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⌘ʀᴇᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀ ᴜs...⌫ [hold] by izjiyuu
⌘ʀᴇᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀ ᴜs...⌫ [hold]by 혜
Iz* one 13th member AU Iz * one x fem reader A normal or not so normal girl, Min Minji (later changed into Hwang Minji after many many chapters because the author cringe...
U R ✅ by _izoneislife
U R ✅by p
What if someone is going to standout for you? She has been bullied ever since shes a freshman. she has no friends, literally lonely. But one day someone help her, Will...
Criminal | Book 1 ✔ by violetspov
Criminal | Book 1 ✔by def. violet
[GxG] [IZ*ONE] [YulYen Fanfiction] A wanted criminal and a police officer. Highest Ranking: #1 in Yulyen #1 in Yena #1 in Izone #1 in Joyuri
obstacles  |  j.wy x oc by clxudpeaches
obstacles | j.wy x ocby multi stan ✨🤍
Kim Hana was a dense girl that hasn't learned the meaning of "love" until one day, a young girl would change her mind forever. Little did they know, their pea...
Izone's New Adventure by TheCuteOne1234
Izone's New Adventureby TheCuteOne1234
Izone x reader Minjung is the 13th member of Izone. This book describes her interactions with Izone and new life with her group.
Kpop girl groups/ female solo artists oneshots by kpopfemqueens
Kpop girl groups/ female solo kpopfemqueens
I was desperate to make one of this so I created a new acc and I will be posting oneshots with the queens you request me, as well as oneshots I'll want to do, so please...
BOOK 1 OF SUPERSTAR SERIES ________________________________________ 《PARK SEOKYUNG》 ••◇•• "The Perfect And Beautiful"••◇•• ••◇•• "I love my fans,all of th...
"Lucky pt.2" - Kang Hyewon X Fem Reader [COMPLETE] by ShuHyoShin
"Lucky pt.2" - Kang Hyewon X Fem ShuHyoShin
"Let's break up. I think my love for you has faded away. I'm sorry."- Kang Hyewon " I thought you love me but it's turn out that you only play with my hea...
ORANGE by mn_duh
ORANGEby mn_duh
A opacarophile type of person who loves sunset more than anything and hates school a lot, always skipped noon classes just to have a moment infront of the sky while watc...
After messing up with someone's door, An innocent girl was mistakenly accused that she's cheating when infact she's the one who's getting cheated on. Reasoning as her e...
Subdue That Womanizer by miseenyenyul
Subdue That Womanizerby yenyulsupremacy
"Subdue Yena, Yuri. Please subdue that womanizer." - Mrs. Choi When Mrs. Choi, Yena's mom begging Yuri, Yena's personal assistant to subdue Yena, who is a woma...
shit iz*one says  by twicetrashh
shit iz*one says by ♡- kinsie。
nako : i hate all of you.
Arranged Marriage [YulYen/YenYul] ✔ by miseenyenyul
Arranged Marriage [YulYen/YenYul] ✔by yenyulsupremacy
[COMPLETED] What will happened if Jo Yuri, an excellent student have to married her enemy, Choi Yena, the troublemaker and always bothered her? 📌WARNING!! GXG Start :...
Inseparable by ssamyul24
Inseparableby glass_radish24
3 CHILDHOOD BESTFRIENDS,,, Will be separated by destiny,but will be united by a promise. After 9 years since their separation,how will they reunite once again? Will they...
ENOZI Highschool Investigation || Iz*one ✔ by byunpenguin
ENOZI Highschool Investigation || marshmallow 🍡
Are you a fan of mystery? Do you like solving puzzles and solving cases? if yes then, ENOZI Investigators Club is for you! Join the team as they tackle all the issues an...
butterfly | stray kids ✔︎ by orangeyultree
butterfly | stray kids ✔︎by lu
"hello everyone i'm nina, stray kids' maknae." what is nina doing in a boy group? started: june 22, 2020 ended: march 25, 2021 @orangeyultree ©2020-2021
Pres, I.... [Eunbi x Reader] [COMPLETED] by Khoacko
Pres, I.... [Eunbi x Reader] [ duck
When you are a transfer and being greeted by the Student Council President, Kwon Eunbi. What you didn't know that by meeting her, your one year of highschool before grad...
Melting The Cold || Yenyul by miseenyenyul
Melting The Cold || Yenyulby yenyulsupremacy
Where Jo Yuri is a transferred student from America and she have to be roommate with the cold heart people, Choi Yena. Will she melts the cold Yena and turn Yena into th...
Right Thing [ Yulyen ] by dancingstroberi
Right Thing [ Yulyen ]by jar
the life of Jo Yuri and Choi Yena after the disbandment of IZ*ONE. All the way from 2018 to 2031. Uncountable kisses that tore them apart. The toxicity of loving and pr...