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Izuku's pro hero family (UA staff chat) by duhhwhat
Izuku's pro hero family (UA Mysterious Avocado
Izuku gets added to the UA Staff Chat and soon becomes the apple of everyone's eye! Top rankings: #1 in Allmight- 30/10/2021 #1 in Presentmic- 15/10/2021 #1 in Midnight...
cute like a kitten - EraserMic by frobsterz
cute like a kitten - EraserMicby frob
Shota Aizawa never had a real friend before, but when he meets Yamada Hizashi everything changes... PSA: A long story! young EraserMic swearing/violence fluff and pote...
Ball of sunshine by KeigoTheWeirdo105
Ball of sunshineby YourFriendlyNeighbourhoodWeir...
Izuku Midoriya was abused his whole life by his father. His mother and half brother was too. His brother eventually got kicked out and his mother killed infront of him...
Sons of Eraserhead | Dadzawa [BOOK 1] by FirefliesNightcore
Sons of Eraserhead | Dadzawa [ Firefly
Shota Aizawa never planned on having a family. He wasn't a people-person, so living in a house with multiple other humans was never his idea of a 'home'. That was until...
Ghost ( a bnha fanfic) by My_Storybook_Fanfics
Ghost ( a bnha fanfic)by My_Storybook_Fanfics
Ghost was neglected and thrown onto the streets after her parents death, as none of her relatives wanted her due to her "monster" quirk. She spent her life alo...
Unknown Number|BNHA by Clover_Exist
Unknown Number|BNHAby [Abandoned Account]
---- Summery #1 ---- Izuku just got home from his school, he's a bit beat up but nothing a little lying could do to make his mom believe he was just clumsy. Izuku was ju...
Erasermic pictures¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (INCOMPLETE) by FlyingTodoroni
Erasermic pictures¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ( patrick star
only erasermic pictures. Inspired by @Lil_MonsterAnimates I'm pretty new in this 👁👄👁
The Girl in the Corner [Todoroki x Reader] by StellarMo0n
The Girl in the Corner [Todoroki Cringe Recovery
Y/n is a student in class 1-A, but noone knows she is there. She is fine with that, she sees everyone happy, so she does not want to ruin that. Also, she wears a smile e...
The Cafe  by MsDelicateRose
The Cafe by Leigh
A neutral place where Vigilantes, Villains, and Heroes can enjoy beverages, cupcakes or cakes. It has simple rules. No shady business, capturing or interrogating anyone...
Yandere! BNHA x reader Oneshots by LordOfTheBiches
Yandere! BNHA x reader Oneshotsby LordOfTheBiches
Come one, come all!!! Want something dark and twisted? Look no further... You also want some fluff? Well... um, it's also here, but it's still yandere, so... yee?
The Names || Erasermic || fluff, angst by delptelp
The Names || Erasermic || fluff, Dazai kinnie boy
In a world where people get the names of their lover and killer on their wrists when they get their quirk Got this idea from this TikTok
shadow || abused izuku + dadzawa story by todorokisdeku_
shadow || abused izuku + dadzawa ash :)
!! either under long hiatus or not updating idk yet !! this is a story about what would happen if izuku remained quirkless and was abused by his mother and after certain...
Anywhere but There by Theartofthefangirl
Anywhere but Thereby Theartofthefangirl
Aizawa notices that Todoroki is being abused and intervenes.
It Struck A Heart String With Many (BNHA x OC) by KanaRika4
It Struck A Heart String With Christi Pugh
Ishi Azusa, she lived a life free of people on the streets of mustafu. She could never see the outside word because she was afraid, afraid of killing someone with her ey...
Good Kitty * Aizawa x Daughter!Reader by aizawasmilkymilkers
Good Kitty * Aizawa x Daughter! zawabunz
𝔻𝔸𝔻ℤ𝔸𝕎𝔸 ♡︎ you are a kitten aizawa finds and raises, creating an unbreakable bond. what happens when you turn human one night?? I OWN NONE OF THE CHARACTERS MENTI...
What are the Odds that you would like me too (Micdeku) by Kirapapa13
What are the Odds that you would Kirapapa13
At a young age Izuku finds out that he is a neko and quirkless. His mother abandon him and he is raised by his father. Eventually he ends up at UA where he wants to be a...
Mafia Can Love? by KittenAftn
Mafia Can Love?by KittenAftn
Hizashi Yamada, the Mafia leader, kidnaps a well known hero known as Eraserhead. He remembers almost nothing about Eraserhead except but he found online and that he use...
Problems by KittenAftn
Problemsby KittenAftn
Shōta Aizawa is a 16 year old boy who's colorblind lives with his mom and his twin sister(Taylor). His mom always favorited Shōta and and never let Taylor do anything. S...
Home by SpicyBiscuit
Homeby Micheal
When Shinsou Hitoshi runs away from his abusive home, he's taken in by two of his teachers. But he never expected that they would become a family. -Trigger warning: Chi...
The Stray |BnHA| by Eli_Eclypse_207
The Stray |BnHA|by
Shouta had always wanted a cat - it was among one of the few things he wanted more in his life. His apartment got lonely and quiet. He'd never gotten one of course, he'd...