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Free (Kazuha ff)  by akiyama_20
Free (Kazuha ff) by Lieutenant Aph
"Why can't you let me do the things I want?! I have my own freedom, like a bird who flies around the world!" "No, you're more like a bird inside a cage. M...
Bloom by unfearnot
Bloomby unfearnot
"Your hard work is finally getting paid. I saw you struggling from a young age Minha. Your passion, your courage...everything. And I don't want you to waste all the...
SUNRISE/MEMORIA 해야/메모🌅🌑  by Kim_Rinhyung
SUNRISE/MEMORIA 해야/메모🌅🌑 by KimRinhyung
SUNRISE 🌅 No matter what I do, there's no use You don't react even a little bit Forget it, just stop Wake up from your dreams Don't pretend you don't know anything. MEM...
HARD TO GET ° kim chaewon by -oberon
HARD TO GET ° kim chaewonby hiatus 🎸 ᶻ 𝗓
❪ 김채원 ❫ 💌 ❛ she's just playing hard to get! ❜ ━━ in which: international playgirl KIM CHAEWON has never, ever had a problem with breaking hearts before...
Meet me where the sky touches the sea by AndreParkerSA
Meet me where the sky touches Andre
#1 purinz (Purinz) Tired of Sakura's complaints about Chaewon not visiting her, Chaewon finally gives in and travels to the countryside for the summer. She totally just...
why is she...cute? [kang haerin x oc smau] by tarashandhole
why is she...cute? [kang haerin tarashandhole
sunwoo always falls asleep in algebra..haerin always watches her like she's some sort of angel. when haerin slips algebra notes under sunwoos dorm door it becomes someth...
You're It For Me | Purinz by angw_lzy
You're It For Me | Purinzby gel
University student Kim Chaewon finds herself in a fake relationship with rising Kpop soloist - Huh Yunjin. One problem? Chaewon and Yunjin are exes. (This is a converted...
Scripts (Purinz) by JedKed
Scripts (Purinz)by ...
Chaewon didn't think she would be seeing Huh Yunjin again after the incident that happened a year ago in SCE Academy. Chaewon, full of hatred towards the girl, had expec...
Sudden Change | Ahn Yujin x Jang Wonyoung by joyul_gl4ssy
Sudden Change | Ahn Yujin x Jang Hwang Jae
Yujin is Wonyoung's best friend who doesn't like Wonyoung to be flirty with other girls. Wonyoung didn't know that Yujin likes Wonyoung.
Blessed-Cursed  by nuenueki
Blessed-Cursed by Nuenueki
ကင်ဆောနူးဆိုတဲ့ကောင်လေးက သရဲတစ္ဆေတွေကိုမြင်နိုင်တဲ့အစွမ်းရှိတဲ့ကောင်လေးတစ်ယောက်ဖြစ်ပြီး သေမင်းကတောင်ဝိဉာဥ်မကောက်နိုင်လောက်အောင်အငြိုးအတေးကြီးတဲ့သရဲတစ္ဆေတွေကို ကျွတ်လွတ်အ...
New Place to Begin by AndreParkerSA
New Place to Beginby Andre
(Purinz) A war is brewing between the gods, and somehow, Yunjin is the key to all of it. She just has to figure out how to hold a sword first. In which Yunjin is thrown...
Would you risk it ALL? by AndreParkerSA
Would you risk it ALL?by Andre
#1 purinz (Purinz) In hindsight, she should have known something was wrong when the doctor's office called early that morning asking her to come back in. All rights go...
My Maid by cyjyul
My Maidby yenyulsupremacy
Where Yuri is a poor family and is always bullied by Yena. At the same time, she has to pay her father's hospital bills so she has to work as a maid to Yena after knowin...
About This Girl | Purinz by angw_lzy
About This Girl | Purinzby gel
Yunjin is the school's top girl athlete and hoping for a chance to play on the boys football team. Everyday she would get a letter from a secret admirer, but little does...
messages ; purinz ✓ by kkurafries
messages ; purinz ✓by 🌙
wherein chaewon can't seem to let yunjin go so she made yunjin's inbox her diary. short story. date started: 07/27/21 date finished: 07/29/21 date revised: 06/26/23
Secretive (2kim fanfiction) by RavenclawOfAltazarra
Secretive (2kim fanfiction)by Raven Of The Lost Cities
Kim Chaewon is an undercover agent for an agency no one else knows about. And she's good at doing it. When their archenemy group is threatening an innocent girl named Ki...
I don't wanna love you by SkylerLiu
I don't wanna love youby Panda🐼
A story about Yujin fighting against her feelings towards her bestfriend to save their relationship. Eyyyyy~ Another fic again! This time it's YujinxWonyoung from Produ...
Dawn | izone by 2kimgays
Dawn | izoneby 2kim(치)
First of all this will be purge. izone interactive story [izone thriller/horror ; english]
Family Quarrel || Iz*one  by ayiziwon
Family Quarrel || Iz*one by izone_gayss
This story is different from the first books I wrote, because this book is focused on 12 girls only. The Lee family and the Kang family are rival companies. The two comp...
Rose || 2Kim by bearseulgom
Rose || 2Kimby bearseulgom
But she is the most popular girl in our school. I can't date her. Chaewon and Minjoo try to date secretly