Fanfic...
Touch | Healer Izuku by Cry_inacorner
Touch | Healer Izukuby Cry_inacorner
It's what the titles says. Deku is born with a Healing quirk that's is a little... ok really OP. Currently he is the #1 hero and he is writing about his time at U.A. His...
A Far Descendent of the Skies by Archived_bowl
A Far Descendent of the Skiesby
there was a Myth going around that if you prayed to a Shooting star you would have your wish granted, sometimes modified to fit you, and the future. so what happens when...
Voice of an Angel by CholoDog
Voice of an Angelby Chloe Barbaro
Izuku thought his life couldn't get any better. He had amazing classmates, friends, a quirk, and he was well on his way to becoming a pro hero! But, he was wrong, becaus...
Blood and Ink Izuku by Stillwell03
Blood and Ink Izukuby Stillwell03
Ever since Izuku was little, he always loved cartoons and heroes. Once obtained his quirk, he could become a hero that saved people and entertain them after with his own...
Izuku's Hidden Quirk by thinks36
Izuku's Hidden Quirkby thinks36
After a day of training with All Might to receive All For One, Izuku is attacked by a villain. His quirk activates and he escapes but passes out in the middle of the roa...
your not my hero 《villain Aizawa》 by fourthWallbreaker_JJ
your not my hero 《villain Aizawa》by fourthwallbreaker
My first villain Aizawa book with Izuku. I got the idea while listening to a song so I'm sorry if it- well I don't know if it has a plot and I'm sorry if- well Shota isn...