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Jacksepticeye x reader smut by Jackaboischild
Jacksepticeye x reader smutby Jay
It's smut..about one of the most good looking men in history.......... What else do I have to explain
You Can Call Me Daddy| A Teamiplier Smut Book| THE TWO YEAR OLD REPOST by Sinny4585
You Can Call Me Daddy| A Teamiplie...by Sinny
⚠️ SMUT WARNING ⚠️ Hey guys this is a Teamiplier smut book. It's the repost you've all missed. Brining it back after two years. I'm not editing it, only brining it back...
Smut book by whoreforglassesreid
Smut bookby Charlie
Says it all in the title :3 Just send requests and if I know the character I shall do a smut/lemon on them. To make this easier, if you could, send requests for: • Ja...
She's Mine (Jack X Mark X reader) by RunningBaconSandwich
She's Mine (Jack X Mark X reader)by RunningBaconSandwich
Your professor and a boy at your college, both fall hopelessly in love with you. On the surface you may think you know them, but you truly don't know what they are ĉ̴̆...
choices (jacksepticeye x reader smut) by Magicalsean
choices (jacksepticeye x reader sm...by Magicalsean
a smut fanfic about jacksepticeye (&anti) & the reader, enjoy ;)
Markiplier and Jacksepticeye short stories by Youtuber_Paradise24
Markiplier and Jacksepticeye short...by Youtuber_Paradise24
This book will consist all of the following: •Language •High quality of smut •low quality of smut •Trigger warnings •Sadness •Hppiness •Daddy kinks °Gay moments •Death ...
The Boy In The Hood (Jacksepticeye fanfiction) by blackveilbrideofandy
The Boy In The Hood (Jacksepticeye...by BentOverBckwards1
The house across of Isabella is finally sold to a quite attractive buyer. Making possibly the worst first Impression, Isabella wants to see if she can fix her mistake an...
Shit art by floofiplier
Shit artby Trash McGee™
Ignore the Instagram layout in the cover...but yeh..art..and shit..enjoy i guess...? I ALSO TAKE REQUESTS JUST PM ME IF YOU WANT ME TO DRAW SOMETHING! IT IS COMPLETELY F...
|| My love || Septiplier || by markimoola
|| My love || Septiplier ||by Simp
Ever since that kiss during a round of truth or dare jack has been having some feelings for mark. Little did he know that mark liked him too. Will they stay friends or...
Septiplier / Danti smut 2019  by suprxmetae
Septiplier / Danti smut 2019 by Tae can eat my ass
Y'all read the title... you know whats about to happen 😏 and trust me it's not pure
Jacksepticeye Smut Imagines by nomcher
Jacksepticeye Smut Imaginesby nomcher
hi tbh i cant find lots of jse smuts on here so lets just jump right into it these are girl reader imagines so sjdjdj also i dont do daddy kinks for me personally its we...
For Georgia by Heather1512
For Georgiaby Heather
Written for one of my best friends, Georgia, for her birthday. Georgia mate, I hope this doesnt make you cry too much ;) - INCLUDES SMUT -
MarkxJackxReader by Galaxy_wolfs
MarkxJackxReaderby Skettche
A one night stand turns into a regular thing, but one day the two men you've been sleeping with decide to elope and when they come back they're... Different.
oneshots?- markiplier/jacksepticeye and egos by mmyiss
oneshots?- markiplier/jacksepticey...by mmyiss
I know I haven't updated my other story, I just feel like I should have two stories to write in when im feeling little or when im feeling a little less "innocent&qu...
~|| Magic || Septipler ||~ by markimoola
~|| Magic || Septipler ||~by Simp
Mark and Jack go to a school for people with unworldly supernatural powers. There is four classes, vampires,witches\wizards, warewolves, and demons and angels for ages 1...
{ Survivors || Septiplier } by markimoola
{ Survivors || Septiplier }by Simp
"Sorry dude I thought you were one of them" "Do I look dead to you asshole."