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White Olive Tree by Ramisa2
White Olive Treeby Ramisa2
'White Olive Tree' novel by Jiu Yue Xi English translation "Ah Zan, I am Ruan Ruan." No one is an island other than you. That fateful day, he looked out of th...
The Billionaire's Obsession✓ by glitter_charm
The Billionaire's Obsession✓by Anika
★COMPLETED★ Ciara Mendes is the beautiful Journalist from Flare Magazine who is not only trying to find her next story but also trying to mend her broken heart. Giovann...
Bad girl meets bad boy - Logan Huntzberger  by rudypankowismine
Bad girl meets bad boy - Logan lily
In this story the bad girl of Yale, Brooke Gilmore (Rory Gilmore's sister) meets the bad boy of Yale, Logan Huntzberger. As Brooke tries to do her school work to prepar...
Soulmate by SnowWhite1309
Soulmateby Snow White
A soulmate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity. . . . They aren't literally supposed to be a soul... Right? • • • • • "Listen, dude...
The Guy Named Harrison: Book One by calliopetorres
The Guy Named Harrison: Book Oneby Han Organa
Carolina Panthers superstar Harrison Ford meets NFL sportswriter Carrie Fisher during media day. Unknown to Carrie, Harrison secretly likes her. He isn't sure she likes...
Towards You✔️ by Inkedbyheart12
Towards You✔️by Shazia Akhter
Not edited(first draft) Nayab Hasan 22 year old beautiful girl is a journalist. She is bubbly, kind hearted, adventurous and firm in her decisions. Haroon Samad khan 29...
✓Darling, I love you | Professor R.J Lupin by chezhires
✓Darling, I love you | Professor 𝖏𝖆𝖓𝖊
❛I will wait an eternity just for you.❜
INTRODUCING Manik malhotra~asias no.1 youngest business tycoon..age 26 yrs..winning businessman of the year awards frm past 3 yrs..mood switches...some tym sweet some ty...
The Very First Night (Epistolary) ✔️  by pizzaaaagood
The Very First Night (Epistolary) saf
An Epistolary Story "I just hate it when people mess with me just because I look innocent and easy. I don't want to look that way, mas lalong ayoko ng atensyon.&qu...
Five | Taegi✔️ by Mai_Spring
Five | Taegi✔️by Mai
Where Kim Taehyung- a photographer, and Min Yoongi- a journalist get stuck at a winter lodge together for five days alone due to a totally-not-cliche winter storm. In th...
Greykin Mountain by TateCsernis
Greykin Mountainby T.Csernis
[Now complete!] When investigating the disappearance of seven fellow journalists, Jackson discovers Ascela's mountains hide more than wolf walkers and undead monsters. S...
Headlines by Luna_aka_Blade
Headlinesby 𝔒𝔫𝔢𝔯𝔦𝔞
A story where Park Jimin is a famous celebrity artist and Min Yoongi is a reporter. Min Yoongi's only job is to tag after Park Jimin and gather as many information about...
WITHOUT YOU by Vlovers19
WITHOUT YOUby Vlovers19
Seungcheol aka Scoups is the biggest rapper in korea who lives a scandalous lifestyle. He hates reporters because they always try to create a scandal for him. He gets en...
Loving You by Apphia_Rover
Loving Youby Apphia_Rover
Anastasia hasn't had it easy. A young aspiring black woman chasing a career in journalism, she faces a lot of set backs because of her skin colour. Her strong will power...
Off The Record,     Damon Albarn  by sweetadoring
Off The Record, Damon Albarn by ★
Breaking News : Alexis Wyncroft said something positive about Damon Albarn ( for the first time ever ) sweetadoring ©
Two Different Worlds by lewxqt44
Two Different Worldsby lewxqt44
In "Two Different Worlds," follow Sofia Salazar, a determined and ambitious senior student at a gymnasium, as she dreams of becoming a motorsports reporter. Li...
fire & ice : evan buckley by zestyhorizon172
fire & ice : evan buckleyby moz
he's a firefighter for the 118, shes a college hockey player, and 9-1-1 dispatcher in her free time. what happens when a accident brings the two to meet and they become...
The Anthem of the Rebels | ✓ by tala-al-badru
The Anthem of the Rebels | ✓by z.a nisar
In a world filled with injustice and lack of order- Zahid Naveed, a lawyer, finds himself in a fight against the whole judiciary system when he decides to stand firm for...
Ardhanagini -The Saga Of True Love by DivyaKatiyar230
Ardhanagini -The Saga Of True Loveby Divya Katiyar
This is the story of Rudraveer Ranawat and Kanishka Sharma. One who is walking on the path of writing a true definition of the term is very well known as, "Man"...