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2| M҉O҉R҉T҉A҉L҉A҉ - J҉. H҉E҉R҉O҉N҉D҉A҉L҉E҉ by EstellaNovella
2| M҉O҉R҉T҉A҉L҉A҉ - J҉. H҉E҉R҉O҉N҉...by EstellaNovella
In which Davina Rollins needs to hunt down the most notorious Shadowhunter to save the love of her life. JACE HERONDALE X OC
Faded Runes |Alec Lightwood| by evie_morelle
Faded Runes |Alec Lightwood|by evie_morelle
Sophie Lightwood (née Wayland) was deeply intertwined into the New York Institute, being the sister of Jace Wayland, the parabatai of Isabelle Lightwood and the wife to...
predestined | jace herondale by concupiscentz
predestined | jace herondaleby ♡
he was my escape from all the insanity that surrounded me; things I thought were only legends.
Shadowhunters Imagines  by blackthornslightwood
Shadowhunters Imagines by blackthornslightwood
I write imagines based off the books and the tv show. I will write - Alec -Jace -Simon
MIRIFIC ... a.lightwood [2] by liIiths
MIRIFIC ... a.lightwood [2]by 𝙫𝙚𝙚
Chris Loss was sure life couldn't get better. Alec Lightwood had finally kissed him, they were going to be together, they were going to go on their first date. Suddenly...
𝕭𝖚𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝕱𝖑𝖆𝖒𝖊𝖘 by Bonitoflakes0305
𝕭𝖚𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝕱𝖑𝖆𝖒𝖊𝖘by Bonitoflakes0305
What will happen when Clary Fray enters the life of Elizabeth Lightwood, younger twin of Isabelle Lightwood? Will love blossom among the teenage Shadowhunters? Read to f...
The Love Life of Simon Lewis by Jimonumental
The Love Life of Simon Lewisby Jimonumental
Simon Lewis had a bad habit of being blind. Blind to the truth about his childhood best friend, blind to his own needs, blind to the family he's surrounded by, and blind...
Tmi oneshots and x readers by Dragon019
Tmi oneshots and x readersby Cheshire Cat
So this is just a collection of one shots and x readers of the characters from tmi. I am very happy to take requests if you have any and I really hope you enjoy.
The Shadowhunters:City Of Children....A Mortal Instruments Fanfic✅ by AestheticAngel2000
The Shadowhunters:City Of Children...by Kimmy_2000
Highest Rankings: #2 in Sizzy(11th May 2018) #1 in Jace Lightwood (9th March 2019) What happens when a spell goes wrong by Magnus turns Jace,Isabelle and Alec into child...
The Rise Of The Morningstar (Eng. Version) by skyguysangel
The Rise Of The Morningstar (Eng...by Skyllen
Jocelyn didn't leave Valentine after the uprising. Eighteen years later, Jonathan and Clarissa developed to young and deadly Shadowhunters. Demonic blood turns Jonathan...
The Other Herondale by nofightingshelby
The Other Herondaleby nofightingshelby
"This is going to be harder than we thought, isn't it?" he asked, looking into her eyes with passion that she'd never seen before. "Yes, but I believe it...
moira | alec lightwood by concupiscentz
moira | alec lightwoodby ♡
(n.) a person's fate or destiny. in this case, one that was chosen for them and they are forced to pursue.
Raising Hell by IndextheHero
Raising Hellby IndextheHero
"There's something off about you, mundane." Alec drops his voice to sound threatening. It would have worked for anyone who didn't already know the tricks. &quo...
Born Confused: Malec AU Sequel by fandoms_of_feels
Born Confused: Malec AU Sequelby fandoms_of_feels
A sequel to my first story, Born Confused! *__________________* Upon waking up from a year long coma, Alec Lightwood soon learns his life with Magnus Bane never happened...
St. Xavier's High School - Where ALL the drama happens by ClaceMalecSizzyLover
St. Xavier's High School - Where A...by themultifandomhuman
Basically the TMI characters in a mundane world. All rights go to the talented CASSANDRA CLARE. Please keep in mind this is fan fiction so it isn't a real book.
shadowhunters watch by marie_lomas_06
shadowhunters watchby Nyx Marie
Clary has been having flashbacks and most of the angels are not happy about her loosing her memories, so they bring (kidnap) the new York shadow hunters, Alec, Magnus, S...
Collisions (Originals/Vampire Diaries/Shadowhunters) by littlestwriter
Collisions (Originals/Vampire Diar...by littlestwriter
Hope Mikaelson. Daughter of the deadly Klaus Mikaelson. Part witch, werewolf and vampire. She is fierce, alluring and powerful. After all, being taught how to fight by t...
Dead To Me by holding_on_to_hope
Dead To Meby holding_on_to_hope
It's been over six years since she last saw him. Clary's heart was broken by Jace shattered into a billion pieces when she found him cheating on her. And not in that was...
City of Bones: Twisted Fate by WretchedxAndxDivine
City of Bones: Twisted Fateby baby n ????
Clary lives with her twin brother Sebastian and her mother Jocelyn in sunny California, where they hope Valentine won't try to contact them again. Everything is perfect...
What's Scarier? High School Vs Demons  by thatsagooddoor
What's Scarier? High School Vs Dem...by thatsagooddoor
When the gang is send to high school on a mission they must learn to be mundane while trying to figure out who's causing all the increased demon activities. Could it be...